In The Mess - Episode 17

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My great grand father was the founder of the great mafians, he passed it down to his generations,to my grand father who passed it to my father, I never wanted it,and I know BBJ  prefer being the captain but we all know the difference between  the son and the brother.

I shiver at the cold weather, a kind of weather for a good fight "finally the blood of my forefathers have caught up with me even after all the race..... As leader of the mafians ,we were also rich, BBJ told me about his father, my grand father,he had a big palm plantation, that he was very rich, and he travelled a lot but he died in a cult fight, my father was the most successful scholar,he taught abroad, I was proud of whom my dad was, but he also died in a cult fight ,i was initiated from birth, but I thought I could break away by making peace with the rebels, I went into football thinking that too will take away my fate, but no, I became very popular and soon I started noticing they were about to make me a captain, the last one had the worst accident ever his legs were disfigured,that time I knew my village people were after me, I left football i never wanted the title, that's when I met my dads colleague, he kind of knew that I had the qualification's, so I started lecturing at UNN, but BBJ and the boys were not to happy about me neglecting them, they forced a hand and I became that I could be transfered to Unilag, Lagos where the mafians territory is.

She's out of seizure! My neighbour interrupts smiling, I don't even recall her name

I'm Nora! She says, I nodded,I had said that aloud and she didn't look pleased she's the one, she's the one that makes you not to notice another woman, even your neighbour.

I smile at her in shock, women too were my family thing, one reason i m glad I didn't get involve with Jane white, my  mom had been a cultist too, her mun never like my dad so they clashed a lot.


I turned suddenly, and saw her, she look so fragile but determine, my eyes roamed her body and images of the early morning visited me, the way her body had fitted against mine and those legs, they are a pair of e*otic distress, and her m*ans, such throaty sound that I can fight to hear again, my pyjamas trouser seem to become tight i look downwards and i have to give it to her, shes the first to turn me on to this extent, I'm mere thinking of our s*x and I'm about to release, isn't that something, ken get hold of yourself, don't embarass yourself, you are no longer a teen she had told me she wasn't a virgin but yet had ended up confessing she's scared, that she has done it just once, o was jealous, I wanted to be her first but I just had to be the best.

Ken, thank you, but I need the truth.

Anything for you babe! I said inhaling in  all of her, she had showered and it seems she was glowing, I took her hand and took it to my cheek she smiled though it didn't reach her eyes

Are you a mafian?

The question upsetted the moment, I wanted to drop my hand but she caught them ..."please tell me one truth...."

I  took her hand led her to my erection, she gasp and I felt a little better

That's what you do to me ,Jane!

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