Love-Life of Asante - Episode 7


The Big-Four stepped out of the Lecture Theatre all smiling as they headed straight to the canteen to reward themselves since the presentation had turned out well. Even Akosua who had a minus-zero input in the presentation was even happier since food was involved.

Seeing them always walking together like this, it was very difficult for people to tell who was actually Ayo’s girlfriend among the trio. Although Adesuwa tends to be closer to Ayo than Asante and Akosua, probably because they were both Nigerians. However nothing was actually going on between them – He had been grossly friendzoned. Asante and Akosua didn’t take exception this, they all had friendzoned him. And gave him no chance for relationship wharever.

Just a few blocks to the Canteen, Akosua saw Bernard from afar as he was walking towards them. That was when the previous day’s memory dawned on them again. They quickly they gave Ayo a head’s up as Akosua narrated the whole story Asante had told them the previous night to him and even added little salt and pepper to make the story sweet.

“Hey Guys, Hey Babe!” Came the words of Bernard’s with his girlish tone as usual. While they were expecting Asante not to answer him or probably will give him a cold response, they were however surprised when she said “Guys, two minutes please! Let me quickly speak with him in private.” Then slowly she went with Bernard.

Apparently Bernard wasn’t aware of what she had seen the previous night in his room or what she and her friends could have even concluded in their mind.

“How are you doing dear? I’m sorry for yesterday. Shouldn’t have slept off and left you alone to go back all by yourself. Don’t worry am gonna make that up to you” Bernard said, as he smiled to her. Asante could barely look into Bernard’s eyes because whenever she looks. She find herself falling in love with him all of over and again.

They both held each other’s hand as they walked and swung their hands like kids. Bernard found lots of pleasure in doing this. The look on the face of some other female pedestrians who were also walking along the road were priceless. Some even showed it by hissing out so loud that even the University’s Registrar in her office could clearly hear its sound.

Soon Asante was carried away in Love once more. She had forgotten about her virginity, the text message, friends who she was supposed to go to the canteen with and even Saviour Abraham who had just saved her from a life-time academic embarrassment. All that now filled her heart was Bernard. Nothing more, nothing less.

She was just enjoying the whole show of love forgetting that that moments like these were made in China - They don’t last long.

From afar, her friends looked at the duo as they continued their public show of love.

“This girl sha, well?” Adesuwa said as gesticulated to the others signifying that they also should go and eat.

“But you know Love is a beautiful thing sha. You just can’t seems to understand it, until you have a first-hand experience of its feel” Ayo said smiling sheepishly as she looked at them.

“I have just one problem” Akosua said

They both turned to her as they expected something serious and reasonable from her.

“Asante had promised to give me a portion of her food today for waking her up early. Now this idiot of a boy called Bernard or whatever has taken her and my portion of rice away also. Tell me now, is this fair?” Akosua added frowning her face like a German penguin.

Adesuwa and Ayo simply looked at her sorrowfully, shook their heads simultaneously and dusted their feet vigorously as they walked out on her with a mixture of anger, pity and shame.

As Adesuwa and Ayo walked out, Adesuwa smiled to Ayo and then said “This one is lost already oh”. And both of them laughed together, leaving her behind as she held her funny trouser up so that it won’t fall off and then ran to catch up with them.

Meanwhile, don’t forget Asante was gone already with Bernard.


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