In The Mess - Episode 15

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I met Ken outside, that's when I saw the same badge that Joe boy and co had worn,it was wrapped up with a.foil paper but I could see it,tears threaten to fall but I held back,for hauwa, I'm doing this for the innocent girl, if driving around Lagos with a cultist was the only way out, then so be it.

  "we should call the police!I suggested immediately I saw the police patrol car,ken didn't reply at the moment but he over sped,passing the patrol car as wind.              "Why did you do that? I asked and he mumured" we are hunting down cultist ,not arm robbers, if we inform the police their siren alone would make them kill hauwa faster than you think!

I stare at his eye blinks, he was nervous ,and because I was putting him in a tight corner, where he couldn't run to,he made calls to one BBJ and Depo but the search started seeming fruitless, tiredness overwhelmed me, I slept off in his car.

Kens POV

She slept like a baby,her mouth opened,I reduced the seat to a more relaxing manner as I drove to my condo.I know she suspects that I'm not telling her everything, but yet I can't bring myself to tell her everything, I'm too scared she would try to leave me

.....hello, ken,

Yeah, how far?

BBJ cleared his throat and I felt uncomfortable "Ken somethng feels wrong?

What? I asked,expecting anything except for him to say" Hauwa is a white earphone slip out of my ear,I put them back,this was worst than anything,for Jane, for me, I drove into my condo, it was a bungalow, just one of my hideouts when I'm not at the territory.

She was still asleep and I didn't want to wake her, I don't know how she'll take the news,without much thinking, I carried her, she wasn't easy to carry but I did carry her out of the car,her head molded into the side of my neck, she exhaled deeply,she looks so beautiful,my heart shifted mere looking at her I ve never felt so enticed, never felt like i must do all things right to make a woman stay with me,if this was what it meant to love, then I know I'm in love with her, she hipcupped and I smile, entranced

"How I wish, I met you under a different circumstance!I whispered though I knew she wouldn't even hear me.

Jane's POV

I woke up in another realm, but though scared I feel kind of comfortable, especially the bed, the red white and navy blue decoy was amazingly male and taunting, reminding me of the last person I had met, ken

Hello sunshine!thinking of the devil,he appeared and I wish I hadn't opened my eyes, he looked cute with a PJ-trouser and a singlet,my eyes wandered from his face to his body,if a male can be beautiful, he was it,beautiful,the singlet hugged him I could clearly see his abs, broad chest, he was slightly tanned, a good sight for every one of my mornings

You are beautiful! I whispered not thinking he chuckled and sat on the bed with me, his hand cradled my hands,his eyes read me " You are beautiful, even your hipcup, turns me on,I'm crazy over you, I don't know how, I'm smitten....and you're blushing like a virgin babe,.....

 Then the silence came, thick sweet silence, I pulled my body to be across his own, I saddled him, he gasped at my boldness, he was right about the turn on, he was every inch hard, sweet sensations made me throw my arms around his neck, I wasn't thinking at all, he cradled the sides of my breast, and kissed me like no mans business, his lips were  boom, soft hard stuff, and I couldn't reject it when he pushed his tongue inside, it was a wild passionate kiss, we stopped for a moment to catch our breaths then I got him out of the singlet and pushed him on the bed

P.ken!I slurred, looking as his lips curved in a sexy smile

Are you sure? He asked I just smiled at him

"Blushing like a virgin doesn't make me one!with that I took off my singlet,he puff out air and I smiled.

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