Could it be your eyes? - Episode 1

Could it be your eyes

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Alexander's p.o.v
I scanned around the building anxiously. I was getting all worried but if Ken told me to come here then it must be for a good reason. I looked at my phone 9'oclock. I was about dialing him when he entered. "Oh my gosh Ken!I was so worried with that urgent message are you okay?''i ask. Ken looked at me and then I saw nothing short of anger and hatred . "k,are you alright? What's the name of that bastard .. that made you angry?"I asked concerned.
Ken looked at me and bringing out a gun said"it's you Alexander I have given you every love I could ever give you as a friend but you... you took the only love of my life Sonia away from me..."
I looked at him suprised,"Ken are you serious? when did you ever love my wife and when did you tell me that?you met her four years before me and you even told me to propose!"I stated. 'shut up!'ken said firing a warning shot at the air. "All I know is that I love Sonia and if I can't have her no one else will!"he thundered. He was smelling of liquor and I knew he had gotten drunk... yet again
*Sonia's p.o.v*
"Babe don't tell me you're still looking out the window!" Tega asked me as I opened the curtain anxiously. "Babe I don't get.

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. he said he was on his way... he has never forgotten our anniversary.... just look at the time!" I sighed looking at our baby sleeping peacefully. "See I don't know why you kill yourself because of him.. I know he's a cheat! he's probably with another woman.I wonder why you married him on the first place"Tega retorted. "See this is not just any other man were talking about it's my husband so you better watch your mouth or I'll forget you're my best friend!"I warned dialing my phone once again . The doorbell rang "Why don't you get Bobo up while I answer the guests!"I said. Tega grunted but she took him upstairs anyway and when I opened the door I was welcomed with firing shots. I fell down groaning and holding my chest.. life seeping out of me.
*Alexander's p.o.v*
'You must be a physco Ken don't you dare touch my wife or I'll kill you...' I  warned angrily. Ken just laughed"You know your problem.... Alex you give threats without actions... you're too feeble and weak" at that I was shot severally by the man I called my best friend. I was groaning, when he ran away leaving me dying....
*Tega's p.o.v
I was just admiring cute Baby Bobo and muttering about how crazy Sonia is for her good for nothing husband when I heard shots. I heard Sonia groaning. I knew she would not make it because of the several shots but what about baby Bobo. I carried him quietly, praying for him not to wake and passed the secret exit in case of emergency.Immediately I Left the house I called Carlos My husband to get Alexander.
*Alexander's p.o.v
I was still groaning, spitting blood and everywhere blurry when I got a phone call. I struggled hard to pick the phone at the other side and answered it. "Hello Alex... it's Carlos where are you?"he asked.

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. I wanted to answer but ended up coughing more blood.  'Its urgent I find you!'carlos said. I managed to say "opposite the Blind bat " and I fell unconscious. 
I opened my eyes with Carlos Trying to wheel me into an ambulance.."'s n...o need cry over spilled milk.. ... take... care ....of.."I coughed and continued"please... make my son..... strong.... make him to be able to fight... teach him not to trust....."I finished as I closed my eyes.
*Carlos p.o.v*
"Is that all.."I ask and then I notice he's no longer moving. I shake him hard before I realize Alex is dead. well I made a promise to Alex and I'm going to train his son to be ruthless....


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  • Divi matty picture
    Divi matty
    Nice start,my kinda story,expecting more
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    HMMN Divi
  • Tony Presh picture
    Tony Presh
    I guess this gonna be a super action story. I am so emotional , husband and wife dies the same day by bullets from the same gun belonging to whom they call best friend. Kinda tragedy
  • Lo is picture
    Lo is
    Ya Tony thanks..
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