Forbidden Love - Episode 14

Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice)

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'There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment. If I had a flower for every time I thought of you ... I could walk through my garden forever, I desire a love so loud that is shatters the darkness — its echoes reverberating through the rising and falling of the sun. I crossed a thousand leagues to come to you, and lost the best part of me along the way . Don't tell me to leave.'


"What did you just say?" Jason asked as his white eyeballs turned red immediately. He started closing the tiny distance between them at a slower space.

All the students held their breath as they await the outcome.

Like before, seeing his eyes made Rae suddenly afraid, but she was the kind of person who could never run away from a fight, no matter how tough it was.

"I said, you should tell me why you ignored me the first time I called your name, are you that daft or are your ears paining you?" Rae asked without a hint of fear.

It suddenly looks to Rae that Jason red eyes seem to glow.

Jason stopped right in front of Rae with the most angriest look ever, his right arm raised up in the air, his fingers turning into claws.

They stared at each other, their noses nearly touching.

Rae noticed some few things she hasn't noticed before. There was only one word to describe the sun-kissed Tribrid standing before her, he was handsome

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. Rae gaped openly as she observed his sharp jaw, chin, and cheekbones.

Something in her wants to embrace the white haired boy into her arms. She was drawn to him like the way she was to Jorkallun.

His icy cold stare could melt any soul standing in his way, but not for Rae, she was far too gone admiring Jason looks.

Jason was wondering who gave the girl standing right in front of him, the guts not to back away from him when she should. No one has ever stared into his eyeball the way she was doing, no one, even Lolly wasn't brave enough to stare at him.

Jason admitted to himself that he admired the lady courage. She wasn't scared of him like the others, maybe that was what Jorkallun had seen in her and had struck with her.

He had warned her not to cross his path again and here she is. He doesn't want to fight with the girl who is friends with Jorkallun. Holding his anger, he slowly shook his head as he regarded Rae once more.

"You're not worth the fight." Jason said as he took down his arms, his claws changing back to his fingers, and with that, he left a very surprised Rae and a more bewildered crowd behind.

Some of the crowd starts to disperse as the fight they were expecting didn't happen, while some stood to watch Rae and hoped she called out Jason.

Rae watches until he disappeared into his private class, she turned to face Jorkallun when someone tried to punch her face.

Rae quickly blocked it by holding the hand that was intending to punch her face.

It was the Amazon's Warriors again, this time, they were 10 in numbers and were with their swords.

Rae sightly pushed off the girl arm she was holding and faces an angry Lolly.

"What is it?" Rae asked nonchalantly at Lolly and the girls as they surrounded her.

"Who do you think you are that gave you the impetus in shouting out my husband to be name?" Lolly demanded.

The students that was already dispersing came back to watch another fight between Jason's bride to be and the new girl.

"Did he complained?" Rae asked as she went over to where Lolly stood. "Did I in any way talked to you Lolly or are you now Jason?"

"Do.Not.Talk.To.My.Man, no one in this school does that, and you're not allowed to do so. Am I clear!" Lolly shouted as she stared angrily at Rae.

Rae snorted.

"Was the last time we saw didn't leave you with enough sense? Jason isn't married to you yet and you're behaving like this, what if at all, he doesn't end up with you, won't you feel ashamed when that happens?"

The slap that echo round the school caught Rae off guard. She wasn't expecting that.

It was one of the Amazons Warriors with Lolly that has slapped her. She was among the new Amazon's.

Holding her left cheek as she faces the girl who had slapped her, she spat out blood, smiling to herself, she cleaned her mouth and stare at the blood in her hands.

One thing people don't know including her grandmother, Rae doesn't like seeing her blood.

"How dare you say such a thing to the next queen of the Supernaturals, apologize to her right now or else….."

Rae didn't allow her to complete her words as she slapped the girl next to the one speaking.

Her jaw broke, without wasting time, she kicked the girl out of the way with her infamous kick.

The Amazon's draw out their swords at Lolly nod, they attacked Rae at once.

They didn't stood a chance against Rae, who was very fast, slapping and kicking them all, she left them on the floor bleeding from their mouth with their jaws, hands and noses broke.

"Pathetic." Rae said to them and finally turned to the one who had slapped her. She went over to meet the sudden scared girl again.

"Or else what?" Rae demanded as she took the girl sword from her hands.

"No-noth-nothing ma'am." The girl replied with shaking voice.

Dropping her sword to the ground, Rae slapped the girl in her two cheeks.

"Next time, think before you talk, and think again before you attack someone." Rae said and left the shaking Amazon whose cheeks were now swollen from the slap, pushing Lolly out of her way.

Rae looked around but couldn't see Jorkallun anywhere, walking over to where Sarah stood, she throws her hand on her shoulder and started walking, which prompted Sarah to start walking with her to their class.

"Where did Jorkallun go?" Rae asked forgotten the scene she had created behind.

"He left when she slapped you." Sarah replied.

They entered the class and saw Jorkallun already in the class, sitting down.

Rae left Sarah and went over to her sit. Jorkallun turned to face her with a little smile that made Rae's heart beat faster. He looked more handsome with that smile. She was glad he was smiling at her.

"Hope you dealt with them?" Jorkallun asked.

"Yes, next time they will think twice before attacking anyone." Rae said returning her own smile.

Jorkallun smile widened more and he nodded his head.

Rae shifted closer to him and whisper in his ear. "I want you to come to the cafeteria with me today and I am not talking no for an answer. I am always bored in the cafeteria."

"I don't like eating in the cafeteria Rae, beside you have Sarah with you." Jorkallun said.

"Then I will follow you to wherever you eat your food instead of the cafeteria."

"Okay….." Jorkallun got interrupted when a vampire rushed in.

"Rae you're needed in the Principle office now." The boy said.

"Hmm, why?" Rae demanded.

"Lolly called King Roen and he is here." The vampire answered.

Rae stood up from her seat and was surprised when she saw Jorkallun doing the same.

"Where are you going?" Rae asked.

"Following you." Was Jorkallun brief reply.

"Aww, that sweet of you, but I can handle them myself you know." Rae said, she was flattered by his response.

"I know, but knowing Lolly, she might have lied to Roen which prompted him to come here." Jorkallun said. "So I am coming with you."

"Okay pretty boy, then tag along." Rae said and smiled when she saw Jorkallun rolled his eyes.

They left the classroom to the Principal office.


Entering the office, Rae saw a man who looks exactly like Jason, white hair, tall, same body build. This must be Jason's father and the ruler of them.

Rae saw Lolly sitting next to Roen as she smiled evily at her.

Rae and Jorkallun sat down on the two empty chairs before Jack will tell them to sit.

Placing her legs on the table, a habit she was so used to.

"You sent for me." Rae said.

"Yes I did, but I wasn't expecting Jorkallun." Jack said with a surprise when he saw the dragon.

"Am I now the topic or is that why Rae is here?" Jorkallun asked the principal who looks baffles when he was spoken to.

"No, not at all Jorkallun, I was just surprised, that's all." Jack replied then faces Rae. "The king is here to speak with you, and haven't I warned you that placing your legs on my desk is against the rules here?"

"I tend to forget things Jack." Rae answered sweetly but didn't put her legs down. She faces Roen who has been observing her since she walked in. She reminded him of someone. 

"Hello Sire."

Roen nodded his head. "Lolly told me you attacked her and her friends simply because she asked you to kindly get off the path you were blocking."

"And you believed that sire?" Rae asked the king. "How can I beat up 10 girls including her." Rae said and started crying. Her tears can draw her sympathy's. "She is lying, I was on my own talking to Jason. They attacked me first after Jason left me."

King Roen eyes widen, "You spoke to Jason and he didn't…." He stood up from his seat and went over to the window, he looked around the school. "....tore down this school?"

"Yes sire, he didn't, in fact, Rae had shouted his name." This time it was Jorkallun who spoke, surprising the Roen the more. Ever since the engagement of Lolly to his son, Jorkallun had distance himself away from them. "Rae is my friend and wouldn't do as 'the girl' had said. She was the one who had injured them to blame Rae for doing that." Jorkallun added.

"How did you even know what happened, thank the heavens I wasn't alone as I had presumed." Rae said agreeing to what Jorkallun had said.

"Well." Roen said clearing his throat, since Jorkallun has joined his mouth and has called Rae his friend, any decisions he makes concerning the girl might result in a war with the Dragons, which he was avoiding. "I guess it was a misunderstanding."

"Yes, a very huge misunderstanding." Rae said after him.

"Lolly, apologize to Rae right now for false allegations." Roen commanded her.

Fuming in anger. "I am sorry." Lolly said the words that were not from her heart. Her plan has failed.

"Good, now go and treat your comrades." Roen said and Lolly left them in anger.

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. He faces Rae. "I am so sorry about that, just because my son will be getting married to her soon doesn't mean she should disrespect anyone from the school."

"Thank you sire." Rae thanked him with a smile.

"So, Jason didn't fight you when you shouted his name?"

"No he didn't."

"Wow, that's strange. The only person who shouts his name and goes scot free is Jorkallun, apart from him, no one else does that. I am surprised hearing this." Roen said looking at Rae strangely.

That feeling of she reminding him of someone came again.

Placing his hand under his jaw in a thoughtful expression, he couldn't help but ask.

"Who are your parents?"

Placing her hand under her jaw in a thoughtful expression, just like king Roen.

"As the king of the whole Supernaturals, isn't it your job to know everyone you rule the name of their parents and children?" Rae said to the king without any hint of fear.

King Roen was surprised and shocked by her answer. She reminded him of her son and someone else.

"You're right, I will love you to visit the palace whenever you want, I like your spirit Rae." King Roen said with a smile and stood up. He bid Jack, Rae and Jorkallun his goodbye before he left.

"Rae, be glad it wasn't the Vampire King or the Fairy Queen you reply in such manner." Jack said with a smile, he was coming to like this Rae of a girl. "And since he said you should visit him, do not forget to visit him. You can go."

Rae nodded and left the office together with Jorkallun.

As soon as the door to Jack's office was closed, Rae hugged Jorkallun.

She knows one thing, she loves him and also saw herself falling in love with Jason.

A confused feelings she has.


Above them, up there in the sky stood Michael, he was standing alone in a room when the door to the room opened to reveal an Angel.

"Michael, how long shall you mourn her? Her kind and yours are never meant to be, get that into your head, even our king was against it." The angel who came in said.

"Do you know what love is Gabriel?" Michael asked sadly. "I know you don't. She left me."

"Michael, that happened fifty thousand (50,000) years ago and you still haven't gotten over her? She won't come back." Gabriel said, his white wings spreading itself as he stood beside the other angel.

"I love Selena with all my heart, but our love was forbidden."


Do not try to plagiarized this story.
All rights reserved, the whole of this story is a complete fiction. Any role related to someone either alive or dead is a mere coincidence.

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