My bodyguard - Episode 11

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When they got home that night Stacey kept wondering if Jack was safe alone in the hospital, since there was nobody to look after him in the hospital until she finally fell asleep.

Early the next day, Chief Adekunle told John to go bring Jack from the hospital since he has already been discharged, on his way out Stacey quickly stopped him. Dad, can I please go with him to the hospital said Stacey,  her father gave her a suspicious look and asked her, do you really want to go with him to the hospital? Because it's written all over your face that you are still stressed from yesterday. 

She went behind her dad and hugged him saying, don't worry much about me dad, I will be fine.  With that, she and John stepped out with smiles plastered on her face . Immediately they got into the car and zoomed off. 

When they got to the hospital, John told the nurse on duty that they wanted to see Jack,  and she directed them to his room. John stepped in first into the ward, the minute Jack saw him his face became bright. My guy, you just abandoned me oo, said Jack but thank God you are here, this place really irritates me. 

No be so my paddy, said John to Jack, I had errands to run for chief, that's why I couldn't come yesterday abeg nor vex.. No wahala so long you finally came said Jack

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. I can see you are strong now, and you are fit to go home, of course na this place don tire me replied Jack. 

While they were still talking, Stacey walked in. Jack was so surprised to see her. Ah Stacey, you came also, said Jack. She had a warm smile on her lips, she just nodded her head in affirmation. Please can we go home now, said John,  yes please, I am ready, Jack was discharged and they headed straight to the vehicle. 

Through the drive home, Stacey was quiet. Before I forget said John to Jack, I told precious about the incident and she is coming to see you tomorrow. Haba! But you shouldn't have told her na, she might have reported the issue to my mom, and you know how easily she gets worried about me. Please don't be angry my friend, I thought it was the right thing to do, he said No wahala sha said Jack. 

They finally got home, and they all highlighted from the car. Stacey quickly rushed into the house. The two guys looked at each other with a surprise written on their faces, what's wrong with her, she usually don't behave in that manner said Jack. Guy, she has been like that since yesterday, I feel she is upset over what happened to you, said John. OK na if you say so said Jack, they both entered the house and headed straight to their room. 

After resting for a while, John excused himself, he said he needed to get something downstairs. Jack laid on the bed with his eyes closed, his mind drifted to the incident that took place the previous day, when he remembered that his lips almost collided with Stacey,  he opened his eyes. 

There was a knock at the door, he sat upright and asked the person to come in. To his surprise it was Stacey, she walked into the room holding a tray with a cup of tea in it. I brought tea for you she said, Jack collected the tray from her with a warm smile,  thank you he said and she just nodded her head.

She sat next to him on the bed,  and watch him while he sips his tea. They both kept stealing glances at each other, with nobody speaking. In her mind,  she really wanted to talk about the previous incident,  but didn't know how to start,  she wanted to know if Jack felt anything when their lips almost collided. 

She finally spoke up,  Jack do you know when we fell on me during the attack,  that our lips almost collided? Jack almost chocked on the tea. Really? I don't remember that part, he said,  Stacey felt bad that he didn't remember that special moment. 

John who was already back upstairs, was listening to their conversation. How are you feeling now she asked, much better he replied. She touched the hand he was shot  and moved her fingers over it and she kissed it, Jack was surprised by this act,  she stood up and said I will come back for the tea cup, I have to go now.

The minute she got to the door, John walked in acting like he didn't hear anything,  MA you are here,  he said,  yes but am about leaving, and with that she stepped out.  

John sat on the bed, and cleared his throat, my guy my guy, na you big oo. Jack was surprised,  what is the problem, he asked, I heard your discussion with your babe, John replied him, do you know if you both continue like this, you will both end up falling in love with each other said John. 

Guy you don start this your nonsense talk o, nothing of such will happen replied Jack.  Don't be too sure my dear friend,  remember your lips almost collided with hers at the incident scene, you dey form Mr romantic for that kind place said John. 

Please stop talking like that, it's not like I did it on purpose,  but come oo, who told you sef, he asked John, my guy dey there make pant dey wear you he replied. Jack threw pillows at him laughing.
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