My bodyguard - Episode 17

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The following morning, Jack was already at the mansion.

He had to cut his stay at his mother's place short, because he was too excited to see Stacey.

Immediately he got to the gate, he knocked, the gate man approached the gate, and seeing it was him, he had to let him in.

Haa, oga jack, u don come back now now, said Peter, i think say na like two weeks break you go oo..Jack could not help but laugh.

But na here i dey work na, as house don tire me, I say make i come back to my work place said jack to Peter, who was just there looking at nodding as Jack talks.

While they were still discussing, Stacey heard their voices, and decided to go see who it was, and to her surprise, it was Jack, standing by the gate.. She couldn't hold back her joy, as she rushed down from the house to go meet him outside.

Immediately Jack noticed her presence, he became so excited.

On the other hand, Stacey felt like running into his arms to give him a big hug, but she had to hold herself back. . As they were still lost in thoughts, thinking of what to do, John came out to meet Jack by the gate.. See my guy oo, dem pursue you from house, day no for break before you reach here, said John.

His voice made them snapped out of their thoughts.

Jack laughed, and embraced John, John helped him carry his backpack.

As they were going inside, Stacey still stood still, looking and smiling at Jack like a ten year old.

Jack on the other hand, could not hold his smile. Na wa oo, me I go love o, said John when he caught Jack smiling at Stacey.

Guy, wetin b ur own na, person no fit smile in peace again, said jack playing.

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. I no talk anything oo, but u just dey look her as if tomorrow no dey said John.. Dis my friend, ur wah too much, please let's go inside said jack.

Stacey was in her room, trying to have a rest, when she heard a knock on her door.

She thought it was Jack, so she quickly stood up, tried to put herself and her room in place, before she opens the door.

She went to the door with a big smile on her face, but the minute she opened the door, the smile on her face disappeared when she saw it was her mum and not Jack, my princess, thought you were smiling a minute ago, how come your smile just vanished all of a sudden, asked her mum. Mum, it's not like am not happy to see u, but i was excepting somebody else, she said blushing.

Her mum laughed, now i understand, and you thought it was Jack right, asked her mum, and she gave a weak nod.

Now they were both sitted on her bed.

Come on my child, you should be happy that he is back, I saw the way you both were staring at each other at the gate, said her mum, winking at her.

Mum, come on, don't tell me you are spying on me, said Stacey, with a smile on her face.

Not at all my dear, am not spying on you said her mum.

Dad, am having a hard time convincing Stacey to accept me in her life, said mark to his dad, who was already feeling frustrated by her refusal to give him an answer.

They were both sitted, sipping wine from a glass cup.

It's not as if I'm in love with her anyway, he continued, but am just doing it for your sake, why don't we just drop the idea, he asked, Son, I know u've tried.

And we both know Stacey is a hard nut to crack.

But the two of you coming together, is the only way i can get the appointment at the government house, since chief Adekunle is the only means that can be achieved.

Please Mark, just try a little more for my sake, he pleaded.

Mark sipped his drink before he continued, but dad, you know am in love with Rita, his dad got furious and threw the glass of wine he was drinking to the ground.

Who is Rita, he said while standing up, what benefit is she to us, do earlier you get her off your mind, the better it will be, said his father.

But dad..... No more word from you, we are done having this conversation, and with that, he stormed out of the living room looking angry.

Stacey was trying to arrange her closet, when she heard a knock on her door.

As usual, she thought it was her mum, come right in, she said. I guess you are here to tease me again, said Stacey, only for her to turn around, and came face to face with Jack.

Wow, Jack i didn't know it was you, she said smiling, please come sit, she said pulling him, to the bed.

Ma Stacey, began Jack, I really want to apologize for not letting you know before i travelled home the other day.

Come on jack, you don't have to apologize, it's fine, said Stacey smiling. Thanks for accepting my apology, I will take my leave now, said jack as he got off the bed, and left the room.

Stacey was a bit disappointed, thinking he came to tell her about his feelings, but she was still happy that he thought it wise to apologize for leaving without telling her.

Honey, I don't think our daughter likes Mark, because i don't see the sparks in her eyes when he is around, said Mrs Adekunle to her husband.

This woman, you and sparks, that was the same thing you said years back when i was chasing you, said Mr Adekunle, and they both laughed.

But i guess you are right, continued her husband, i will just call Mr Okafor and inform him, there is no point forcing these children, and besides my daughter's happiness is very important to me, he concluded.

Mrs Adekunle was surprised by her husband's reaction, she didn't know it would be this easy, one hurdle crossed, she thought to herself.

Thanks so much my darling husband for putting our daughter's happiness first, she said hugging him, you know i will go an extra length for the both of you replied chief Adekunle.

It was 8pm in the evening, and it was cozy.

Jack decided to take a walk round the compound, till he is ready to sleep.

As he was walking round the compound, he saw Stacey sitting outside all by herself, and looking lost in thoughts.

He walked up to her, and called out her name.

Stacey, are you OK, why are you sitting outside all alone, and besides it's cold he said to her.

Am fine Jack, she said. Please come sit next to me she said.

Jack did not object, he did, and they started discussing. After a while, Jack pulled her close, and wrapped his hands round her to keep her warm.

Stacey was surprised with these act, but refused to say anything, as she just smiled as they continued discussing.

Stacey soon fell asleep.

Jack thought it wise not to wake her up, so he carried her gently to her room, and laid her on the bed.

Stacey's mother saw Jack, and decided to hide and watch.

Jack was about leaving the room, when he turned around, and whispered to Stacey saying, I love you Stacey, I really do love you, he said with all sincerity,as he gave her a kiss on her forehead before leaving the room.

Stacey was fast asleep, so she didn't hear anything he said.

Mrs Adekunle who has been in hiding, came out when he saw jack leave the room, She looked at her daughter who was fast asleep, and smiled as she left the room Jack got to his room, only to meet John still awake.

Where have you been, asked John. I was outside with Stacey, he replied.

John smiled and turned off the light, and went to bed.
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