Mmesoma's Dilemma - Episode 28

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“Mummy wake up o”  “Somebody bring water”
My aunts went into a flurry of movement while my father looked petrified. Dozie hurried into the kitchen and came out with a small bowl filled with water and we sprinkled some on her face. Afam and Tobe laid her on the couch and we stared in shock and prayed silently while we waited for her to wake up.
If this woman died ehn, my family would always be blamed for killing her and that is just too much drama for us biko.
I had already began to ask God why he would want to make my life a living hell when she suddenly spoke.
“Cyprian and Sopuru, what brings you both here? This is none of your business”
With my dad’s help she sits up slowly and for a few minutes she looks so frail but slowly life comes back into her eyes and she begins to look angry.
“We are here with our daughter to ensure that the father of her baby does not marry someone else. We are very involved”, Mrs . Duru responded. Oh lord, the sass!
“Wow, Nnenna you said you were not going to tell anyone, this is surprising, at least you should have let me know that they know” Ada said, looking at Nnenna.
“I am sorry, I do not know how they found out but they got me to come here, at least this way everyone would be happy”, Nnenna responded as she looked at me.
“Wait, since when did you have a daughter?” aunty Somto asked and I tried not to grin; it felt good to see my aunts so shocked, grandma however still looked so calm as if all this were something she expected.
“Clap for yourselves”, grandma said as she began to clap, a grin sitting on her face. No one said anything, so she continued.
“So your daughter, who up till today did not exist, is suddenly pregnant for my granddaughter’s fiancé?” she asked.

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. Chibueze gave my grandma a funny look, from her eyes I could tell she was calculating how this would benefit her family, and with the way she was looking at grandma all talks of the engagement were about to end.
This is going to end faster than I thought.
“Sorry, their engagement is not yet official so you cannot call my son her fiancé”, she countered.
Oh no, she didn’t!
My grandma gasped in shock, she clearly never expected this movie; my siblings and I tried not to laugh while my parents and aunts were very surprised.
“Uju, how dare you say that? This is what your mother wanted, and I do not care who is pregnant for him, Afam and Mmesoma would get married”, grandma retorted.
“Listen here, my daughter is not going to become a single mother when the man she is pregnant for wants to marry her and the only thing preventing their union is a girl who does not even want to even marry him”, Mrs.

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. Duru retorted.

“Oh please, I do not believe she is your daughter. The last time I checked, the only daughter you ever had was dead, so care to explain this new development?” grandma was on a roll.
“That is a personal issue and absolutely none of your business”, Mr. Duru snapped.
Sir, no vex, is question we ask.
“Oh, it is my business; you show up suddenly with your supposedly pregnant daughter and think you win? No way!” she snapped back.
Sweet Jesus!
“Mummy, please, this is not about you, it is about the children. Plus, how do you want to fight this, they say she is their daughter, whether she resurrected from the dead or they adopted her last week is not our business”, my father said, he sounded so pissed.
“Christ! This is too funny” Irene said as she watched us with a grin. Bitch!
“Why are we still arguing this? The engagement is cancelled, my mother is dead. End of story!” the way Mrs. Chibueze dismissed the matter made me stare in shock.
The air in the room turned tense, this was indeed the ultimate showdown and all the important players were here. Grandma clearly could not believe that the marriage she so badly wanted to happen was not happening and I found myself thanking God for Nnenna’s unborn baby who was already making all my dreams come true.
“You heard her, now can everyone start going to their various houses, my house feels really crowded”, my mom said as she sat down with a half-asleep Dubem in her arms.
Mummy preach! Louder for those at the back sef!
“This is rubbish!” grandma screamed.
This woman is trying to get die from heart failure o.
“See, this entire marriage was a plan made by people from your generation. How is it our business what you guys wanted to happen? Afam and Mmesoma do not want it to happen, their immediate family members do not want it to happen and with the arrival of a girl who is pregnant for him, you are beginning to look selfish”, Ezinne said and I could not hold my giggles, grandma looked like she would faint, my aunts were in shock.
“Wait o, what have we missed?” a new voice asked and I watched in shock Dara and her mom pushed their way into our currently overcrowded parlor. Drama does not pass them by.
“Tinu! Thank you so much for telling early, the previous engagement has been called off”, Mrs. Duru was so happy.
“Wait, what about me?”
We all turned to see a really annoyed Irene glaring at us.
Holy hell, now what?!

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