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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

Both Michel and Fiona stood by the roadside trying to get a Keke to come over. 

“You look so beautiful, are you a goddess” an ageable dark male voice came from the grey range rover that parked in front of them. Fiona replied, “Thank you”. “I could give you a ride and we can find somewhere comfortable to talk,” the male figure added, completely ignoring Michel’s presence. “Are you crazy or just plain stupid? Can't you see she’s with someone?” Michel thundered at the guy before pulling Fiona closer to him
N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

. “Calm down young man, I was talking to the beautiful damsel standing before me” the guy seemed not to care. "Backoff you old fool" Michel snapped at the guy". "I think you should stop bothering us. As you can see, I am with him” Fiona requested. "A queen like you deserves a Mansion with everything in it" the guy added. "If you disrespect me, I'm gonna make you sorry for your useless life" Michel crushed. "Just ignore him. Let's go, Michel" Fiona made her way to the Keke as she pulled Michel along. They boarded the Keke and left. 

“If I hadn't stopped you, what would you have gone with him?” Michel asked Fiona after the Keke had gone a little far. “Are you serious now? Think I will just go with some random guy on the stress?” “What am I supposed to think? You were too busy smiling back at him” Michel snapped

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. “You really think of me that low?” Fiona yelled back with irritation. “You know what, you shouldn't have come with me because all you have done within the last few hours is pissed me off” Fiona thunder and turned her face to the opposite direction. ............

“Am sorry” Michel whispered after a few minutes of silence. Fiona lifted her borrows in surprise. “Did you just say….” She tried to confirm. “I said I'm sorry, okay. I wasn't trying to piss you up. Can we just….at least not have to keep fighting all over the place?” Micheal added as the driver stopped the Keke. 
“Fine....... apology accepted... under one condition?” Fiona demanded. "Say it" Michel listened. "As long as we are out here, we play by my rules" Fiona demanded. Michel took a deep breath and after a few seconds he replied "Fine". "I'm glad we can agree on that" Fiona teased and ran out of the Keke, feeling excited that Michel apologized to her. “This place is indeed beautiful and busy,” Fiona said with excitement while checking the city out. "So what do you wanna do? Michel asked. "Wait" Fiona stopped him. She moved closer to him and he looked puzzled. She sent her hands around his neck to remove his tie and also unbutton the first two buttons of his shirt, leaving his navy blue long sleeve in a more casual style. "Thank you" he mumbled. 

 “ City Square Beach is like twenty minutes walk from here, wanna check it out” Michel suggested and Fiona agreed as she led the way. 

“Wait, is that the sound of a band. Its Jazz, woohoo?” Fiona screamed and ran towards the bend. She began to gracefully move her body to the rhythm of the music. The casual yellow dress on her was free enough to allow her to move her body with ease and comfort. As she continues dancing people began to clap for her. She motioned to Michel to join her but he was not going to. He just stood by admiring her along with the crowd. For a second he wished he knew how to dance maybe he would have joined her but no, he was too big for that. He just couldn't help but love the free spirit she possessed, easily annoyed, easy to smile, and light-hearted. 

"You should always wear that smile. It looks really beautiful" Fiona commended before Michel could notice her presence. He chuckled. "Am serious" Fiona insisted. Michel lifted his brows and his eyes caught hers, for a few seconds they started in each other eyes as if trying to find someone in the other. 
“I didn't know you were such a great dancer’ Michel broke the silence and it felt a little awkward. They both laugh and begun touring the city as Michel showed her around. ”Icecream” Fiona screamed and dragged Michel to the boot. They collected two cups of vanilla and strawberry ice cream. “This is really good,” Michel Complemented. “Yeah, your strawberry looks good, can I try some? Fiona Pleaded but Michel refused, turning his back towards her. But she dipped her spoon in his anyway. “That's so unfair, I said no. Now I am gonna try yours too” Michel demanded but Fiona ran ahead and he too ran after her. 

She ran to the beach and Michel followed her in the sand. He stretched his hands out and grabbed her by the waist. To his surprise, she had no icecream in her cup and she began fighting for his instead. She again dipped her spoon in his and when he tried to stop her, the entire cream went on the lower part of her face while few dropped on his shirt. “Haaa, Michel, see what you have done. You could have just let me have it all” Fiona cried. “No way icecream face” Michel tested. “You so mean” She cried and began to throw sand at him. “My icecream, you putting sand in it” Michel cried but Fiona continues anyways. “Okay now stop. You messing me up.” Michel dropped the ice cream cup and ran towards Fiona who was busy throwing sand at him. He wrapped his hands around her waist and spun her around, letting her back facing him. They both started to laugh about how silly they were behaving. "You are absolutely crazy" Michel giggled and they continue laughing.

“Am getting tired of walking” Fiona cried. “Don't complain to me, I am not your papa. Besides, you asked for it” Michel laughed at her. “You right, you aren't my paps that's why I am going to do this” She replied and jumped on his back. “No way, get down” Michel tried to shake her off but she wasn't going to climb down. “Okay fine. Let's find a place to rest for a while” Michel suggested. “No, let's find food to eat first and then a place to rest. I am going to stand on your back as we do that” Fiona protested. “You are not suggesting another street food are you” Michel inquired and Fiona nodded yes with a smile. “There a food truck” Fiona pointed towards the food truck and Michel didn't like the idea. She dragged him along and placed some orders. “I can't remember the last time I ever ate on the street and here you are forcing me to eat some unknown food” Michel groaned. “If you get ill or anything ever goes wrong, I promise to take good care of you. Just as you once did for me” Fiona joked. “This is still a bad idea” Michel was not convinced. “Common, try it. It's a Cambo, really good. Can we also get some roasted fish?” Fiona went on getting the food with Michel trying his best to not scream. “Look at me. Now take a deep breath and relax. Its call living life. Have fun and chillout homie” Fiona teased. “Michel reluctantly grabbed his own food and they both made their way to the Palava hut beside the ocean. 

“Have you always been like this? I mean, very lively and playful.” Michel commended. Fiona's face went blank as she releases a deep birth. “No Michel, I have been a more focused and serious person, like a nerd. All that really mattered was my books and ambition towards a better future, business, and sometimes hang out with friends/families. More like trying to defy most stereotypes about women in a patriarchal world. Recently started focusing on helping my father run the company. I guess I started to fully embrace and appreciate life after my accident. I realized that every minute of our lives count and had I died in that incident, I’m sure I would have regretted not seizing every moment of my life in order to be happy.” Fiona sobbed. 

“About that, do you wanna talk about it? Why would someone want to kill you? Michel asked before he could stop himself. "Am sorry, maybe that was the wrong question" He apologized.  “ I don't know Michel. I mean, how can anyone want to kill me when I have been away for the better part of my life” Fiona replied. “I wish I knew why because I had barely made two weeks in the country before the incident.” Fiona cried out of frustration. 
“Wait, you mean, the incident happened just two weeks after you returned to Alisa?” Michel seemed puzzled.

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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