MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 4

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I sat deeply engrossed in what I was writing and the loud chattering wasn't helping the situation in anyway.I adjusted myself on the chair,a low moan escaping my wet,gloss lips."Oh!"


I shut my eyes slightly,slipping them open again,and with a sharp roll tried working out where Phil was;the only person I've come to know so far.And let's not forget Chelsea-




I wonder where they are.I thought aloud.Hmm,sure hope they're all right though.I said to myself,catching not a glimpse of them anywhere.


I shrugged a bit,going back to writing again.College was really different.A lot more different from Bouvillean!


...My former high school...


"Oh,why can't these ass-holes just quit making a noise."I mumbled irritably.


I lifted my palms,and with them,covered my ears,shutting my eyes alongside as I tried so hard to separate myself from the unending noise that was starting to puncture my eardrums.


...Such exaggeration...


"Hi,Trish,"a familiar voice greeted.


I flung my eyes open immediately,turning around as a magnificent smile came in sight."Oh,Phillip,"


"Hi to you,too,madame."he laughed,sitting down beside me."How are you?"he asked.


"Oh,you have no idea."I blushed."You do know you don't have to be formal with me,right?"I teased.


"Oh,I know that."my gray eyes friend laughed again.


I watched as his eyes got averted on my LSAT notebook."Well,well,well,what do we have here?"he asked rhetorically.


He shifted forward,and with his eyes peered directly into the pen-scribbled open page,scanned the writings."Having problems,huh?"


"Yes."came my laconic reply as a frustrated sigh accompanied it.


The two flesh folds surrounding his mouth grew into a welcoming smile as he looked back at me."Well,the questions are pretty catchy,I must confess."he continued,taking a notebook out of his bag.


...His,I suppose...


"You've done yours,already?"I gaped at him.


"Partly."he laughed."But we can do it together,if you'd like."he opined.


"Oh,gee!"I exclaimed."Thanks,man."I thanked ecstatically.


He and I began putting heads together and went on for about an hour with the lecture-free time our expecting professor left in store.


...Well,at least that saved our ass...


It felt really nice being around him and I could say we were one great team."Oh,Phil!Whatever I'll do without you."I said aloud,getting up to my feet.


He got up as well,and with a great smile carved across his lips,turned to me."Hey.I,uh,I forgot."he said,helping me with my bag.


"Yeah?"I cut in eagerly.


"Well,I was just wondering if you'd care to join me at Murphys."


"What's a Murphys?"I joked.


"Heh.It's not an a,Tricia."he smiled,curving his lips.


"Oh,I know.Was totally kidding."


...Like does he think I don't know?


"Heh.Yeah,yeah."he chuckled."So what'd you say?You coming?"


"Errgh,that won't hurt."I answered,throwing a slight chuckle as we walked out the door.



"Oh,look at them being all...Ugh!Can't even say it."James Holton scoffed,gulping the last of his mountain dew.


"Hey-yo!What's the matter?"his companion asked-




A grumpy,black eyes Arizonan chap whose braided hair and glare features made him look more like the devil-


...Only he walked in the sun...


He made to turn again and with an angry stare,watched the two friends laugh."Well,isn't that bastard!"he said with a snort,rolling his eyes back at his friend.


"Hm?"came Jeffrey's mutter and a confused raised brows.


"Right over there."he gestured,fists clenched tightly.


"Isn't that...?"


"Tricia Belinda Parker!"


"Damn!Dude,you serious?I mean,what the f*ck is she doing with some low geek?!"he questioned,staring with irritation.


The Holton guy shrugged,glancing back at them and then at Jeffrey."That's what I wanna know!"he boiled.


"Dude,you're doing it all wrong,"Jeffrey continued."You really gotta show that ass who's the boss here..."


"Heh.Like,you want me to go kick his butt?With all eyes on us?"


"Yes!That's exactly what I'm saying,man"Jeffrey opined,striking his fist on his left palm.


"And end up facing panel,is that it?!"


"Since when did you care about that hellhole?Don't tell me you're scared of that...RAT?!"he demanded,surprised.


"Ha!Leech,oh,you've really got no idea what your best friend's capable of,do you?"James grinned.


"Whatever,man."Jeffrey scoffed,raising his glass."Just do your thing.I got your back."


"Good.'Cause the game has just begun!!!"


Next chapter loading, fellas. I think I'm going to be taking a break on the whole typing stuff

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. Well, just a little break. Got some things up, but no worries, I won't take long. Well, as long as the whole no-school stuff's still up. Remember, like, comment, share and love it.Still your favorite Cia.



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