In The Mess - Episode 13

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Two days later.....

Im trying to arrange my clothes ,or rather searching for clothes to meet with,ken ,suprisely we have gotten close,though i know hes still keeping loads of secrets,but theres assuarance he isnt a cultist or a cultist boyfriend in fact they are jealous of us, i finally got gossip about the white rebels,the most  obsessed white blood suckers,claims says their captains leader is my namesake,Jane white, I don't Santo see them ,fortunately I haven't met with the witches since the gunshots, today ken wants me to meet with his friends,footballers,hauwa wanted coming but she can't miss her night class,I tried telling her she would meet up but she's so obsessed with reading partners,her palava not mine...but I'll miss her.I picked up the blue top,trying to see how it'll fit,and these two bitches walk....sorry ran in

Jane! Clara shouted ,I turn to stare at them,irritated,Vivian was heading towards the bathroom

"You really need to leave,the white rebels are after you,they are coming right now!I stared at the wide eyed girl and shook my head,is this one of her pranks,from the ceiling,Vivian shouted

" we are serious,they said you started a war..,....the door slams,and there stood Jane white aka miss unilag,she gave me a taunting smile, wow, so I slapped a captain of a cult group,how did she even get the title? her side kick, snow white grabbed Clara on the hair ,slapping her backbone,then with her arm, she  hit her so that she was kneeling in front of her, Snow whites leg on top of Clara's back,while Clara struggled. Three others were sent to search the rooms, maybe for Hauwa and Vivian.....

    "Here we met again, Mary Jane! Jane white announced with a smile, I fought away the fear that stained my mind.  My name isnt Mary Jane, and you snow white, its time you let Clara go.

"Janewhite frowned a bit at my outspokenness, I can't be scared of ttese little bullies,I 've had bigger ones,like the fat big older boy I met in sec school, he was a big bully, he cajoled everyone to call him biggie except me, I called him Joeboy,but t he was older than everyone in class,when he saw that I refused to be bully, I became his part time buddy.

"You don't talk to me like that!snowwhite said,looking at her captain for others,if it were only her, I'm sure she would have done worst than now, Jane white nodded,it look like a sign for her to finish Clara

" Jane white,if you do that,I guess your white clothes would be ruined,you don't have to become "bloody rebels"

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. Jane exhaled deeply and signalled snow to release Clara, angrily she obeyed.

"we aren't friends Jane, but we can be,that day you slapped me, I was in public and with this title miss unilag which I have kept, I didn't want to splatter mud on my image.....

As she spoke, I froze,she shouldn't do me any harm,should she? her palms fall on my shoulders and then she was whispering...."leave ken,come to mama and I'll treat you right,I'll give you the most amazing orgasm,you have ever had,you ll enjoy being my lover,I'll do you nasty,wonderful hardcore....

Ew!I turned and stood away from her ,"you don't have  any....filthy thing to do anything with me!

She smiled reassuringly, as she lifted her finger nails to show them to me               ......."cap,de mafians don' dey show o,make we do commot  .... Snow white interrupted, My evil namesake smirked at me "Think about it ba-be!with a wink she walk out.

Ooops, she can't be back hurts! Clara screams and I run to her side.


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