Love-Life of Asante - Episode 8

Heart Breaker

As they got to the restaurant, both kept on staring at each other's eyes. Soon they were contemplating on what food to get.

"I could have bought you a drink, however I would be jealous of the glass kissing your lips and all. So perhaps we take just some snacks or something" Bernard said as he used his poetic line in defending his broke ass"

Asante cackled softly as she could not de-code what Bernard actually meant. She rather took it as a compliment as she would always do thinking it was just one of those his punchlines.

As they continued chatting, Asante saw it as a good time to ask about the text message she had seen last night.

"I saw something on your table after 'that' yesterday, and believe me I still have not been able to come in terms with it. Baby, do you in anyway still have another girlfriend or something?" Asante said finally getting the question off her chest.

The look on Bernard's face suggested he was probably guilty. His mouth however proclaimed the opposite.

"My Phone? Text Message? No, of course. While would I have another girlfriend, when you are all I need and would ever need? Moreover, Nekesa had put his sim card on my phone yesterday. The text in question was from his girlfriend" Bernard said responding to her claims.

With the way he had defended himself, Asante began to feel guilty for even bringing the issue up or to even have accused him. Moreover, what she was in the text message was “Sweet” which could be anybody. Or perhaps, love was probably just blinding the eyes of her heart.

"Am sorry babe, it was just an assumption. Don't be annoyed..." Asante was still talking when the voice they heard cut her short.

"So this is where you can run to right? This is the new one you have just found? The God I serve in heaven is the very one that will punish. After all we had been together. You are so heartless..." The young lady kept on ranting as she served Bernard a three-course meal of insult.

She finally ended it by giving Asante a dessert of advice which actually sounded more like a warning.

"Look at you! I laugh you in Swahili. You weren’t even the one I saw him with yesterday. Better run for your life if you know what is good for you. Nonsense" She said as she stormed out of the restaurant.

Apparently she was an ex to loverboy Bernard who had made sure her heart was grinded into powder. The young lady had however vowed to keep embarrassing any lady she sees with Bernard until she graduates. Meanwhile, this wasn’t even the one that sent the text message then.

Bernard was embarrassed. Asante however was almost sinking to the earth.

With her face bowed down in shame as other students in the restaurant kept looking towards her, she left the restaurant. Bernard ran towards her as he kept on repeating "Baby, let me explain"

However, he got no attention from her. What was more painful to Asante was the fact that she had already given him, her virginity.

But it is more difficult falling out of love than even falling in, in the first place.

Perhaps she should go back to him. Perhaps she shouldn’t.

Do you think she should? Drop your comments.


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