MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Introduction


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Hi everyone,the newly edited one is here now.We've got new characters...New words....New adventures....Suspense....Love features...Anything...Anything you can think of all.In the original publishing on W-pad,I didn't make it a part two but I'm going to make it here so no one would get confused and get left out too.I hope you like this one better.I LOVE YOU ALL!

Her smile,

that smile

Her beauty that yonder shines,

and her love which doth strengthens me

like the wind which blows unceasingly across the White Eastern region

Shall it forever be?

Oh,I wish

...If only wishes do come true...



I am Tricia,the only child of Mr and Mrs Parker,honorable owners of Gravantees Ville.


...Like I actually care...


Mum and dad were really harsh on me on the course of growing up,right from when I was still a kid,and even when I reached puberty,it got even worse,freaking me out.I was never allowed outside;not on their watch 'cause they were too scared of letting me out,or so I thought.So technically,I was never really allowed to explore the outside world like the rest of the people.It didn't matter anyway.I still had my own way of going against their bullshit rules,without them actually knowing.


...Let's just say,I'm one bad-ass...


Years swiftly passed and I gained admission into this popular college at the far side of Mitzchburg,a town where James resided.James was a very close friend of mine,my bestfriend as at that.


...My,such sweet lad he was...


Right from kindergarten,he and I have never parted ways,but since he got into college before me,he had to leave town.It felt pretty lonely not having around.But now I've also gained ad,I'm never leaving his side.




I never really had a boyfriend.I don't fancy guys much but when it came to James Holton,things were quite different.


...Damn!He was literally good at everything...


We were simply partner in crimes,and as a result of his sweet,fancy charms,I got to love him even more.Although,he had such a huge influence on me,that I could see,but it mattered less to me cause I was already blinded by his charms.


...Now,that's hilarious...


Anyway,sit tight.This is all about me!!!

. .

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  • Abigail Arhin picture
    Abigail Arhin
    Kudos dear
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Abigail Arhin Thanks dear but I'm not going to be updating this particular one.There's an old one apart from this.So,I'm going to continue from there.You should check that one out so you wouldn't miss out on anything...Likewise everyone. GUYS DO THE SAME,PLS. THANK YOU!
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    To be clear this is like the previous it's just edited ryte
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    @Lo is Yeah. Edited and also more stuffs that weren't in the first one, got added to it.
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