Could it be your eyes? - Episode 17

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Dera's p.o.v
I walked out of the lunchroom angrily when I got a nudge and turned to see who it was...."Dennis.." I breathed.
"I thought you had an accident"I said.
"Dera I'm scared...I don't want to loose you"He said hugging me.
"I'm right here... what happened"I said.
"I Know I might have done some very stupid things In my past but hear me out"He said.
"Ok ...I'm listening...."I said.
"Dera...Aji...."He started.
"Yess...."I prompted.
"I...."He started.
"I'm sorry for the way... . Tiffany acted...she can be a brute sometimes"Bobo burst in.
"Dang it!"Dennis muttered.
"It's ok..."I lied...

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. though it mattered...why was she rude to me?
"So she says it's ok...beat it"Dennis warned.
"She hasn't told me to leave.
..yet"Bobo said.
"Oh she didn't.... but I did..

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. and I'm her boyfriend"He said.
"Newflash... you just started dating and relationships can be broken"Bobo said.
I covered my ears screaming "Guys enough....."
"I was happy till he came and ruined our special moment"Dennis said.
"That's if there was something to ruin...."Bobo muttered.
"That's enough...Bobo...I won't tolerate you insulting my boyfriend now get out......"I scream.
He walked away....
Was I too harsh?????

*Tiffany's p.o.v*
"I'm someone who wants what I want...."The voice said.
"I want Bobo...but he's going crazy.... for Dera"I said.
"I see just have to find someone on the Same team with you.."The person said.
"What do you mean..."I asked.
"Last Time I checked... she has a boyfriend" the person replied.
"So I should...."I started
"Hey ...."I called the moving figure.... 
"I Know who you are.... you're Barbie"
"How about you stick to your mission and everything goes perfect "She warned her eyes gleaming.
"Ok....ok"I gulped.

***Aji's p.o.v
I've been trying to talk to Dennis all day and he's been ignoring me...Did he think that he can just get rid of me... like that!??
when I see something that I like .... I want it and Dennis..I want you and I don't care who gets in the way.... ANYONE.......
I watched Dera hugging him and he was looking into her eyes.
Her cursed blue eyes......
I saw Tiffany walking towards Dennis. 
what do I think seems like I have a friend........

"Hey..."I smiled at her.
"we're not friends so why are you acting all nice"She said.
"But we're acquaintances...I want Dennis and you want Bobo soooo.. are we game???

what just happened


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