Intoxicated Romance - Episode 34

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"what the hell!"Steven scream and i jump off the bed with a start. I

turn to him and frown.

"what's going on?"i ask and he just keep mumbling while gesturing to

his feet. My brain kicks awake at the sight of the red nail polish and

i stiffle a laugh.

"this isn't funny antonia!"he yells and i burst into fake tears.

"a-m sorry. I thought maybe you'll like it."i sob out and his face softens.

"awwn . Don't cry baby. Ofcourse i love it. Its beautiful. A work of

art. Thanks."he says and i wipe my tears.

"since you love it so much, why don't i paint your fingernails too?"

"we are going to be late. Go get ready"Steven says to change the

subject and i let him. Yea, nelly was right. Throwing pregnancy

tantrums can used to one's advantage.

I take myself to the bathroom where i laugh.

In two hours, we are done preparing. I look at the mirror and nod my

head in approval of my looks. I really do love my outfit.

"wow antonia, you look amazing"Steven says and i twirl around

laughing. Steven walks to me.

"oh no

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. Something's missing."he says and caress my neck.

"what's missing?" i ask and touch my neck. My hand touches a chain and

Steven grin. I rush to the toilet mirror. Wow, its beautiful. I go

back to Steven in the living room.

"so, do you like it?"he asks

"i love it. Especially the locket." i caress the silver bottle locket

attached to the chain.

"it represents our beginning seeing as i was drunk when i met you. I

designed it and sent the picture to a jeweler in Paris to have it

made."Steven says.

"wow, that's so romantic"i laugh and Steven smiles.

"okay, enough of the chit chat. Lets move it"Steven says and grab my

hand, leading me downstairs to the car. He opens the passenger door

for me and bows.

"your highness"he says and i giggle. I hop into the car then pat his head.

"thank you good and faithful palace guard"i say and Steven burst into

laughter. He shakes his head at me and moves to his side of the car.

We drive to the party in companionable silence. Throughout our drive,

my hands are on my locket. Wow, i cant believe he made me a necklace.

We arrive at the party before it starts and i help nelly who is

ecstatic to see me again arrange things. By 11:00am the party kicks

off and its the most fun I've had in a long time as i watch the kids

dance and compete at different games. The parents' games are mostly

hilarious. Nelly force Steven and i to participate in one of them. Its

a game in which five couples dance around four chairs and when the

music stop, we sit carrying our partner. The couple without a chair

loses. Steven is really competitive and we make it to the last level

with aother couple comprising of a fat woman and her skinny wife. The

fat woman who has been carrying her husband each time they sit, is

also o determine to win.

"you are going down"she sneer at me and Steven sticks his tongue out to her.

"not gonna happen"Steven says.

"come on, Steven. Lets just let them win. Its just a game"i plead but

Steven isn't listening. He's currently Participating in a stare off

with the woman. I look to the woman's husband and he eyes me. Ok, lets

do this.

"Steven, permission to crush them"i say and he grins. The music starts

and we dance around the only chair available. The music stops and

Steven and i are directly in front of the chair. Steven goes to sit

but stops when he sees the woman diving towards us. Oh no. She's gonna

run into me and it would hurt. I want to move but shock is pinning me

to the spot. I close my eyes waiting for the impact but i only feel

hands drag me away. I open my eyes to see Steven behind me with his

hand over my tummy in a protective manner. I look beside me to see the

woman on the chair with her husband.

"am sorry we lost the game because of me" i tell Steven as we walk to our seat

"you mean more to me than a stupid game. Infact there is no

comparison"he says and my heart swoons. Nelly comes to us to apologise

and we just laugh it off. Nelly looks agitated.

"hey, are you okay"i ask her

"actually, today is kindof my anniversary. Its the day i met my

husband and i hired a musician to surprise my husband with the song

from our first movie date. But he's not here yet"she says biting her


"oh, umm Steven can help you with that. He's a really good singer" i

say and her face brightens.

"would he agree to do it?" she asks.

"I'll convince him"

"thanks. You're a love saver"she giggles and i shake my head as she

walks away. Turns out Steven is shy of crowd. But after much

persuasion and some bribing, i finally got him to agree. Thankfully he

knows the song.

"so next up, my brother Steven singing 'till i met you'"nelly says and

everybody applauds. Steven walks to the Mic and clears his throat.

"so um this song is for my sis and her husband. Its actually their

anniversary today so um hahaha, here's the song."i stiffle my laugh

where i stand. He's so nervous.


I never dream

cause i always though that dreaming was for kids.

Just a childish thing.


And i could swear

love is just a game that children play

and no more than a game.


Till i met you

i never knew what love was

Till i met you

This feeling seems to grow more everyday

I love you more each day


Now i could swear

love is not a game that children play

So tell me that you stay


you and i should be together

cant you see

cant you see


Till i met you

Till i met you


The whole room erupts in applauds and i cant breathe. It was like that

song was meant for me. I see Steven walking towards me and i rush to

hug him.

"you were amazing"i say and sniffle

"hey baby, don't cry"he says and catches a tear with his thumb.

"come on, lets get out of here"he says and drag me to the car. I feel

so overwhelm. I cant keep my feelings inside anymore. I have to tell

him, i still love him. I place my hand on his right hand and he

smiles. I cant wait to get home so i could confess my feelings.


i poured my heart into that song. It said everything that i want to

tell antonia. She seemed to love the song. I feel her warm palm on my

my hand and i entwine them together. She doesn't protest and my heart

swells. We hold hands while i drive until antonia receives a call. I

can only hear her side of the conversation but the mention of monseiur

Charles is enough to scatter my hopes. She doesn't talk much. She

keeps glancing while taking the call. She promises to call them later.

I totally forgot about Paris. She going to leave me soon. The rest of

the ride is silent. I open the door for her when we get to the hotel

but do not follow when i get a call. My mom just committed suicide. As

if the night couldn't get any worse. I walk nimbly to the elevator. As

soon as i enter my suite, antonia walks to me. Her smile falls when

she notices my expression.

"are you okay, Steven"she asks and i just burst out in tears. She hugs

me and pat my back.

"my mom is dead"i sob out and she tells me everything would be okay

but i know it wouldn't. She will be leaving soon. Suddenly, i am

desperate. I start kissing her neck. She moans and my lips move all

over her face then to her lips. She doesn't stop me and i keep kissing

her. Soon, my shirt is off and i am pushing her backwards to our room

without breaking our kiss. Still, she doesn't stop me. We fall into

bed our hands everywhere.

"Steven"she whisper my name and i freeze. What am i doing?. I cant do

this just to lose her. I pull away from her and she moans her


"stop"i say

"what's wrong?"

"i cant do this. It isn't right. I cant take that you will be leaving

to Paris soon"she looks surprise

"yes, i know about your chef internship programme in Paris. I won't

stop you antonia. I want you to be happy and i know that has always

been your dream. I don't want to get hurt when you leave so i cant

bear to lose another person i love. I am sorry. You should leave

tomorrow. I won't hold you back anymore." i say and walk out of the

room. I grab my shirt from the floor and put it on. I lie on the couch

for hours without falling asleep.

The sun rises without sleep thing me. I wait some hours before

walking into the room and antonia is all packed and ready. I cant seem

to help the hurt i feel. 'You told her to leave and she's doing just

that' i chastise myself. The drive to the airport is silent and so is

our walk to boarding room.

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. Turns out antonia already bought a ticket.

I hold myself from breaking down as she walks away with my heart. As

soon as she board the plane. I slump on the floor and let the tears


"hey, a grown man should be sitting on the floor"someone says and i

raise my head to see antonia smiling down at me.

"what?. The plane. You. Your dream. Paris"i mumble.

"Steven, i could never leave you. You are my dream. I love you so so

much. Which brings me to the question; will you marry us?"she says and

goes down on one kneel. I rub my eyes to make sure i am not dreaming


"I'm real baby and i need your answer so i can get off the floor"she laughs

"ofcourse I'll marry you" i raise her up gently and kiss the air out of her.


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