Love Crystal - Episode 41

Echoes Of The Past

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From the look on his face, I could tell he's nervous. 

" Desmond, it's true I haven't known you for long too but all you've done is to make me happy. All you have done so far is to make my life whole . All you've done is risk all for me, even as far as to your life. "

Tears already dropping down my face... 

" There's nothing I could wish for right now other than someone who can make me happy, Someone who will always be true . Someone who is willing to always stand by me. There's no one I can wish for right now other than you. Yes Desmond, I will marry you. " 

I stretched out my hand and he slipped the ring through my finger. Everyone started clapping. He stood up happily and embraced me. 

" Thanks honey. You've really made me happy. "

He kissed me and turned to Mom.. 

" Mom, do we have your blessings? "

" Of course you do my child. Welcome to the family. "

Everyone was really happy for us.. Gabriel tried to smile too but I knew he was forcing it. What do I care anyways, I was really angry at him . Not because he got a girl pregnant but the fact that he is denying and insulting her, keeping it from his family. Why should I care anyway, it's not my business and I've got Desmond by my side. 

Desmond hugged me again... 

" Thanks honey..

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. Sorry I didn't ask you out on a date first. "
Desmond whispered into my eyes. 

" That's not a problem.. "

" How about today? "

" I'm all yours. "

" Thanks my love.. I love you. "

" I love you more "

We totally forgot about every other person in the room. 

" Hey love birds!! "
Mommy yelled. 

We disengaged from each other. 

" Desmond, I'm done with your discharge papers. you can leave today. "
Mommy said. 

" Thanks mommy. You are the best. "
He replied.. 

Everyone started leaving the room, with grinning faces.. And when Williams was about leaving, he came close to me.. 

" I'm happy for you baby. Congratulations. "
He said. 

" I'm happy for you too. "
I winked at him, my eyes leading straight to Jessi. 

He smiled when he picked where my gaze led.. 

" I wish we will also have a happy ending too. "
He  said.. 

" Work for it.. "
He smiled and walked out. 

I was left alone with Desmond in the room.

" We have to tell your brothers and you have to meet my mom too. "
Des said. 

" That's  true and you also have to meet my dad too. "
I affirmed. 

" IGP... Of course.. Though I am scared. "
He laughed. 

" You don't have to be, I'll try calling him and plead with him to come back either this week or next. "

" OK... As long as you're gonna be by my side. "


Right before my eyes, my supposed fiancee said yes to another man's marriage proposal. I was numb, I didn't know what to feel. At first, I had high hopes that she will reject because we just made up a few minutes ago but I was wrong. 

Have I been holding on to the impossible? Oh my goodness! To make matters worse, Phina said she's pregnant for me, how will I tell my Mom that I acted stupidly and got a random girl pregnant. 

I don't know why life has decided to ruin my existence. I'll have to call her to know the way forward first before confronting Queen. I have to put my life in order. 

I picked my phone and slide the screen, there was a message on it.. 

       ' You can insult me all you want but it won't change the fact that we are having a baby. One I can not kill so you better think of how to be responsible .' 

Oh f**k!!  Did Queen see this? Is this the reason she said yes? Oh my! This girl will stop at nothing to ruin my life. I've got to talk to Queen but then, what will I tell her? How will I explain this to her? 

I sank into the couch exhausted. 


Desmond has been discharged from the hospital and Gabi's Mom is back. Though she wasn't really about the engagement but she was still happy for me. Daddy is coming back today and we are going be breaking the news about our engagement to him and officially ask for his blessings. 

I couldn't wait and besides, it's been really long I last saw my dad. Mom refused we tell him about everything that had happened. Coln and Lucious were already at home, let me say, we are gonna be having a big family dinner or celebration . 

Plans about the wedding will be discussed tonight and yes! Williams is certainly going to be there. I'm really happy, honestly. I don't know if Gabi will attend but I hope he does and then maybe he will learn how to take responsibility. 

I have to inform Desmond that it's gonna be bigger than we planned it 

" Hello honey"

" Ife mi... How are you?"

" I'm okay except for the fact that I miss you... "
I teased. 

" Don't worry, that won't be for long cause we're going to get married soon. "

" Yes, sooner than we expected. Daddy is coming back today and we are going to ask for his blessings. "

" Wow... Alright, as long as you are by my side, then, I've got nothing to worry about. "

" Alright then, I'll see you later in the evening and I'll be at my house not the family house. So come pick me there. "

" Of course honey. I love you very much. "

" I love you more. "

I dropped the call. 


Locked up here, I've made quite a number of friends, it wasn't difficult anyways. My plan to leave this hole is set and ready to be executed. 
Lol..  How refreshing it feels, the thought of going outside, the smell of blood and thirst of revenge boiling in my veins is so refreshing.. 
I can't help but feel alive. We've got everything planned out, I and my friends I've made in here. 
It's Sunday and many officers won't be on duty. We will set the place on fire and they will be forced to open the gate. Anyone who tries to stop us will be killed and before reinforcement comes, we will be long gone. 
Um.... Let's think, where will I go to.. Ahahaha.. Funny question.. Of course to my first target. Gift Queen Williams.  The thought of it alone makes me happy. Still in my thought when someone tapped me. 

" Alice, "

" What's it Dorcas? "

" It's time.. "

" It's time... "
I smiled.. 

" The others are on their position. Get ready, in the next 20 mins, we are out of here. "

" I'm ready.. Let them start. "

" OK.. "

Before I knew it, everywhere was on fire and every prisoner was shouting. The officers had to open the gates for us . Immediately our gate was opened, I rushed the officer and hit him so hard that he fell down and fainted. 

" Alice, what are you doing, let's get out of here! "
Cole, one of my cell mate said. 

" I need his phone and his gun. "

I collected his phone and gun and we dashed out of the prison. It was a sweet escape cause everywhere was rowdy. When we got out, every other person went one direct but I went the opposite 

" Alice.. "
Dorcas called. 

" Don't worry about me, I've got somewhere to be... Go on, if you are caught, we will meet again. "

She ran the opposite direct and so did I. 
I called my daughter Nessy cause I knew I could get a number of valuable information from her if I'm able to provoke her. She's really soft and I can penetrate her. 

" Hello, who is this? "
She asked. 

" My baby.. "
I pretended to be crying. 

"Mom... "

" Yes honey it's me.. "

" Why did you call? How did you get a phone? "

" I begged one of the officers. I really wanted to hear from you. "

" You shouldn't have called. I've got somewhere to be right now and if you must know, it hurts but our lives are better now, even without you. "

" My child, where's so important than mommy. "

" Stop it OK... Maybe you can do with a little good news, Queen is having her engagement dinner tonight. So please do not spoil the fun me okay? I've had enough of you mom. "

I could feel it, she was already crying. No matter how evil, I'm still a mother and it touched me. 

" Nessy.. "

" Stop it already mom. "
She dropped the call. 
For a while, I was pained but then, there's no need for emotions now. It's already few minutes to 8 o'clock. It's time to attend a dinner party. 


The evening was so splendid, I'm really happy it all turned out so nice. Daddy is back and the house was already filled. Desmond's mom could not attend because of Jessica and the newly found hatred she feels for her but I and Desmond have already gone to see her. 

Mommy introduced Jessica and Desmond to my Dad. He's the welcoming type and they didn't have any problem bonding. Desmond is the funny type, in a couple of minutes, he got my dad laughing so hard and dad was like

" I really like this boy. "

I later introduced him as my fiancee and husband to be. Dad was surprised, shocked I must say, to the bone but he happily gave us his blessings. We also asked Mrs Helen to bless our union and she also did without hesitation. 

Finally it's time to eat, mommy called everyone to the table. 

" Babe, there's a wine in the car, let me get it. "
I whispered to Desmond. 

" No.. Let me.. "

" Daddy wouldn't want to hear that you are missing.. Lol.. "
I teased. 

" Alright then, be fast. "

I rushed outside to get the wine. I opened the door of the car, reached for the wine and locked the car but then, my eyes went to the security post and it seems no one was there. 

" Wow, that's strange..

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. "
I muttered within myself. 

I took a few steps forward but then I heard a familiar voice behind me

" Hi honey.. "

Immediately, I turned and met the biggest surprise of my life. It's Alice, pointing a gun straight to my face. 

" Alice! How did you... "

"Shsssss... Don't make any noise. I heard it's your engagement party and you know how much I love parties so I decided to drop by. Now moved!! "

She yelled at me and I slowly turned with my hands above my head and led the way. 

So many thought running through my mind. What will be the result of tonight? What will Alice do to us? How did she escape? 

" Now open the door. "
She ordered. 

I quietly opened the door and led her to the dinning room. 

" Hello everybody!! "
Alice called and everyone turned with mouths open. 

" Mom!! "
Nessy and Williams said in unison. 

" Yes it's me. Now let the party begin.!! "

She said and started laughing... Sarcastically loud ...



Who is feeling bored? 

What do you think will happen next? 

Happy reading... 

Don't come and beat me o

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    continue o at queen, sha dnt give me heart attack
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    That Alice must be the real devil devil incarnate
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    Oluwadare Mojisola
    Am not happy with the engagement even though I know it won't push through, I just want queen to recover her memories fast. Thanks for the good work
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    Favour Abhatue
    I don't like Dis at all, nice one Queen
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    Tike Y. Ahmed
    Waiting for the next episode. Good work
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    Vicky Chidi
    This story got me yearning for more... more ink to your pen...
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    Ngozi Awagu
    Alice my First Lady abeg scatter the engagement for me, queen must marry my Gabi!
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    Oh my!can't feel my pulse.queen post another episode pls
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    Olaleye Adedamola
    Alice is devil, though I don't want d engagement to happen bcoz what even queen memory is back there will been a problem btw her and Desmond... Next
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    Ola Hormolar
    Pls queen post anoda one oooo, its gonna be bang bang....
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    Don't have any other tin 2 say Dan TeamGabi
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    Another shocker! Not in support of d engagement anyways. @ Queen next episode pleeeease
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    I can't believe no one told queen of her past with Gabi and what happen to promotion she got, to go to Abuja
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    It obvious Queen is not going to end up with Gabi. Kai! Y did babe come carry bele self
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    This Alice of a woman is very bad
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