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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

“You know you are supposed to be to the hospital today for your final checkup before your departure,” Gramma Mia said to Fiona who nodded affirmatively. “Do you need us to come with you?” Kisha inquired “The doctor said Michel would have to accompany me to complete some paperwork”. Fiona informed
N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

. “The driver would drop you over to his office,” Grandma mia added. “Okay then, I will be ready in a bit,” Fiona said and went to her room.

The drive to Michel’s office from the house was more than thirty minutes. It was then that Fiona realized where the Salamis lived was completely secluded from the rest of the city. “Maybe because they are rich and don't want to be in the middle of the constant drama happening in the city,” Fiona told herself. The ride was long but she had no issue because she was able to use the time to admire the beautiful Marine city. She once learned that it is one of the most historical cities in terms of business wealth. And was once home to the founding fathers of their country. Many kings, queens, noblemen had passed through the land over the centuries. It was one of the three most beautiful and richest cities in Alisa but she had never been there. The skyscrapers, the liveliness of the city, and the stress decoration were all so beautiful and she felt too proud to be a citizen of Alisa

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. Their cities were indeed breathtaking and this one reminded her so much of Capital City, where she is from.

“Madam, we are here” The driver dragged Fiona from her thought. It was then that she realized they were already in a large fence with two huge skyscrapers that she could barely see the end of. The Buildings had written on them “Salamis Corp”. She was amazed by the place even tho she knew they were rich but maybe not to this extent.

“This way mam” the driver led her towards one of the large buildings. “She is here to meet the CEO,” the driver said to Michel PA who seemed busy on some papers behind her desk. “Is he expecting her?” The PA inquired but soon recognized Fiona as the lady they found a few months ago. “You are that lady, uhh... I don't know your name but I was there that day when you……” the PA tried not to sound mean/rude. “Thank you the other day, for helping save my life,” Fiona told the lady who released a nice and warm smile. “I hope you are feeling better” the PA inquired. “I am doing perfectly fine, thank you” Fiona also replied with a nice smile. “How long is the meeting going to take,” Fiona asked. “Possibly an hour but you can just go in” The PA informed.

“Fiona?” Michel seemed puzzled by his unexpected visitor. “Okay ladies, we can continue this meeting another time. You may leave us” he said dismissing the two women.
“Why are you here? Is everything okay?’ He asked Fiona who seemed to be observing his office. It was a simple structure with a dark walnut bookcase lining the entire left-hand wall. There was a brown sofa with a fur rug over the back and an Indian blanket draped over the arm. A simple black and brown office set in the middle of the office. “I like your office, simple and tidy,” Fiona complemented, turning her attention to Michel.

“You haven't answered my question,” Michel muttered. “I am here for you to take me to get my hospital clarence. The doctor said you must come with me because you took me there” Fiona informed him. “What time do you need to be there?” Michel asked. “Between 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM and its already 7minutes past 11AM. Fiona confirmed. Michel took a deep breath and sat up straight in his chair. “I think you should call Kisha or Lola to help you out because I have a meeting between 12:15 to 1:00PM and it's very important,” Michel told her. “Before I get back home and wait for them to be ready, I will be late. Besides, who is going to sign the papers if need be.” Fiona cried.

A knock came from his door before his PA walked in. “What do you want” he frowned at his PA. "To remind you about your meeting in about an hour, sir” the PA added. “Now get out” he thundered at the PA who nodded and ran out. “That was really Harsh, can you at least be nice?” Fiona added. “I didn't ask for your counsel. Besides, if you were not careless enough you would have told me earlier. I am not going to miss a meeting with the board because you need to get to the hospital. You better find one of the girls to take you” Michel added and Fiona's face went into a sad mode. “I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come,” Fiona said and immediately turned her back and left his office.

“We are going back home” Fiona informed the driver immediately she reached the packing. “Let's go” She ordered but the driver pointed towards frowning Michel coming down the stairs. “Let's go” he ordered without talking to her and they got in the car and drove away.

The drive was awkward, Fiona seemed to be angry at Michael for how he chooses to talk to people while Michel was too proud to break the silence. The drive was over fifteen minutes with no one saying a word to the other. They arrived at the Rosas Medical Center and made their way into the hospital. “Just the person I have been expecting,” a middle-aged woman in a white lab coat said as they approached. “Good Morning Mr. Salami. Good Morning, Fiona, I can see you are doing much better” The doctor greeted. Fiona smiled back at the doctor before adding “I am doing good doc, thank you." “I'm pleased to hear that, wanna come with me,” The doc said as they made their way into her office. They talked to the doc and Michel signed some papers and got her clearance. They then exchanged farewell with the doc and made their way out towards the parking lot.

“So what, you wouldn't talk to me” Michel complained. “I just left my meeting to join….” He tried to justify but Fiona beat him to it “Ohh please Michel! Yes, you saved my life, left your meeting for me. I know all that and what do you want me to do? Pay you back for everything or go begging at your feet when you barely have regard for others? Fiona thundered and Michel seemed offended. “I didn't say that. But you shouldn't have to go plastering anger all over your face" Michel argued. “Do you even know what a smiling face is supposed to look like or what happiness means for others? Fiona responded.

“Get us out of here” Michel ordered the driver as he made his way to the car. “What now, you are not coming,?” He asked, noticing Fiona wasn't moving. “Thank you for coming with me. You can go home now, I can make my way from here” Fiona added trying not to be bothered. “You are joking right,” Michel seemed annoyed. “ I have been here for months and I barely know the city and I will be leaving soon, so I am going to tour the city” Fiona added, making her way to the other side. “You don't even know this city, what if you get lost,” Michel warned. “ You can either show me or Let me worry about that myself,” She said and continued walking.
After a brief silence, Michel ordered the driver “Take the car and go home”

“You know I won’t let you go around the city alone that’s why you did that isn't it” He complained. Fiona chuckled and continued walking. "Is this because of my PA? I am the boss I decided how I wanna talk" Michel argued. "Why are you so pained Michel? What are you so afraid of that is making you this cynical?” Fiona asked in a low and irritating tone. That seemed to hit Michel very hard but he remained silent. She then stopped walking and turned to him. “You seemed irritated with everything around you. Do you even understand what having a life means, what it means to wake up every morning with good health, not having to worry about food, or even be thankful for the little things around you.” Fiona snapped and Michel seemed uneasy. Her words pierced his heart and he felt pained by them especially that they were coming from her. For a moment they were both walking in silence.

“If you really want to enjoy the beauty of the city, you should get to the city square,” Michel said changing the topic and Fiona nodded. “Let's go then, I will love to see” Fiona agreed. “I will call the driver to get us,” Michel announced. “No way, what's the point of a tour if we're gonna be using some big black car with dark windows. We can just use the Keke and get to places, it's gonna be fun. Fiona suggested. “What, no way, I am not getting in one of those things.” Michel protested and Fiona gives him a pleading eye with a tiny smile across her face. “Just this once” He warned before getting on the Keke that was already waiting.

In the middle of the drive, before reaching their destination, Fiona spotted a tiny street market where locals brought a variety of food including oranges, mango, and coconut to sell. “What are you doing?” Michel asked after Fiona asked the driver to stop. She walked towards the market to purchase fresh Coconut and roasted shrimp”. “You’re crazy right. You are not supposed to be eating on the street” He warned but she seemed unbothered. “Can you please pay the lady” Fiona pleaded, completely ignoring his complaints. “These are one of the best street foods ever,” She said pointing to the food in her hands. “I don't care, am not going to eat that” Michel protested but Fiona held the shrimp in his face. “Just try it for me and if you don't like it, I promise, I won't force you” Fiona pleaded and He seemed defeated. “Just this one,” He said and collected on of the two shrimp sticks. “Like it? “ She asked and he nodded “Humm, it's really good” He added and they both headed to the road to board another Keke.

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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