In The Mess

Jane comes from a broken family, she hates her parents and unfortunately she is the only child of both, she tries to cover up all her problems with school work. But what happens when prof Ken is introduced, school becomes hell for her, she got no where to run to. Her life is totally messed up......

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    • In The Mess - Introduction

    • Well, can't things be normal for me? No, Never! My name is Jane, and apart from school and best friend Hauwa, I have nothing.....esh, I have a pathetic dad too, I don...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 1

    • Jane's POV... Back at school and I can't face anyone, except Hauwa and books, even some of my lecturers stare at me like a slut,what kind of rumour did Tony actua...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 2

    • I didn't even know, Tony came back to school to spread a rumor I don't know about, because of him, his girlfriend now has guts to talk to me anyhow, since I started uni ,sh...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 3

    • For Bene my first commentator Jane's POV I walk into class with my headphone ,and I guess the murmuring stop,the Israelites of our lifetime,everyon...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 4

    • You guys are not encouraging me pls show  some love**** Hauwa met me at 10pm,we stroll black to the hostel . How was your first day?she asks ,I smack my li...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 5

    • Sorry guys uploading has been  delayed, blame me and the forum *** Meet me after lectures! Prof. Ken whispered only to my hearing,I nodded and sat, not bec...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 6

    • My madam glares at me, I know she doesn't like me, but the feeling is mutual, i look away, then back at her, she smiles at ken and walks closer"were they an item?The quest...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 7

    • So you are from Akwa ibom? Yes!I reply,wondering what was going on in his mind, he seems distant,and the way he  keeps looking around ,I might accuse him of criminal...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 8

    • I'm back!!!!! ****** I watch P.ken as he took those pictures, I can't believe what I'm seeing,my lecturer?amazing. Thank God! He whispers ...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 9

    • Yesss! Hauwa's screamed after the gist, Vivian groaned, Clara wasn't in ,rumour has it that she's a dance hall girl a.k.a "asewo! How's the ...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 10

    •  I refused to lectures the next day,not because i hàd only one lecture by 10am but because the lecturer giving that lecture is P. Ken,I don't want to see him yet,es...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 11

    • The hall was quiet as I approached, hope sipped into me, my p.ken didn't look like a rogue, he didn't resemble a cultist, I don't even want him to be.....but my spirit ...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 12

    • Kens POV I stared as she walked out on me, doesn't seem right to me,especially the scar on her cheek,the white rebels wouldn't threaten what is mine,Did Jane whit...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 13

    • Two days later..... Im trying to arrange my clothes ,or rather searching for clothes to meet with,ken ,suprisely we have gotten close,though i know hes still keeping load...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 14

    • Immediately, they left ,another car pulled up ,I rush to go and lock the door but it was too late,the intruder barged in, my mouth opens in shock  as I stare at Joeboy in real...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 15

    • I met Ken outside, that's when I saw the same badge that Joe boy and co had worn,it was wrapped up with a.foil paper but I could see it,tears threaten to fall but I held back,f...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 16

    • After the home coming sex,I remembered why we were here,I scrambled for my clothes,he wasn't moving ,just staring at me like I'm his prey,for a moment I thought to go cuddl...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 17

    • My great grand father was the founder of the great mafians, he passed it down to his generations,to my grand father who passed it to my father, I never wanted it,and I know BBJ&nbs...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 18

    • Jane's POV I won't say I am not please at the  feel of him, I didn't just expect him to be turned on that quickly  K-ken!I stammered, he w...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 19

    • Hauwa's POV It was time to storm into the mafians territory, but sincerely speaking,the mafians are rich, their territory is like a hotel, the homeless cultist could ...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 20

    • It was a set up! Jane white whispered as we buried ourself behind the dozens of Geepee tanks, they won't want to destroy their means of water preservation, and before they woul...
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    • In The Mess - Episode 21

    • Can I even attend some lectures?I asked him and watch as he blinked,he didn't like the idea. "Can't I?I enquired,he muttered a word I didn't hear before saying.......
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