Could it be your eyes? - Episode 3

Could it be your eyes?

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Dera's p.o.v
She walked down the staircase all eyes averted on her . She was the queen of the school or anyway youdy call it.The hall suddenly became quiet as no one wanted to become victim to her anger,she was rich and that was all that mattered. "Hey you! why are you staring at me like that? you haven't seen a rich girl before"she growled at me. I just gulped, the only reason Barbie  was picking on me,was cause I was the best in the chemistry text and she hated being second best.
I couldn't fight off Barbie and her crew they were so tuff and hard to get rid off . She eyed me for what seemed to be enternity before walking away,a hand drew her back which almost made her to fall flat on her feet. Barbie looked up ready for whoever tried to drag her back,when she met icy cold eyes. He was very angry and the squashed coffee cup didn't help matters."Apologize to her now!"he ordered. Whoever he  was...thought he  was strong enough to challenge Barbie. Barbie battled her eyelashes, smirked and said"Where the heck did you come from?" she was determined to be rude but the next thing that happened,took me by suprise.'I warned you!' the strange guy said as he walked closer. "what you gonna do, you're gonna hurt a girl"Barbie mocked

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. He yanked off her wig and her low cut was exposed for all to see. He was so angry that he didn't let go of the hair, even after taking off the wig. Barbie yelled in pain as she finally freed the grip and ran away.

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. "Thanks.."I muttered . 'Hy I'm a transfer student nice to meet your aquintance and she was rude.... and If there's anything I hate it's rude....."He said streching out his  hands.
I say I'm beginning to like this transfer student already......

Nettie's p.o.v

I looked at Barbie,she was so angry and now whatever anger she had would be transferred to an object. "How dare he! does he even know who I am!"she said as she threw the mirror and it shattered to pieces. "Does he Nettie?"she asked as she gripped my hands tightly, creating scars. "You're hurting me!"I cried as I tried to free myself from her grip. "Does it hurt that much!"Barbie smiled increasing her grip. "You had just one job.. Nettie to protect me but you chose to watch him hurt.. me now you better get a plan to get back at him! No one messes with me!" She shouted as she realeased her grip from my bleeding hand. I nodded and ran out of the room,she was really crazy and would do anything to get what she wanted.

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  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    Crazy girl. Soni is really gonna teach u a lesson you won't forget.
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    Abi I tire for Barbie@Tony
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