MY CAMPUS LIFE 2 - Episode 1

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"Tricia,hurry up.Today's a big day for all of us,"my mum called from downstairs.


Her voice echoed so loudly from the living room,and I feared it was going to bring down our storey building.


...Ha!Totally kidding....


She's the paranoid one,unlike my dad who's out working all the time.I can't help but think he and work were created on the same day.He's barely even around.Most times,he'll come,and then,go all again.


...Ergh!So annoying....


"Oh,Tricia,"my dad followed almost immediately."Come on downstairs,Honey.It's past seven already."he said.


...Argh!Why can't those two just stop?It's not like I'm getting married or anything...I thought inwardly,rushing downstairs with my right arm clutching tightly on to my backpack.


"Oh,there you are,sweet pea,"my mum said,embracing me warmly.


"Mu-mum.Mum,you're squeezing me"I heaved a deep sigh,trying to wiggle free."Mum!"


"Oh,you."she chuckled,releasing me."Mm,you look gorgeous,my baby."she complimented sweetly,eyeing the red jacket I had on my tank top.


...Yeah,yeah.I do get that a lot...


I was one average size teen,a bit huge in size and had really admirable,welcoming boobs and a smashing-looking booty to match.It shook rhythmically whenever I moved.Guess that's why boys in our neighborhood never failed to look at me whenever I walked passed them.


...Haha!One perks of being asleep adorable...


"Aww,thanks ma."I giggled,snatching my box from Josie's hand rudely.


Josie was our house keeper,a pigtailed,Browne eyed girl,who seemed a lot quiet than usual.But that still didn't make me like her.She was so perky and all,and the fact that she was also the same age with me,made me detest her even more.


...Humph!So annoying...


But no matter,I'm much prettier.




"So sweet,hope everything's all packed up?"my mum spoke up again."Remember,you don't wanna leave anything behind."she added,accompanying dad and I to the garage.


"Mm,yeah mum,"I affirmed.


"Oh,I'm really going to miss you,my baby."she sulked,pulling me into another embrace.


...Bluff!Such teenly drama...


"Oh,mum,"I made to talk."Mum,please,quit it.I'm not a baby,you know?"I shrugged,wriggling out from her arms.


...Oh,my mum can be really embarrassing at times...


"Ha-oh,you,"she chuckled,caressing my cheeks."Take care of yourself,all right?I know you'll make us proud."


"And oh,"dad cut in."Always remember those significant advice your mother and I have been giving you.They're really going to help you a lot."


"Sure daddy."I concurred.


"Oh,my baby's all grown up,"my mum spoke up again.


I watched as tears dropped from her eyes,rolling down her white rosy cheek,surprising me.


...Wow!I exclaimed.I can't believe my mum's crying 'cause I'm going off to college...


"Oh,mum.Stop it."I laughed,wiping her tears with my thumb.


...Gee!I've really got dramatic peeps here.Can't believe I'm stuck with this kind...


"Yo guys!Wrap it up."dad interrupted,getting into the family's SUV."We gotta beat traffic,you know?"


"Oh."we both laughed.


"I love you,mum."I said,getting in  right next to dad.


"Oh,I love you more,baby."came her warmly response as she bid us goodbye.


"Bye mama,"I waved back."C'mon daddy,let's go.


I'll be updating twice a week,dear ones.Your comments and pleasantries will be acknowledged even more.I need all the support I can get.I'm sorry the first two chapters are a bit short,but I promise you it'll still grow.I've got a lot to share with you guys and I do apologize for being away for quite sometime,but I can say,it's really an honour being here oncemore.I missed all of you.

           DID YOU MISS ME?



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