Love Crystal - Episode 43

Unraveling Mysteries

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For those who are a little confused about the characters, 

Mrs Helen Hugine - Gabriel's and Cynthia's mother.
Mr Morris Richardson - Williams, Nessy and Jessi's father. 

Mrs Alice Richardson - Morris wife and the mother of Williams and Nessa. 

Mr Davis Williams - Queen's father. 

Doc. Doris Williams - Queen's mother. 

Lincoln or Coln and Lucious - Queen's brother.

Mrs Doreen Manyika - Jessi's adopted mother and Desmond's mother. 

Mr Wilson Manyika - Doreen's late husband. 

Phina Anderson - A random girl that Gabi met at a club and also Micheal's ex girlfriend. 

Micheal Steve - The ex boyfriend of Phina Anderson. 

Ruth - Phina Anderson's best friend and house mate. 

Bethy - Queen's personal assistant and Coln's date. 


" Who is my mother!! "
Jessica yelled. 

" Helen, the game is over, we do not have any other cards to play . The truth must be told. "
Doreen replied. 


The William's house..  

It was really a day to recall the past

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. Alice was already weak cause she realised that all these years, she's been wrong. 

" Please don't make me ask again mommy, who is my mother? Who is that heartless woman that gave me away like a piece of trash!! "
Jessi yelled at Doreen. 

" Years ago, I was married. For 8 years, I was barren but my husband was patient with. Though his family members were not. "

Doreen stopped and turned to Jessi 

" And...? "
Jessi said, gesturing her to continue. 

" And finally, God blessed me with my first pregnancy. It was a big joy for my husband and I but that joy was cut short in the labor room cause I lost my baby girl. "


Doreen could be seen crying profusely, sitting on her bed. She was inconsolable cause she just lost her child. 

" Why did you do this to me! After the pain of barrenness, you still chose to take this one away! Why! "
Doreen soliloquized and cried the more. 

" You can take mine and promise to give her a good life. "
A lady who gave birth in the same room as Doreen said to her. 
She look up at the lady and shook her head wistfully. 

" Why have you chosen to mock me? Don't I look miserable enough already? Why do you choose to rejoice in my pain? "

" I do no such madam but I can not keep this child. I can not do anything for her. I cannot give her a life she deserve but you can take her and promise me you will give her a better future. "

Doreen was quiet for a while and after some time, she looked at the lady. 

" You are very young, what's your name? "

" My name is Doris Jeroh. "

" Are you sure you want to give out your baby? "

" I do not have any other choice. I've done more than enough not aborting her so please take her and promise me you will give her a better and a promising future ahead. "

Doreen stood up and collected the baby from Doris. 

" She's so beautiful. I promise, I will give all, even my life for this child. I will call her Jessica, Jessica Manyika "

" From today, she's your, Don't tell her how you got her and do not tell her about me. Love her like I would. "

" I promise I won't tell. "

Doris stood up and made to leave the room. 

" Hey! You seem weak, where are you going to? "
Doreen asked. 

" I'm going home, I'm going back home. I've stayed away from home for too long now but then, promise me once more that my child Jessi will be safe with you. "

" She will be, I promise. I know you didn't ask but then, Doreen Manyika, that's my name. You never know what tomorrow holds but never forget that name. "

" You shouldn't have told me cause I never want to cross path with you again but all the same Doreen, congratulations on your new child. "

Doris turned and left the hospital unnoticed. 


All the while, everyone listened in total confusion. The revelation was like a volcano in a city. 

" Wait, my wife's maiden name is Doris Jeroh. I don't understand.. "
Mr Davis muttered within himself, trying as much as possible not to believe his instincts. 

" I'm sorry I never told you all these Jessica my child. From that day, I've loved you like mine. I never for once thought you are not mine. "

" Why didn't you ever say a word to me? "

" Cause I didn't say a need and besides, I never saw your mother again, I never crossed path with her not until your accident. I was called that you had an accident and I rushed to the hospital. "


Doreen was in a state of panick after she was informed that her daughter whose wedding was the next day was involved in an accident. She rushed down to the reception.. 

" Please my daughter. I was told she was brought her. "

" Her name please. "
The receptionist asked. 

" Jessica Manyika, a car accident. "

" OK  Ma, she's in the operating room right now. "

" Where's the doctor, I need to talk to him. "

" He just came out, take that way, the first turn by your left, that's his office. "

" Thank you. "

Doreen ran as fast as her legs could carry but very close to the door, she heard the doctor's voice, loudly asking someone to leave his office so she stood quietly beside the door and listened to the conversation that ensued between them. 

" Doctor Frank Moyo , "
The unknown voice called. 

" Madam please get out of my office! "
The doctor's voice answered angrily. 

" That's your family right? You daughter looks cute. I think a gold coffin will suit her best! "
The unknown voice came again. 

" What do you mean by that? "
At this point, she realised that the doctor was been threatened and she could tell that the doctor was already frightened 

" What I mean is, if you don't kill that girl, I will kill your daughter in replacement. And oh! I'll be doing it tonight. Your wife looks too good to be alive too.. "
The unknown voice said. 

" Ma'am please... "
The doctor begged. She heard the chair shift and the person threatening the doctor was coming out. 
She ran back to avoid been seen by the person and when she came out, Doreen's mouth fell in shock cause the person who was threatening the doctor is her supposed in-law  to be. 

Doreen was curious to know who the doctor was asked to kill, so she ran back to his office. 

" Yes ma'am, how can I help you. "
The doctor said. 

" No Doctor, the question is, how do you want me to help you? "

" What do you mean by that? "
The doctor sat up. 

" Your conversation few minutes ago with that lady is recorded in my phone and pictures too. So you better start telling me who you were asked to kill or you tell me which police station I should take this to... "

" Oh my goodness! I'm ruined! "
The doctor exclaimed. 

" Not yet Doctor cause I can help you if you start talking now. "

The doctor was quiet for a while and then he spoke up. 

" A patient was brought in here, she was involved in an accident but she's safe now. The lady asked me to kill her. "

" What's the name of the patient?"

" Jessica Manyika. "

Doreen was shocked to the bone. Alice wants her daughter dead. 

" You can not kill her, you can not kill that girl. "

" My family's  life is at stake here, what do I do? That woman is dangerous. "

"Please give me time, you can tell them that she's dead for now. Please give me time. "

" Alright I will but you better think fast cause I do not want to kill anyone. "

Doreen thought for a while, not knowing what to do. She doesn't have enough money on her to do anything and the Richardson are quiet rich. She can't tell the police cause they might end up manipulating everything and the doctor might end up loosing his life. 
There's only one person who is powerful enough to help her in this tough and tight corner she's found herself and that is the biological mother of Jessica; Doctor Doris Williams. 
She didn't have her contact, automatically, she's stranded. 
Few minutes later, the doctor walked into his office.. 

" Madam, what are we going to do? "

" I need to call someone but I do not have her contact,"

" I can't hold on for much longer "

" Doctor Doris, I need to talk to her. "

" Doc. Doris of Aggrey Health Care? "
The doctor asked. 

" Yes, she can help us. "

" OK...  I can reach out to her. "

The doctor was able to get through to Doris through her hospital and told her that someone very important wanted to talk to her. She asked for the person to be put on the line. 

" Yes, Doc. Doris speaking "
She said. 

" Doreen Manyika, you never know what tomorrow holds but never forget that name. Do you remember that? "

A cold shiver rushed through Doris body. 

" Sorry I called but your daughter needs your help, someone wants to kill her. They are rich so you need to help us. "

Doris was silent for a while but then she spoke up

" I'm on my way... "


" Doctor Doris Williams sent you and I out of the country and when I saw her again was when I came to the hospital from Dubai. I'm sorry. "
Doreen wept. 

" What are you trying to say? My wife? Jessi her daughter? Doris you cheated? You lied? Tell me it's a lie. "
Davis could not hold back the pain he felt. 

Jesse already soaked in tears could not utter a word. 

" I'm sorry Davis, I was helpless. It was all a mistake"
Doris said. 

" You were the girl? You are the mother of my daughter? "
Morris said. 

" Mommy, mommy Jessi is my sister. Helpless! You left her! Just like that! "
Queen blurted. 

" What mistake Doris, please explain it to me.. I was and have remained faithful to you. I loved you and I still do so please explain the mistake to me. "
Davis was doing all he could to control his temper, he couldn't believe to what extent his wife has betrayed him for years. 

" I was young Davis. Yes we were engaged at that time. I was in school and for the first time, I went to a club with my roommate;  Christine. I was drunk and that was how I ended up with Morris but after then, it never happened again. I could not forgive myself, neither could I bring myself to tell you that I've betrayed you. "

Doris paused and wept bitterly. 

" I later found out that I was pregnant. Christine advised me to abort the baby but I couldn't and so I ran away and stayed far till I gave birth to Jessi. I didn't know what to do with her, She's my blood. I couldn't just dump her and when I saw Doreen crying, I felt pity and decided to give her the baby. Davis I'm sorry. "

" Why didn't you tell me? "
Davis asked. 

" I thought you would hate me. "

" But you knew how much I love you. You should have at least tried. I'm disappointed at you Doris! She's also my daughter! Didn't you think of that! "
Davis yelled at Doris. 

" I'm sorry Davis, Jessi... "
She crawled to Jessi but Jessi shifted. 

" Don't you dare touch me. "
Jessi retorted. 

" Mom, I don't know what to say. "
Coln said.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. Lucious kept listening without saying a word. 

" Please forgive me Morris, I never meant for any of these to happen!".
Alice went on knees. 

" You do not deserve mercy Mom... Look what you have done. "
Nessy retorted.. All the while, Williams have been crying. The pain that Jessi is his sister was totally unbearable for him. 

" Please forgive me Jessi my child, I never abandoned nor leave  you it's"

Doris was interrupted by the loud sound of a megaphone from outside the house.. 

" Alice!!  We know you are in there, for your sake, surrender!!!"
Inspector Julian's voice echoed from the megaphone shocking everyone. 

" No no no! They can not take me.. Morris please, I want us back, I want our life." she turned to Doris " please ask them to go, forgive me! "
Alice pleaded. 

" Surrender already Alice. "
Gabriel said. 

" No I can't be locked up again. I have to leave. "
Alice pointed her gun at Queen, 

"Stand up, we are leaving together. Pick your car keys. "

" No Queen! "
Desmond yelled. 

Queen picked her car keys and led Alice outside. 

" Hello inspector!! Yes you Gat me! But I've got a company and if you do more than you should, I will kill her!! "
Alice yelled. 


Vigil gat me lazy.... 

What's next? 

Happy weekend... 

Happy reading... 

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  • Marveyc Marveyc picture
    Marveyc Marveyc
    Phew.....d suspense z killing me U actually knows what's next... More grease to ur elbow.. Next!! Please
  • Fabian Ibeh picture
    Fabian Ibeh
    Hmmm, in as much as I like the story, I must say it isn't what I expected. Too much twists and damages. From the start till now only one person has been suffering and he is been neglected. Gabriel. Gabriel does not deserve this unfairness. First, his fiancee forgets him, 2. She neglected and disrespected even after feeling attracted to him more than the rest. 3. A stranger from nowhere forces herself on him with pregnancy. 4. Gift who isn't anything like a Queen, agrees to marry another. Hmmm, I truly feel some1 has been cheated in this story. He works, others enjoy the benefit. SMH. Sad tale totally.
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    So serious, nice one
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    Great job dear, honestly when u first starting d story isn't what I expect it now more than my expectation... D story is too twists and destroy bcoz what will happen to William that have share romantic stuff with her sister and d person I pity is Gabriel how he will clean his mess with phina... Alice ruined her life bcoz for jealous and inpatients
  • abutocracy picture
    queen you are good
  • Sussnarlison Mat picture
  • olynelly picture
    Allie next
  • Ngozi Awagu picture
    Ngozi Awagu
    Chai! My Gabi don suffer oooooo
  • Ngozi Awagu picture
    Ngozi Awagu
    But finally, the road has been cleared for Gabi, Des and Williams is out of the way, somebody should tell that phina to disappear from the scene immediately. Nothing will stop my Gabi nd queen from getting married
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