Jamila - Episode 15


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I sneezed for the third time; I seem to be coughing too much cus of the tensed situation of the sitting room

“Talk to us now, you have been sneezing since”

“Buh did I hear you say Mrs. Castle caught you with the husband”

“What exactly where you doing with a married man”

“Have you started dating married man?”

“Ohh, many questions to answer” 

My quietness infuriated Brad

“Will you bloody hell tell us what you were doing with a married man to be caught by the wife”

I jumped at his voice so do everybody

“Calm down Brad, Mrs. Castle is just a woman she met at her friend’s house whom she hoped using for her project work” Mom said coming to my rescue

“Oh” Brad sighs acknowledging his mistake

“Am sorry Jam, I have many thoughts running in my mind” He sat down quietly 

Kingzee faced me and held my hand

“Baby Jam, we are here for you okay . Just spill”

I cough again

“I changed environment so that I can focus on finding a project work, a real one like my supervisor always say………….. 

I paused

“Okay” Marvin urged me to continue

“I choose my friend’s house Sylvia, you all know her right” I asked and they all nod especially Brad who was head over heels with her but his quiet nature couldn’t allow him to keep up with her tempo. Thank God he is happily married now

I coughed again before continuing 

“……..there I got to meet Mrs

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. Castle whom the family is in shambles. I tried what I learnt in school on her and it worked we became friends and she got to pick up herself. Now I needed to work on her husband too which made me to start working for him and thank God it worked too”

“Okay since it worked what happened next” Marvin asked

“Yoo Bro chill, she is still talking” Brad speaks up after a long silence from his previous shout

“Things were going well until one day at the office when I called Mom and found out she is not feeling fine.

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. I went to his office to take permission, he gave me the permission but hugged me inform of appreciation for what I have done for him inviting me over for the party at their house and the wife came in exactly when we were just disengaging from the hug”

I looked at their faces but it’s all expressionless especially Mom’s     

“I tried explaining things to her but she thought I planned everything just to take her husband away from her at the dying minute and hurt her”

“She was really mad at me; I can’t imagine the hurt on her face that she couldn’t even listen to me”

“Even the husband don’t trust me now”

I explained things to them as I remembered what happened at the office

“Jamila” Vivian (Mrs. Castle) shouted immediately she came into the office

I disengaged myself and ran to her immediately to explain but she gave me a resounding dirty slap

“How dare you flirt with my husband, you slut” 

The name “slut” made tears start coming out of my eyes

“Vivian it’s not what you think, I can explain……..” I made to explain myself

“Keep your explanation to yourself, what was your purpose in our life” she fired at me

“Honey do you know her” Mr. Castle asked Vivian

Vivian looked at her husband with hate in her eyes 

“Yea, she was my friend whom I thought I could confide in but it seems she is just a filthy dirty slut who just came here to flirt with my stupid husband”

With that she just banged the door and left
Mr. Castle chased after her immediately

Fresh set of tears started gushing out of my eyes

“It’s okay baby” Kingzee said gathering me in his arms

I snuggled in comfortably in his arms. I felt safe

“I think I have separated them again, I was even hoping I could use their story for my project which is coming up in a week’s time but all hope is lost now. They are not together anymore which will make me using their story without their permission as a project fake”

“Yea yea, I can understand”

“Maybe you should call your friend and ask her about the family”

“Yea that’s true, I have not even called Sylvia for a very long time. I know she might be worried sick about my whereabouts”

“You mean your friend doesn’t know that you are home” Mom asks

I nod

“But she does come here daily looking for you but because you refused coming out I just told her you are not here”

I just nod again and made to bring out my phone 

“Don’t worry, you will do that later. For now we need to lighten our mood joor” Marvin said and went to on the stereo

“Wow, no wonder the almighty Jamila was crying when she came back home. Mom did you notice the way she was crying I even thought it was because of your sickness” Kingzee says eyeing me

“Yea yea, I noticed. I for once wanted to shout that at least my daughter is now an emotional human being”  

“OMG, can you guys spare me a little credit” I said in frustration cus of the way they were narrating my episode that day

Hahahahahahaha” they all laughed in unison

Marvin dragged me up for us to dance to the music

“Finally my soul is light and am happy”

I joined in his tempo and soon enough everybody was dancing as if we did not discuss any serious problem but I know deep down them they are looking for the safest solution which we are gonna discuss at night especially Brad and Mum, my problem solver

My phone buzzed in my pocket

“Oh, the missed calls and messages I have not checked any”

I slipped out of Marvin’s hand unnoticed 

I have several missed calls from Silvia, Styxx and even my supervisor

“OMG, Mrs. Ariat (my supervisor takes no for an answer) but none from Vivian 
That thought brought me down

I opened the messages and the last one that seems urgent is from my supervisor

“Meet me ASAP immediately you get this message or you consider yourself out of my team”

So let me read your observations and how you think Jamila will solve her current problem in the comment section

I will gladly read them up


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  • Esther Mutunga picture
    Esther Mutunga
    I said it; Mr n Mrs Castle went to Ajekwaku college...... Is why they didn't solve the problem same day. This one fit laughing matter now aa ah
  • Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin picture
    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    Hahaha Esther u funny but it true sha.... Let dem and find solution o ahh wetin happen
  • Glory Nyong picture
    Glory Nyong
    I think Jam & her family should visit the castles family to explain things beta once & for all
  • Celestina Oranye picture
    Celestina Oranye
    Hahahaha, my sister I join for d laughoooo @ Esther
  • Celestina Oranye picture
    Celestina Oranye
    Yea yea, that's true @ Oluwakemi
  • Celestina Oranye picture
    Celestina Oranye
    Abiii, I like the suggestion @ Glory
  • Ola Hormolar picture
    Ola Hormolar
    I think baby jam shud visit mrs castle n try to talk things out, i bliv it will work for her... Nice work dear
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