Daddy's Girl - Episode 9

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***** Arnold paced the length of his living room after Grace had cleaned the place up contemplating on whether to go into the guestroom or not. He had found her cell phone on the couch ringing and he didn't want to enter and find her half naked or something. Seeing how the dress she was wearing had soaked wet hereby clinging to her skin and revealing the curves of her thigh and bosom had already gotten his mind racing wild. Not that he hadn't seen such before because everywhere he turned ladies swooned around him even at his company,his female workers would come to work wearing tight and short clothes revealing their cleavages. He had seen them all even to extent of walking into a hotel he had lodged into during a business trip only to find a beautiful woman naked on his bed. He later found out it was the work of his two idiotic friends who in a bid to get him a woman paid a lady to seduce him and then he will fall in love with her and then remarry. He shook his head recalling that night. Arnold shrugged and walked upstairs and knocked on the door. It was almost twenty minutes now, she must have finished taking a shower and gotten dressed. Her cell phone was still ringing. He waited for the door to open.


Helena paced to and fro wondering why Grace still hadn't brought her fresh clothes. She was still covered in the white towel she found in the bathroom. A towel that wasn't big enough for her to fasten around her chest so as to hold it in place. She placed her hand at the end to prevent it from falling off her body. She was still cold shivering and the skimpy towel wasn't doing anything to keep her warm. She was still pacing about when the knock came again. It was probably Grace she thought. She had come to give her some clothes. "Come in" she said..


Arnold frowned at her audacity. Even in his own house,she couldn't get up to open the door but was ordering him around. He scoffed and turned the knob,pushing the door open and stepping in...


"Oh thank God Grace. I thought I was going to die of cold because you weren't....." She trailed off when she lifted her head after adjusting the towel only to see Arnold in front of her.... Arnold's eyes scanned her body, from her chest to her arms and then thighs that were half exposed and her legs.... "Oh I thought....." She trailed off again and lifted both hands to cover her mouth forgetting the towel would fall off if her hand left it. The towel dropped to the dropped to the ground leaving her stark naked. Her eyes widened in shock, too embarrassed and stunned to the bone that she couldn't bring herself to speak or bend down to pick up the towel to cover her nakedness... Arnold stared at her naked body and surprisingly he liked what he saw. He had seen other naked women but they didn't stir any desires or feelings in him. But staring at Helena's vulnerability and nakedness stirred certain desires in him. The same desires which he used to have whenever he was about to make love to Amanda. He should have left but he just couldn't... He couldn't. Suddenly a strong wind blew, lifting the curtains and Helena hugged herself as the cold breeze swept over her bare skin making matters worse. She began to shiver more as the wind kept blowing... Arnold rushed to the windows and closed them before moving to her side. He could see she was shivering... "I...I'm sorry. I thought it was Grace" she said clenching her teeth. Arnold helped her to the bed and bent to pick up the towel when suddenly the lights went out. Helena shrieked and threw her arms around Arnold. She had always been scared of the dark... And anytime she found herself in the dark, she would usually hug the nearest thing to her,be it a human or pillow. Arnold sensing she was scared switched on the torch of the cell phone he was holding and brought it to her face. "It's just a power cut" he said... He could feel her breath against his cheeks as she broke away from their hug and stared at him,the light from the torch illuminating her face. He could feel her bosom pressed against his chest and in that moment, he only wanted to hold her, kiss her, savour her like no other, have her body beneath him as he crushed into her making love to her. He brushed a strand hair of away from her face and took her lips in his, kissing her slowly at first and then with urgency, passion, want, need and desire threatening to burst out of his chest. Realising it was the first time he had ever kissed another woman after Amanda's death years ago, he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer kissing her harder as she tried to resist. His hands roamed her back,to her tummy and up to her bosom. His hands found her bosom, immediately giving them equal attention. She immediately m*aned wrapping her arms around his neck kissing him back with the same intensity. He might not have been with a woman for years but he had not forgotten how to pleasure a woman and make her want more. And that, he did.. Easing her on the bed, laying on top of her allowing his hand roam every part of her skin until he parted her legs and flicked her core. She arched her back in response, squeezing her toes as her own hands found ways and means to take off his clothes,touching him in places where he responded well to. Soon they were moaning into each others ears,meeting each other,holding each other, pleasuring themselves until the wave of their release swept though them like volcanoes erupting causing Helena to m*an out loud in ecstasy, digging her nails into his back until he dropped beside her panting and later drifting off to sleep in each others arms with a content smile on their faces.....


He was wearing a black sweater with a hood covering his head and face as he clenched his fists watching him sink into her flower,making love to her and she too held on to him encouraging him to go on. He was touching the same body he wanted to touch and possess and it angered him.. He fumed, his eyes throwing daggers as he watched him fall of her and lay beside her and fall asleep. He banged his head furiously on the wall and licked the blood as it trickled down his face. Arnold was going to pay dearly. No one touches what he has set his eyes on... He turned and walked out of the house unnoticed. The lights had even come on but Arnold and Helena were too engrossed that they failed to see the shadow lurking outside the door as they made love....


Arnold yawned and stretched his body as he sat up in bed smiling. It was morning already. He really had a beautiful dream last night, making love to his wife... He rubbed his eyes and made to sit up when he realised he was naked. It wasn't a dream. He turned to see Helena by his side naked as well. He had slept with his daughter's teacher? No f*cking way! Hell no! Arnold slapped her arm waking her up. She sat up wearily rubbing her eyes. "What the hell are you doing naked in my bed!!!" He yelled,getting up to wear his shorts. "Answer me dammit!!!" He roared again, his eyes blazing with anger. "Why the f*ck are you in my bed naked!"

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