In The Mess - Episode 18

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Jane's POV

I won't say I am not please at the  feel of him, I didn't just expect him to be turned on that quickly 

K-ken!I stammered, he was messing up my brain, he groaned aloud and I hung to him for closure." I want to come inside you babe!he husked and I felt liquid heat in between my legs, why couldn't this man be ugly, like real ugly maybe, be an imbecile or epileptic, he bent his head and took my nipple in his lips and I couldn't think, my legs gave away, they went behind his flat arse...he  flipped his tongue on my nipple and I moaned, this thing is worst than seduction itself .

We couldn't even make it to the room, it happen on the cushion, I don't want to fall harder for him, but .....

"That was amazing babe!he said, I was sprawled on top of him on the cushion,the blanket he had used last night hung over our body, not like there was a need to hide, the weather was too cold and he hadn't let me wear something...." What's wrong?

Nothing!I replied spreading my palm over his chest

You are thinking of something, what....

Yes I am!I replied and sat up and started dressing,I threw his clothes at him if we were going to have this question we had to be in our right sense not naked......"I'm thinking about me, you ,us?tell me who you are, ken, the truth you are hurting me with the lies, I know you have something to do with the rebels but just open up....

He was quiet, but he wore the clothes and sat up too, I thought he wasn't going to answer as he got up and went to the kitchen then he came back with two candrinks, bullet for him, malt for me.

He heaved a sigh

"Jane you are right, I'm hurting you, you deserve the truth.....

Kens POV

I think she used jazz cause the way I started talking, I'm perplexed, I started telling her about my uni-days, the generational curse, when I gave up being a mafian, the peace entreaty, football, becoming a prof after two yes of lecturing, the hand behind that.....

...." When I met you, Jane I felt complete,I knew you were mine, and these past days, I ve never felt so okay, I love you ,Jane!as I ended the long story, I watch for reactions, she closed her eyes and reopened them...."so you aren't really  a cultist,just have to be cause its a legacy.... I nodded and she continued

.....Jane white loves you and you think she's jealous of me, of us? I nodded in affirmative, waiting for her to continue,she didn't, she threw herself at me and hugged me,I hugged her back, tightly, the best moment in ages, I love this woman, she's all I ve ever wanted.


I guess I have to stop here for now, get ready to hear from Hauwa,our one time pal.

Pls like and comment,tnx.

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