Forbidden Love - Episode 3

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'Being stubborn can be a good thing. Being stubborn can be a bad thing. It just depends on how you use it. I'm a very stubborn person, but not so stubborn that I can't learn new things and meet new people, but I have a one-track mind.'


"You can't tell me what to do Rae, I am the proprietor of this witch school and you are my ex student." Mrs Ash told Rae. "Now take this letter and leave my office right this minute."

"Oh I see . This is very interesting." Rae said and then proceeded in placing her hand under her chin stroking her invisible long beard she doesn't have. "That reminds me, Your only daughter normally goes to the witch library every evening, by 6pm on the dot. She doesn't miss a single day. She sits at the last row of the library chair which faces a window. Is not that I am a stalker or something like that, please do not get that idea, but she normally follows the shortcut you secretly have behind your house. And today, I guess she told you ready that she will be coming late, she and her friend, Amila, has a project at hand. If you don't want to see your only daughter half to death, change that recommendation letter right now."

"I will report you to the Witches authority if you dare lay your filthy hands on my daughter." Mrs Ash said in anger to Rae who looked less concerned about her outburst.

"Go ahead Mrs Ash, report me and let us see between you and I who they will believe. Even till down, they didn't believe I beat up those students and rather accused you and the students for framing me

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. Once I cry, a stone hearted person will melt and believe me, so it's your choice madam."

Mrs Ash quickly opened her drawer and brought out a new piece of paper and started writing how wonderful Rae has been in her school:

Principle Jake, this is to inform you that your new transferred student, Rae Fey, is our best student so far in the witch school. Her brilliant brain doesn't have to be caged in this witch school, so that is why I am transferring her to you. She is of her best behavior and a down to earth girl, who help a lot.

I can assure you Jake, you will enjoy her stay in your school.

With lots of love 

Mrs Ash signed under it and gave the letter to Rae who read it with a satisfied nod, she gave it back to Ash who then put the letter in another envelope and gave it back to Rae.

Collecting it with a smile. "I never knew you love me so much Mrs Ash."

"Who will love someone like you, with your character, no one will ever settle down with you or think about loving you in the future.  I only did that because of my daughter." Mrs Ash said as Rae laughed out. "Your brilliant brain is so full of evil, if only your character is nice, it would have suit that brain of yours, but no, the god's made you brilliant and gave you a nasty character."

"It is called wisdom Mrs Ash." Rae said and also take the other recommendations letter and smiled sweetly. "If I later get to know you sent a letter apart from this one with me to Mr Jake, your daughter is a goner. Have a bountiful day, Mrs Ash." With that, Rae left her office.

She met Lillian who was waiting for her, she was concerned about what Rae might be doing to Ash. When the two minutes Rae had told her had elapsed, she wanted to go in, but stopped when she couldn't hear any shouts of help from Ash, so she concluded everything was going fine. If it was before, Ash would have screamed for help.

"Is everything okay?" Lillian asked as soon as she saw Rae emerging out from the office.

"Yes granny, everything went normal." Rae answered and gave her the recommendation letter Mrs Ash has re-written. "Here is the recommendation letter, she asked me to give you."

"Aww, that's so sweet of her." Lillian said as she collect the letter from her. "Come on, let's go home." She added and made a portal open, she waited first for Rae to enter before she did. The portal closes behind her.


Two Days Later:

Lillian who just came back from the witches meeting met Rae in her room, dancing. Rae was more of a tomboy than an actual girl. Her appearance appeared boyish.

Seen her jumping up and down on her bed without a care, brought back old memories which had long been buried.

Thanks to the 'Invisible Spell of Hidden' she had placed in her body that hides her true identity. She looks more like Avonmora when she was born, and carries her father Gene, she just hoped and prayed to the gods that Rae shouldn't encounter the priestess, if not, her true identity will be revealed. She also made a bracelet for her to wear always, the bracelet made her perform magic, which made everyone truly believed Rae was her granddaughter.

Her pregnant daughter and husband, who was a hellhound, were attacked by some sea monsters on their way to pay her a surprise visit, her time for birth was drawing near. Before Lillian could come to their rescue, her daughter, husband and unborn child were dead. Magic could not revive the dead. It was at that time, the ball which held Rae also burst open.

She made everyone believed Rae's was her late daughter child, which she saved before her death.

Lillian cleared her throat which drew Rae's attention to her. She jumped off the bed and landed near her.

"How did the meeting go? Did someone talked to you any how?" Rae's asked immediately.

"Nothing happened, I have submitted the recommendation letter to Jake, and you're to resume the new week coming by." Lillian reply her.

"To tell you the truth granny, I'm no longer sure whether to go or not, I will be the new transferred girl." Rae said with a sigh.

"Come on. You're just afraid. That's normal. After all, it's a new school and I know how you must feel." Lillian said trying to assure her granddaughter. "You'll never find out if you love the school or not if you don't try first." Lillian said slowly as she brought Rae's closer to her and hug. "The idea is to experience something first, and decide if it makes sense later. If you found out you don't love the school, tell me and I will see what I can do about it."

“Yeah,” Rae said returning her hug and staring thoughtfully at the ceiling. “I guess you're right.”

"So I have got everything that you would need for your new school." Lillian said as she cup Rae's face tenderly with her hands. "This is a new school, there will be others Supernatural people going to that school. You will see fairies, hellhounds, vampires, wolves, etc, stay away from them and mingle with your fellow witches, and most importantly, stay away from a Wolf called Jaso- are you even listening?" Lillian asked as Rae began humming a tune.

"Yes granny, I know what you want to say already." Rae said as she kissed the side cheek of Lillian. "You don't have to worry about me granny. I am not looking for any ones trouble."

"I hope so."


On The Mountain Top:

Tamara, entered her cave and proceeded to where her magic books are kept, she barely made it inside when she stopped in her tracks.

Read " Urenma (The River Goddess) " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )

. Standing in front of her was the man in water form. She bow before him.

"Enough of your bowing Tamara, it's been a thousand years when the search for the last mermaid begun, and still yet you have not come across her or the one who gave birth to her."

"My Lord, it is not as simple as you think, I don't know where to find her, but I can assure you, that I am going to find the last mermaid before this year runs by." Tamara assured.

"That was what you have been saying each year. Tharollin has almost gotten to where my bones is being kept, so I need to drink the last mermaid blood before Tharollin reaches the bones."

"I will try harder my Lord, I just know this year won't pass without me finding where the last mermaid is."

"Better, for I am losing my patience with you."


School Day:

The day for Rae to start her new school has arrived. She quickly took her bath and made her food appeared before her from the kitchen and ate it fast.

Putting on her favorite black leather trousers with a white vase. Talking her black jacket and wear it, putting on her matching black boots. She came out of her room and went to meet Lillian.

"I am ready granny." She announced as she saw Lillian in her study table.

"Don't cause any trouble Rae, today is your first day in school, first impression matters a lot." Lillian told her and make a portal opened.

"Of course granny, have faith in your granddaughter." Rae said as Lillian kissed her forehead tenderly.

Lillian shrugged her shoulders. "I am just telling you. Now go, I want you to be among the early birds."

Rae smiled and entered the portal.

"I will be checking on you from time to time. Don't forget to alert me when school has closed." Lillian said before the portal closes.

The portal opened at the front of the Supernatural school gate and closes once she stepped out. She saw others witches doing the same.

First impression matters.

Removing her jacket she wore, she flip it over to her left shoulder and screamed out loud. "I AM STARTING A NEW SCHOOL!"

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