MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 3

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I ran through the hallway,aiming to get to class before the time clocked eight."Grr!"I groaned."I can't believe I'm going to be tardy."I muttered under my breath,hotfooted.


"Whoa!Take it easy."a calm voice came halting me from behind.


I blinked for a second,turning around as I looked deeply into two charming gray eyes.




"Hey.I'm Phillip."the gray eyes,black hair boy said.


Oh,my.Such an amazing voice,I thought inwardly,quaffing and staring.


"Uh,hello?"his voice came again as he stared at me as though I was some weird geek.


I gave a soft laugh,brushing my hair aside."I'm Tricia."I said,and he smiled.His smile like that of an angel.


I wonder if he's from this planet,I wondered.


"Mm,nice name."he said,and I blushed within me,my fingers clinging to my bag.


"Thanks."I blushed,still staring at him.


I forgot all about class and wished instantly to ask him more but then came his voice again;


"Well,we better hurry,Trish or we'll be late."he said.


"Sure."I affirmed,and we walked together.


Walking side by side with him made me nervous and I couldn't fathom out why.Could he be the one?I went on thinking.


"Well,Trish,"he spoke."I think this is where you're going."


"Huh?But is this...."


"LSAT hall!"he announced,his right hand stretched out,revealing his nicely,washed palms.


I gaped at him,wondering how he knew where I was headed.Damn!I love this guy.My mind came talking.


"Zip it,you!" I scolded without thinking.




Oh no! He heard me,I gasped."Sorry,heh-he."I chuckled nervously.


...Gee!That was close...


"Uh,are we interrupting,sir?"a British accent-marked voice came from inside the hall.


We both turned around,staring at the white hair,bearded man."Sorry,sir."we apologised simultaneously.


He seemed fifty and his moustache looked funny.He raised a brow at us,and beckoned to us."Take your seats,please."he said to us.


I sighted two seats not so far off the front row."Phil,"I called."I see some seats up ahead."I pointed,and the two of us walked in the direction.


The professor got talking again and Phil and I got seated,eager to know what we've missed.


...Or I was...


We sat in silence,eyes focused on the projector and none of us uttering a single word.It seemed my insides were starting to burst out being with this one guy that's making me play nice.In well-




Part of me wanted so much to focus on the class that was going on right in front of me but my mind couldn't let me in anyway.It was so far off now,and I couldn't help but throw quick glances at the charming,gray eyes lad sitting right next me.


...Seemed my eyes were going to make holes on his white,smooth skin any minute...


I continued with the stare and then our eyes met.Oh,no!I gasped,quickly bringing them down.


He gave a slight chuckle,averting his eyes back on the screen.


I felt a bit shy,thinking of the next move to take."So...."I made to start another conversation."Where' you from?"I managed to ask,making circles with my fingers on my jeans.


"Britten Hills,"he smiled."What about you?"


"Uh,never been there."I gave a less sounding laugh.


He slanted himself at a slight angle and with his lips curved,stared at me.


...Does he think I'm Psyche?


"Well,I'm not surprised."he said,giving a slight nod."It's a small town,you know?"he added.


"Hm,all right."I said."Well,I come from Hennsen."


"Hennsen?You're joking right?"he laughed sweetly.


"Well,I'm...not."I uttered with a sigh,my right hand scribbling on my notebook.


I returned the stare,waiting for him to answer."Been there?"I curiously asked.


"Been there?!I grew up there."he said."Well,once."he uttered with a head shake


"Oh,well,what happened?"I whispered,tilting my head to an angle."Care to tell?"


"Well,I don't mind.You know,my mum and dad used to go to this rich ville there..."


"Gravantees?"I gasped.


"Yes.Gravantees Ville."he completed.


My eyes stood wide open."Whoa!Dude,"I exclaimed."Are you serious?"


"Man,I am."he whispered back.


"Wow,small world."


I watched as a vague smile broke across his face,showing his dimples partly.




The vague expression disappeared,and he threw a soft chuckle at me,shrugging his shoulders."Was though."


"Was?"I asked,flustered.


"It's a long story,"he gulped."Don't worry.I'll tell you all about it when class is over."he said to me.


"Well,all right."I said with a faint smile,and we both went writing again.


An hour later,we were done and Professor Wyatt as I had come to know,marched right out as chattering filled the air once more.I was a bit surprised.


...I certainly wasn't expecting class to end so soon...


I felt a soft tap on my shoulders and I turned around,curious to know who it was as an almond eyes stared into mine.


"Hi.I'm Chelsea.Chelsea Hamilton,dear."she said,her voice sounding like an angel."I see Douchy here's showing around."the brown hair girlie joked.


"Douchy?"I asked."Oh,heh.You mean him?"I said,turning to Phillip.


I watched him talk with some leopard skin,jump suit-clothed,black-skin,girl.His girlfriend,I suppose.I assumed,giving a shrug as jealousy arouse in me.


Wait a minute.What's with that?You barely know this guy.My conscience came countering.


"That's Daphne Martinez,"Chelsea's voice came again as though she knew what I was thinking.


"Daphne?Oh,heh,you mean the black girl?"


"Mm-hmm.I caught you staring at them."she giggled,eyeing me.


"Nope."I replied with a shrug."Wasn't staring."I said,my conscience pricking.


You know you're falling for him,Trish.Admit it,already.


...And there goes my mind again...


What's so special about this guy anyway?I went thinking,looking back at them,my eyes centered on Phil.


Phil?Gee,Trish.You're already giving him nicknames?I bit my glossy lower lip so hard,yanking myself out.


"You're staring...."Chelsea teased again.


"No,I'm not."I scoffed,giving a slight laugh.


"Don't worry.I won't tell."she winked."Phil's a great guy,you know?He and I went to the same high school."she continued.


...Great!Maybe he likes her too...


"Oh,wow."I managed to say,trying to contend myself."By the way,I'm Tricia."I hurriedly added,changing the subject."Do forgive my manners,please.And oh,what a nice name you've got Chels."I threw her a smile,eyeing the fine red pumps that perfectly matched her flowery yellow gown.


"Oh,thank you."she smiled."I love yours too,"she complimented alongside."And gosh,that totally suits your eyes."she smiled,pointing at the shiny jewelry hanging around my neck.


I looked down at the pendant,raising it slightly with my fingers."Aww,thanks,B."I said.


The moon-shaped pendant was my mum's.Well,it was grand mum Corinne who had it first and then she passed it on to my mum,and then me.I'd received it in the early hours of the morning.


...My sixteenth birthday if I could recall...


I would say it was the best gift I'd ever received.Not like my dad never offered his.He was almost never around and he wasn't one for birthdays and such.He believed birthdays were meant for children and them alone.


...Good old,daddy...


"Oh,don't mention it."I laughed,jiggling my fingers at her.


"Hey,Chels,"came Phillip's voice,interrupting us.


"Oh,hey,Douchy.You doing well?"


"You know it!"he laughed as the duo gave each other a chop knuckle.




I averted my eyes on my notebook once again,my palms cupping my chin.I wanted so much to chip into every conversation they went on having,but what do you know?


...I'm a lone wolf after all...


"You ready to go,Trish?"Phillip asked.


"Go?!"I gasped,surprised.


I looked down at my glass watch,seeing the clock tick a quarter to ten."But it's not even ten and besides,class isn't over yet."I said.


"Oh,class is,dear."Chelsea answered."Oof,gotta go now.I'll catch you lots later."she said to us,taking her bag up from the chair."And oh Tricia,welcome to Campbell."she smirked,winking at me


I rubbed my palms together,giving a slight chuckle."Thanks again."I said to her.


She got up from the table,giving a call me signal to Phil as she hurried off,disappearing out of the hall.


Hmm,did she think I didn't see that?I gave a thought.


"So uh,the answer to your question is...Yes.I sure I'm ready to go."I said to Phillip,and we got up to her feet almost immediately.


He and I walked out of the class,down the hallway and out the building,we went.Chatting happily as the warm breeze blew across our faces on the vehicle-free road.


"So,Phillip,you said you were going to tell me something earlier,"I reminded him,arching my brows.


"Oh,right."he chuckled swiftly."Well,about my parents.."


"Yeah,what about them?"


"Oh,they're not here."


"Hmm.So you're like a loner now?"


"Kind of."he smiled."They're in heaven,I believe."his shocking response came.


I stopped,my legs rooted in astonishment."T-they're dead?"I gasped,covering my mouth.




At that moment,my countenance fell and my face grew pale.I'd never witnessed anyone dying around me and I certainly didn't wish to."I-I'm so sorry."


"Oh,don't be."


"No,really,"I cut in."I shouldn't have brought that up or even reminded you..."


"No,no,it's cool.I actually stay with my grams."he went on and we began moving again."Oh."he breathed a sigh."Uh,Trish,I think this is where we part ways."


"Part ways?"I asked,hands akimbo.


"Ha.No,not that kind of parting."he smiled,and I let out a a sigh of relief.


...Good heavens!


"Oh.I guess we'll see some other time,Phillip...."


"Mac-Kenny."he completed.


...So that's his surname.Charmed...


"Mac-Kenny?Cool surname.Mine's Parker,actually.But Trish will do,please."I laughed.


"Oh,sure."he laughed along."Take care,Trish?"


"Mmm-hmm.You too,okay?"I said to him.


I felt like hugging him at that moment,but couldn't bring myself to-




We finally bid each other goodbye,and I stood,watching as he passed through the other side of the road having coconut trees and beautiful flowers lined up on all corners.


...Oh,I love college...


"Missed me?"a voice came startling me as a firm hand came upon one part of my shoulder.


My lips quivered,my brain interpreting the actual owner of the voice as I stood,thinking of what to say.


...Why do I feel guilty?


The masculine figure came in front of me,and with a naughty grin on his face,cupped my cheeks."Oh,I've missed you so much,my love."he said,taking my lips in his hungrily.


I made to resist but my feelings betrayed me instantly at the sudden capture of the erotic feeling that was gathering up inside of me.I let out a soft moan,tightening my arms around him."Ohh,James...."


"That's right,baby."he grinned,his hands moving down my back as it came upon my enlarge butt cheeks,gripping it so hard.


"Ja...James,you know we can't do this here."I muttered breathlessly,breaking off from the kiss.


"Oh,please!"he scoffed."It's campus,baby.No one cares."


I made to pull away from him but he pulled me closer,my body rubbing firmly against his as he pushed the stands of hair covering my ear backwards,aiming to nibble on my earlobe."James,that t-tickles."


"Oh,I know,baby."he laughed."So uh,who was that guy?"


"Uh,what guy?"I asked,rolling my eyes.


...So James' been watching all this while...


"You know,the guy on black denims?The one you were talking with?"


"Uh,ahem,sorry."I coughed nervously."He's my friend."I managed to say.




"Yeah.What else?Don't tell me your jealous."I frowned,eyeing him.


"C'mon baby,you know I trust you."he winked.


"Right."I chuckled nervously.


"You're nervous,Belinda.What are you not telling me?"


"Are we doing that now?!"I yelled,pushing him off me."I thought we were way past the insecurities?"


"Oh,c'mon.You know I was only pulling your legs."he teased,pulling me in his arms again,with his arms encircling my waist.


"Well,you better be."I scoffed,arms crossed.


He drew me back,his eyes peering into mine."You promise there's nothing?"


"Of course.You know I'm not that kind of girl."


"Oh,I trust you,pea."came his whispers in my ears.


He pulled me backwards again,and before I could make any utterances, glued his lips on mine as his tongue came entangling in mine, eluding soft m*ans from my lips. I knew if we continued,we would end up making out against a tree or something-




I slipped my lips out of his and took them all in again but this time,I was starting to feel gross.


...Whoa!How come?!


My instincts may be right,I wallowed in thoughts.


"Baby,what's wrong?You don't look so good today.Did something happen?"James questioned suspiciously.


"Mm,"I replied with a nod as he went on giving me the suspicious look.




"James,can we not do this.I don't like it here."I managed to say,feeling sick inside.


...If only Phil could see...


Ouch!Did I actually say that???


"Hey.You okay?Come on,baby,talk to me."


"I'm totally fine."I lied,faking a smile."


"Oh,well if you say so."he said,planting a final kiss on my already moist lips."You're gonna come see me tomorrow,hm?"


"Well,uh-huh."I chuckled,wrapping my arms around him."I'll be right where you need me..."


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