Chioma is a type of lady that everyone should love but the circumstance she founds herself in makes her up,she is still friendly lovely and kind but with a difference. 

Sorry I didn't get to complete my first story secret behind the sisterhood ,I'll make sure this one is complete, thanks 

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    • Chioma - Introduction

    • She couldn't close her mouth, she looks just like her mother, seems beauty ran in her family. As she stared at the mansion she had lived she wondered why she been adamant at fi...
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    • Chioma - Episode 1

    • After the announcement from my mum, I went inside my room to prepare, I couldn't wait to see David my crush, my mums says he's the most handsome man in his mothers firm, hi...
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    • Chioma - Episode 2

    • Chioma s POV I watched him from the corner of my eye, he smiled and I couldn't help but wondered what made him do so.The smile vanished immediately making me feel bad...
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    • Chioma - Episode 3

    • Chioma's POV Chioma woke up in a strange room, the room was beautiful no doubt but it was strange, she thought of her yesterday and smiled. Gosh,I'm mar...
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    • Chioma - Episode 4

    • David laughed again, remembering chioma's shocked face in the morning, the Lady is beautiful with her shape, curves and smiles just that she is childish, making lov...
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    • Chioma - Episode 5

    • David quickly turned off the cooker, he tried recognizing what was in the pan but couldn't until he saw eggshells on the floor he rushes to his fridge to realize that chioma ju...
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    • Chioma - Episode 6

    • Chioma's POV Chioma was just out of his bathroom, that was so awesome, his bathroom is like a coven, bewitching, enchanting wow.....she...
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    • Chioma - Episode 7

    • David's POV David couldn't sleep for two nights, chioma has been avoiding him, he knew but couldn't help  the situation, he wasn't ready to apologise...
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    • Chioma - Episode 8

    • Chioma expected the stranger to cry, David is married, she was just a sl*t. She thought, but to her greatest dismay, the other, started laughing, Chioma frowned  at her, she e...
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    • Chioma - Episode 9

    • Are you a witch? David asked chioma who shook her head, moving to a corner of her bed, she was wary of him, and he seem to like it, he felt like putting her in place. Are...
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    • Chioma - Episode 10

    • .David's POV F*ck! What had I been thinking? David stares at the disbelieving sight, he couldn't  believe it. Too weird! He th...
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    • Chioma - Episode 11

    • Chioma heard when he returned, it was past eleven "Where did he go to?she asks herself, her mind replies ",To some woman name Ella....She rolled her eyeballs, li...
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    • Chioma - Episode 12

    • This long episode is dedicated to my lilly, though ...... . David's  POV Sweet lord! he exclaimed, waking up from a sound like a crash. What is that ch...
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    • Chioma - Episode 13

    • David's POV David looks at the dark house with wonder, it was so unusual, his first thought went to chioma, was she okay? he groaned asking himself why he couldn'...
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    • Chioma - Episode 14

    • Chiomas POV "Don't cry, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry! The voice soothed Chioma, it feels good to hug him, she thinks, snuggling closer to More w...
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    • Chioma - Episode 15

    • The words stung, tears wanted escaping but she cleaned them, David watch her like a hawk watching his prey.                    &nb...
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    • Chioma - Episode 16

    • What about Ella? He asked and she gave him a murderous look,"was that jealousy?   I hate that lady. She says and David laughs, he could kiss the anger off h...
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    • Chioma - Episode 17

    • David woke up, he stares at the hair net on his bed and smiled, he had watch her struggle to untangle from his body, lying with her had been the most affordable sleeping sweet drea...
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    • Chioma - Episode 18

    • There was this s*xual tension in the room, as David dropped chioma on her feet, he licked her lips and watch her expression, her eyes were closed while her head tipped up to his fa...
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    • Chioma - Episode 19

    • David watched in disbelief, what has just transpired between his wife and Alfred, who even taught Alfred poems. He was back to the kitchen to finish the cooking, Alfred was with hi...
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    • Chioma - Episode 20

    • David stares at the bed he hasn't been able to sleep on it for two days two damn good days because Chioma refuses to speak to him, worst was everything he touched, everywhere h...
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    • Chioma - Episode 21

    • ****"This episode is dedicated to my well wishers, thanx, I love you all***** David made many phone calls, it was an urgent job and he needed an urgent event planner...
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    • Chioma - Episode 22

    • David look at his sitting room, which suddenly became a party hall.                    Thank you, Ella. He said and she smiled, sh...
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    • Chioma - Episode 23

    • Two weeks later Chioma sat across David, a table keeping them apart, even as she was reading from one of the files on his table,she saw him staring at her,who would have ...
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    • Chioma - Episode 24

    • Chioma knew something was wrong, from the way Mrs Julian had marched in like a soldier and had decided to talk to David only, it wasn't even her character to ignore Chioma or n...
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    • Chioma - Episode 25

    • David stared as she left, he was tempted to drive after her but couldn't, he was weak, Chioma was right, maybe it was good he gave her space, and besides she didn't have wh...
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    • Chioma - Episode 26

    • FLASHBACK** .....Chioma doesn't want to go for surgery, what will I do?, Maggie asked her client and friend, Julian as she pace around the small room she had turned&n...
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    • Chioma - Episode 27

    • David looks back and saw Alfred chasing after him, he didn't go any further until Alfred  stood before him, there was a minute silence  David..   ...
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    • Chioma - Episode 28

    • The room is very dark, except for a low light coming from a 100 watts bulb, Richard stood admiring his dreadful specie inside  the transparent, he felt alive as he fed it with...
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    • Chioma - Episode 29

    • David couldn't sleep, he was seated in the waiting room, the others were fast asleep, he felt something was wrong, with the hospital as a whole, he saw, Dr Richard walk in thro...
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    • Chioma - Episode 30

    • Chioma woke up, but couldn't open her eyes, she felt sore, and pains  all over the eye, and about the place she was, she felt strange,she tried t opening her eyes but coul...
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    • Chioma - Episode 31

    • *Weldone doctors* At the sound of Davids voice Gerald's hand trembled, he adjusted his lenses, feeling cold all of a sudden, he couldn't believe history was about...
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    • Chioma - Episode 32

    • Time seem to stop as they all watch the beast grow more ,it had legs and a tail, a big eye appeared in the middle of its small head, it was bigger than ever,a giant beast ...
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    • Chioma - Episode 33

    • Eight years later The family sat in the sitting room they were complete except for Jacinta who went for a stroll against her brothers wishes, Mercy was rocking her 2nd so...
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