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Huhh, Exam finally freed me and we gaht to rock this story together

I have missed you guys so much.... Let's read and write this story together and see what can make someone feel incomplete


Little question: What do you think can make you feel incomplete?

Let's get the comments rolling and remember, you all are my number one fan 


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    • Incomplete - Episode 1

    • Britni and Christian giggled as they peeped at their parents brushing their teeth; they smiled at each other and ran through the long passage of their huge duplex, they climbed the...
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    • Incomplete - Episode 2

    • Tristy glanced at Bea as she continuously pressed her phone; she adjusted on her seat not knowing how and what to say without sounding like someone prying  “Ma...
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    • Incomplete - Episode 3

    • Britni sat down near her parents room as she heard them quarrelling, she wondered what went wrong because they use to have a peaceful family. She cleaned her eyes as she ...
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    • Incomplete - Episode 4

    • Bea’s POV I walked out from the conference room little bit tired but I have to meet Ken, I really have to meet him. It has been long I have someone care for me ...
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    • Incomplete - Episode 5

      • Views (3,402)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 6

    • Chris  I almost jumped out of the car because of the buzz I felt on my body. It took me seconds to know where the buzz came from; my pocket, I touched my breast pock...
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    • Incomplete - Episode 7

    • Bea I sat down on my chair thinking of  how best it is to get out of my mom’s web without exposing myself. I entered into the game because my mom says that was...
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    • Incomplete - Episode 8

    • ****Bea Inside looked all cozy with dim bulbs showing different colours of light; I fell in love immediately with the decorations. The celebrant seems to be very rich bec...
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    • Incomplete - Episode 9

    • Bea Nora (My Mom) opened my phone, removed my sim card and broke it “will have to change your number from now; we have more business to handle, no side distractions...
      • Views (2,774)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 10

    • “Come on girl just pick the call and tell her it’s over between you two” my heart scream as I look at my phone ringing for the tenth time and messages from my mom...
      • Views (2,763)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 11

    • Chris I drove into my father’s company proud that I accomplished the little assignment he gave to me. I came out of the car happy that one day I will be the success...
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    • Incomplete - Episode 12

    • Chris “Nothing man but can you do something for me; reject this offer and I will pay double the amount you requested” Tony and Fabian looked at him ...
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    • Incomplete - Episode 13

    •   Bea: Am I still sleeping or half sleeping? I role over to the other side and feel something soft… wait its very soft; do I have something this soft on my be...
      • Views (2,818)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 14

    • Chris: I lay on my bed looking at her picture, taking my time in admiring the features I see; she was wearing a pink bikini posing like a diva ready to devour; her eyes s...
      • Views (2,897)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 15

    • Chris: We are at Grace Restaurant sitting round the table looking at each other, with nothing on our table not even water… at a point I scratch my hair, turn and f...
      • Views (2,749)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 16

    • Tristy I stand in front of N’s Inn nervous; I am wearing a red mini but decent gown. The place is eerily quiet that I wonder if I am at the right place &l...
      • Views (2,605)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 17

    • Tristy I sit at Nora Empire gigantic and magnificent waiting room to see the almighty Miss Nora. Right from the entrance I pass through numerous checkpoints without being...
      • Views (2,577)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 18

    • Tristy I drove down to Nora Empire; she called for an important notice. I have been in Nora Empire for five days now, grown to the highest rank but don’t worry I make ...
      • Views (2,707)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 19

    • I shiver after hearing the story of how Nora killed an innocent girl just for the sake of business “ I have to tread cautiously” I whisper to myself as we ret...
      • Views (2,606)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 20

    • ……… At Bea house “you think this is a good idea” I ask facing Bea and Chris “what” Chris ask “letti...
      • Views (2,615)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 21

    • The constant buzz of my alarm forced me to acknowledge that it is morning already. I forgot to put off the alarm “such a short night” I hiss and cut the alarm. I drag m...
      • Views (2,420)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 22

    • *Itz Wednesday morning* The week have been busy, our company is one step closer to signing the deal with Max consult. Bea and Chris is match made in heaven, in love and s...
      • Views (2,397)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 23

    • I guess everything is ending today. Today is my last day at Empire and the day Nora is going down. Tomorrow we sign the final deal with Max Consult and everything will be back to n...
      • Views (2,187)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 24

    • *Max Consult (Chris) “go through the files and sign at the necessary place; tomorrow is our official partner date with Bea company” my Dad say with a broad sm...
      • Views (2,362)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 25

    • *Bea* “Welcome…… welcome; I know you would come” I raised my head slowly in pains to see who Nora was talking to. Frank, Chris and his...
      • Views (2,760)
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    • Incomplete - Episode 26

    • “phew ………… phew…..phew” the revolving fan overhead, murmurs and whispers. People on white walking up and down; the white bed, white w...
      • Views (3,039)
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