Love Crystal - Episode 40


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It's been two weeks sine Alice was arrested and it seems everything has gone back to normal except the fact that Jessi hates her mom so much. The reason, we do not know and she's refused saying anything to anyone. 

Her mother has tried countless times to talk to her but she just ignored her. Perhaps she needs time . Desmond is awake and back to his normal self. The part of him that taunts the living the living hell out of me is back. 

I spend most of my time with him at the hospital cause according him, the place is too boring so, I always keep him company. Williams visited Jessi till she was discharged a week back. 

Gabriel on the other hand visits too but we are still on the rough edge after our last clash. I didn't feel like talking to him anymore. It hurts that he judged and hurt me the way he did. 


It's been two weeks sine I was arrested. My children hates me now, after finding out about everything I did but all I did was for their sake. Morris is out there walking freely while I rot here. 

What will they do now? Doreen's husband is dead and I am here, would they get back together? Oh damn it! How could I be so careless. I must look for a way to get out of here. 

They've stollen everything from me, including my children but they are mistaken if they think these four walls can hold me back

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. I'll will get out of here and I will make sure to destroy them all. 

The first on my list will be the one who has taken the love of my children away from me; Queen. I will certainly kill you and your family. I will make sure that nothing will be left of you and then I will destroy Doreen and every other person.. 

Maybe then, I will face the law but first things first. I need to get out of here. I need a plan, I need to leave. Wait for me y'all. We will know who plays the game better. 


It's been awesome lately, watching my supposed fiancee on TV with another lady advertising their wedding invites. It hurts that I thought he loved me but I was stupid anyways. 

She's beautiful, Mimi Solade, his wife to be. From a wealthy back ground, studied outside Nigeria. Come to think of it, she's way better than I am. I so much concentrated on the TV that I didn't notice Ruth come in.. 

" Hey girl, what are you watching? "
Ruth sprawled on the couch. 

" Um... Nothing.. "

" This again?  But I've told you not to watch this again. "

" Chill girl... It's nothing and come to think of it, this girl, Mimi, she's way pretty and she's got everything. You just cannot blame him. "

" You sound really stupid Phina. Now please, hand me the remote. "

" No... I'm not.. "

Ruth stood up and I threw the remote at her. 

" No, you should have waited for me. "
She laughed and turned to another channel. 

" Let me get something from the kitchen, do you care for anything? "

" Yes, get me anything you get yourself. "

" You must be funny Ruth. "

I went to the kitchen, picked what I wanted to eat and went back to the sitting room. 

" Here "
I stretched out my hand to Ruth. 

" What is this one? Since when?"
She gave me this questioning look. 

" Ah! You said I should get you anything I get for myself. "

" Yes, since when did you start eating limes.. "

I laughed and went to sit down.. 

" My dear, for sometime now o. I just fell in love with it. "

" Wait.. Since when? Phina? "

" Ruth, you are acting funny. What's wrong? "

" Are you noticing yourself at all? Come, when last did you see your period? "

Then it dawn on me.. 

" Um... I've had a few skips. "

" What! Phina, upstairs, to my bathroom. There's a pregnancy test strip there. Fast, don't make me wait! "

Ruth yelled at me and I quietly stood up and went upstairs. To my greatest disappointment, it turned out positive. I came back downstairs to meet Ruth. 

" Yes,,, don't keep me waiting. "
Ruth said. 

" Um... It's.. "
I stammered. 

" OMG... How could you be so careless! Who is responsible?!"
She yelled at me. 

" The... The guy I met at the club... I'm sorry I lied, I actually slept with him "..

" Holy Mary!! A random guy? "

" I know his house and he seems very responsible. "

" I don't care, you are gonna call and tell him now! "

She picked up my phone and stretched it to me. 

" Here, call him. I won't let my friend give birth to a bastard and don't even imagine it cause you will not abort this baby. Got it!! "
She yelled and walked out on me. I fell on the floor and cried my eyes out. How could I have done this? 


It's Saturday and as usual I was ready to go to the hospital with Jessi. She seemed a little over excited. She picked my dress for me, reason because she wants us to dress alike. Funny right? 
Gabi met us at the hospital but as usual, I ignored him. 

" Babe, can you get me coffee? "
Desmond requested. 

" Why not... I'll be back"
I left the room and Gabi followed behind. 


Honestly, I was very nervous. We've had our ups and downs since the past few months we came to Lagos and I feel it's all over. 
I want to take a bold step for the very first time and I'm not scared of disappointment but I don't pray for it. lol.. 
You can say I'm a teenage boy who just fell in love but I think it's more than that... I have to be a man and as such, a step is needed. 

" Hey man! Don't be like that... "
Jessi nudged me. 

" Sis... "

" You are good okay? "

" Yea I am... "
We both laughed. 

Queen's point of view 

I knew Gabi was at my back so I increased my pace cause I didn't want to talk to him.. 

" Queen please stop. You can not avoid me for ever . "
He caught up with me and held my arm. 

" Gabriel, what do you want? "

" You, your forgiveness.. Honestly, I thought you didn't give a f**k about me. I thought you were pushing me out. I was broken that's why I did what I did. I can't stand your silence anymore, please forgive me Queenie. "

I couldn't keep up with the anger anymore. Looking at his pleading eyes, I smiled. 

" Does that mean you have forgiven me? "

" I can't stay mad at you. Can you see your face right now? "

We both laughed and I embraced him. 

" Thanks dear"
He whispered. His phone started ringing .

" Excuse me, let me take this. "

He picked up. 

" Yes, Gabriel speaking, who is this? "
He answered. 
Though I couldn't hear what the caller said but I noticed his mood changed.. 

" Listen to me, you must be sick. Please go somewhere else and don't call me again. ".

He dropped the call. 

" Who was that? "
I asked. 

" Never mind. "
He replied. 

We walked down to the coffee stand and made our order. I reached for my purse to pay but then It occurred to me that I left it in Desmond's room. 

" Oh damn! Gabi I left my purse. "

" don't worry, let me pay. "

I dipped his hand into his pocket to get his wallet but he didn't seem to find it.. 

" I think I left my wallet in my car.. Let me get it.. Wait here. "

He rushed out to get his wallet. Just then, his phone started ringing. It was an unknown number. It rang again for the second time. When I picked up the phone, the call ended. 
I sighed and slide the screen and just then a message dropped in. Boldly on the screen. 

      ' You can insult me all you want but it won't change the fact that we are having a baby. One I can not kill so you better think of how to be responsible .' 

I was shocked, angry, broken. I dropped the phone and acted like I saw nothing. Few minutes later, he came back and made payments but I was too mad to talk to him. So I swallowed it. 

When we got back to the room, Williams and his sister had already arrived. 

" Hey dear, I'm sorry for the delay. "
I gave him the coffee. 

" There's no problem at all. "
He dropped the cup on desk beside him and held my hand. 

" Um... I know this might not be the perfect time but I want to make it perfect.  I know we've gone through a lot lately , had our ups and downs and I may not have the sweetest words, I might not have known you for long but I want to make you mine. You won't believe I rehearse my lines even before you came in but I'm still saying trash cause I've forgotten it all. "

I couldn't believe my ears. Though I was angry earlier but I can't seem to find that anger anymore. 

" You are my world, that's all i can remember. I've never felt anything as strong as that which I feel for you.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. I want to be your. I want to make you my bride, please be my wife Queen.. "

He went down on one knee with a ring. I was speechless and just then, the door flung open... 

" And what's going on here? "
My mom asked. 

" I'm sorry I didn't come to you first but then Mom, would you please grant me the permission to ask your daughter to be my wife and you my mother?  Please"

Mom smiled... 

" You have my permission and if she says yes then I'm officially your mother. "

mom's reply really surprised me.. Everyone turned to me... 

" Queen, please marry me... "
Desmond said. 

I looked around, everyone was certainly waiting for my reply including Gabriel... I couldn't stand the looks and so, I closed my eyes. 

It's  a life commitment and so I have to do what I will not regret. Not for anyone but for myself and then I opened my eyes.. 

" Desmond... "
I said... 


I don't see anything o... 

Happy suspense... Lol

I know the people that will crusify me today.... 

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    she must not marry Desmond ooo, I disagree
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    Imy Jackson
    Chai, this why I don't like reading ongoing stories, I will wait till its completed to avoid this suspence
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    queen come back & post new episode oo or I will arrest u. u want to kill me abi?
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    Adekanmbi Aderonke
    Smiles... But Queen, this is really unfair. The suspense is terrible! Relief us please
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    Favour Abhatue
    Queen, Queen, Queen, how many times did I called u? Come back & continue what u started ooh, nice one dear
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    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    hahahaha, Queen, i won't get mad at you, just upload the next episode plssss
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    Adeoti Akindele
    Haba why now! U want to kill someone with suspense o @Imy Jackson I think we are on d same page. @Queen thump up
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    Ola Hormolar
    Not again, queen why dont you finish the transmission of dis transmission, pls leave suspense na, anyway am enjoying it..
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    Queen oooo
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    Pat Kome
    Stop killing me with this suspense already
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    Mauray Anyanwu
    IG we have em a transmission transmission suspense killer to arrest. Hurry oh... Kudos my Queen.
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    Queen Allie
    lol... thanks everyone, y'all gat me blushing..
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    That baby is not 4 my Gabi, I disagree didn't she sleep wit her ex a day b4 she slept wit Gabi?
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    Oluwadare Mojisola
    Am team Gabi ooo I don't want Desmond
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    Ngozi Awagu
    She better go find her clothes where she took her birth. My Gabi is Innocent abi queen?
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    Queen Allie
    lol... i don't have any idea for now o... i'm also following the story too@Ngozi Awagu
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    Prince Andy
    Hey Queen, what will happen to Alice? Will she made it out of the police cell and continue her evil acts?
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    Prince Andy
    Gabi has gotten himself in one_chance with that lady of a girl... But I don't blame him, such is the end result of the kind frustration he suffered then
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