Forbidden Love - Episode 4

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'I'm unpredictable, I never know where I'm going until I get there, I'm so random, I'm always growing, learning, changing, I'm never the same person twice. But one thing you can be sure of about me; is I will always do exactly what I want to do. I'm not stubborn. My way is just better.'


Her suddenly screams draw the attention of all the students outside the gate to her. The students around her started whispering amongst themselves . Rae felt satisfied.

Feeling like a princess now that everyone's attention has been drawn to her, ignoring the whispering going on around her, she kept her head high and entered the school compound as if she owns it.

The school was large with various  separate buildings in it.

She scanned the environment and noticed some few students were looking at her and others were ignoring her. Raising her Jacket upwards and rolling it round her head, she screamed out loud once again. "Hello People, I said I am new here!"

She smirked when she finally got all their attention.

"We don't make such noise here, didn't your parents or guardian told you that?" A male voice said behind her back and made to grab her on her shoulder.

The unexpected happened.

Before his hand would made contact with Rae's shoulder, without turning, she held his hand and twisted it and with inhuman strength she doesn't even know she has, she flipped the man to her front, who landed on the floor in a heavy thud.

Still twisting the full grown man hand hard, no matter how hard the man tried to remove his twisted hand from the iron fist hand of the girl, he couldn't, the sound of a bone dislocated was heard. "I don't like people touching me unless I permit them too." Rae said her voice coming out in double.

By now, they have attracted the whole students and teachers attention to them, some teachers who tried to separate them, couldn't when Rae made eye contact with them

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. The sudden fear that shook those teachers coming made them rushed back and someone, a female witch, quickly teleport to tell Principle Jack what happened.

He soon came out and was shocked by what he saw, the vice principal of the Supernaturals was pinned to the ground by a student. He saw how his vice principal was trying to get away from the girl who held him but to no avail. He was helpless against the girl.

"What is going on?" Jack asked as he advanced towards them. He nearly halted in his footsteps when Rae turned to stare at him coldly, nearly, but he is the principal of the school and a werewolf to top it all. "I asked a question, what is going on!?" He asked again when he was standing in front of Rae.

"If you don't mind your business, you will soon join him." Rae answered twisting the man on the ground hand the more.

"Did you know who you are talking to?" Jack asked folding his arms behind him, her character reminds him of two people. But her eyes when she had looked at him earlier on, reminded him of someone he knew from the past, someone who he couldn't remember.

"And who the hell are you!?" Rae shouted ignoring the loud gasped coming out from the students and teachers round them when she asked that question. By their shocked look display on their faces, they know who the man asking her stupid question is, does she care? Hell no.

"I am Jack, the principal of the Supernaturals." Jack introduced himself "And you are?"

It was as if the words he said was magic to the girl in front of him, because she quickly leave the man she had pinned down, stood up and smiled at him.

"I am Rae." She answered.

"Rae what?" Jack asked to be sure it was not the student he was expecting. He silently prayed to the gods that this shouldn't be his new transferred student. But it seems the gods were against him when he heard the next words omitting out from her mouth.

"Rae Fey, the one who was supposed to start this school today." Rae replied smiling widely.

Meanwhile, the man she had thrown to the ground, stood up, cleaning up the dirt from his clothes as he stares at the girl who just disgraced him in front of the whole school, holding his twisted hand and trying not to show his pains.

"If she is the new transferred student we are expecting, then we don't need her, the two we have is enough for us, we don't need a third one." The man grunted out.

"She's Lillian granddaughter Rick, we can't chase her out when her previous school gave her such a good recommendation." Jack said shaking his Sandy brown hair head. He faces Rae, "Apologize to Rick," he added.

"Why will I? He touched my shoulder, so I am not apologizing." Rae responded boldly.

"He is the vice principal of this school Rae, so yes, it is necessary for you to respect him and this should be the last time it repeat itself."

"Fine, sorry, jackass." Rae said rolling her eyes at them.

"Rick I don't know why they love picking on you, she is just like them, at least she apologized unlike those two." Jack said almost smiling. "Go and see the school nurse to set your bones, everyone should go back to what he or she is doing!" Jack shouted the last part to the students, who went back to what they were doing, he faces Rae. "And you young lady, you're coming with me."

Without waiting for a reply, Jack left going back to his office.

Rae snorted at Rick and quickly hurry up to meet Jack.

Entering his office, she sat down and place her legs on his table.

Jack stared at her in surprise, the girl has some guts. "Let's start with the school rules, first remove your legs from my table."

"Why Mr Jack? I love keeping it like this, got a problem with that?" Rae asked with a raised eyebrows at Jack.

"You sounded just like them, but anyways, Mrs Ash didn't mention that you are a fighter, she only made mention of how good you have been to her school."

"Yeah, that's me, full of surprises."

"Okay." Jack said and clapped his hands once, a female teacher who's a witch, appeared right next to Jack.

"What can I do for you Jack?" The witch asked.

"Please give Rae a copy of the school rules."

The witch nodded her head and whisper some words silently, a large scroll appeared right in front of Rae and landed on her lap. "That's your own copy of the school rules, go through it and abide by it." The witch said to Rae who took it and opened the scroll. The witch disappeared.

A frown appeared on Rae's face when she opened the scroll and roll down towards the principal door. "Are you kidding me, this is so fucking long and has plenty rules." Rae said with wide eyes as she stared at the scroll in her hands.

"Yes, there are 1,000, rules in it that you must go through it and obey every single one of them, every student in this Supernaturals school has a copy of that in your hand."

Rae didn't say anything, she quickly use a spell to refold the scroll back. "Is there anything else you want to bored me with?"

Jack smiled at her. "This is not your former school where only witches and wizards attend, we have all kinds of Supernaturals in this school." He added still smiling.

"Anything else I need to know?" Rae asked less concerned.

"Just keep out of trouble." Jack said and stood up. "Wait a minute, I will be back." He told her and left his office, he soon returned with a girl of Rae's height. She was beautiful, her hair was dark brown and her eyes were deep brown in color. She looked like the shy type.

"Who is this?" Rae asked as she saw the girl with Jack who was trying not to stare at her.

"She will be the one taking you to all your class until you are familiar with them." Jack replied.

"Did I asked you that I need a babysitter oh high and mighty principal?"

Smiling. "Yes, since today is your first day in this school, I don't want you to get lost so yes, Sarah will show you to all your classes and luckily for you, you are all in her class. Class will soon start, hop out of my office right now."

Rae didn't say anything, she got up and went out of the office with Sarah following behind.

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. She stopped and turned to face the silent girl following her. "I thought you were the one to show me my class and not me showing you?"


"Now lead the way."

As she followed Sarah, she noticed how the students kept staring at her as if she has two heads. Stopping in front of a student. "Why are you staring at me, is there something on my face you wanna tell me?" Rae asked the boy she caught staring at her.

", sorry." the guy stutter at his response.

"Good." Rae said and continue with Sarah.

"So Sarah, what kind of Supernatural creature are you?" Rae decided to ask the quiet girl.

" a Centaur." Sarah answered.

A Centaur is a creature which is half-woman and half-horse.

"Wow, a Centaur?" Rae asked, Sarah nodded her head.

"Yes." Stopping in front of a class, which was noisy. "This is our first class, history."

"Okay Sarah."

They both entered the class together and the noise stopped once they saw who stepped in with Sarah.

The news of how she nearly beat up Rick, has gone round the school.

Ignoring them all, she quietly made her way to the back of the class which surprisedly seem empty. Surprising because all of them avoid the back sits.

Seating in one of the empty chairs and making herself at home, she waited for the stupid history teacher to make his or her apprearance. Placing her hands at the back of her head, she closes her eyes and start singing an old witch song her grandmother had once taught her.

The class suddenly got quite once again.

Rae heard someone coming towards her but she did as if she didn't hear it and continue humming her song.

"What are you doing here? Can't you see that I am the only one who sits in the back row?" A male voice demanded.

Opening her eyes to see who is it, she saw a very handsome guy whose nose kept flaring out in a funny way in anger as he stares at her. Is that red?

"And who are you?" Rae asked the handsome guy.

"I am Jorkallun and you are sitting in my territory. I will advise you to find another row and occupy." Jorkallun said with anger laced in each word.

"Last I remember, you don't own the school so you have no right in telling me where I should sit pretty boy." Rae said. She suddenly find it strange that everywhere became quite, the once noisy huge school all went silent as if waiting for something to happen.

"You!" Jorkallun snarled furiously. In perfect counterpoint to his anger, his already brilliant red hair went from hot to flaming - literally.

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