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Today was Tunde's birthday party which he hosted in his house, everyone who was important in school was there, his parents had gone on a trip to Calabar leaving us the opportunity to throw a pool party. 
I had participated in the preparation to prevent him raising a tantrum  and suspecting anything. My driver took Rose and I when we got ready to the house located in Victoria Island. 
Tunde and Rose got more along now and I was happy about that, at least I didn't have to steal an invite from him . I thought he would go for something simple, but he  decided as usual to be extravagant.

"I'm Eighteen guys, I'm Eighteen" he kept shouting, I too was happy for him that he had clocked the legal age as we drank to that.

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. We sang for him and popped wine after which we had fun playing games and  swimming in his pool.

I sat on the chaise  and pressed my phone after swimming when I looked up and saw someone I didn't expect to see there at all, Rosemary traced my gaze and looked too and was surprised to see him...
What was he doing here....was he invited..?! I wondered...
 I stood up and walked towards him as he stared around, trying not to be  intimidated by the very huge house...
"What are you doing here Christian?" I asked and he looked at me, even though he had turned me down, we were friends, and I'd rather die than let him get embarrassed at the party...
"I came with Jade, he said. ." he was saying
"I did invite him..." Tunde said coming behind me as his arms wrapped around my body, I turned to look at him, wonderingly..
"What, why, you both aren't even friends" I said looking back at Christian, I was actually more surprised to see  Christian playing into his little game...
Tunde obviously wanted to show off his house and get him intimidated  so he could back off, and he had played right into it
"What can I say..." Tunde began" They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer

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. .." he said giving him a look from behind me
"You know you should stop this Tunde, what do you hope to achieve by..." I was saying...
"Uh I mean no disrespect but Jade just needed me to drive him home in case he gets wasted tonight" Christian said
"Oh, so your the driver for the night" Tunde said with sarcasm, then laughed when I looked at him, he walked up to Christian
"You can come in, its my birthday and everyone's invited" he put his hand across his shoulder and pulled him away as  I stared after them....wondering what he was up to now...

I watched the guys across the pool with scepticism
"What do you think , that they are gonna fight?" Rose asked from beside me
"I don't know, just wonder what he's doing here" I said, she turned to look at me
"Is there something going on between you and Christian?"
I chuckled dryly "I wish".
"uh, that sounded like a jilted lover, what happened" she asked curious
I looked at her "Why you always so interested in my love life?" I had to ask
"Because mine is basically non-existent" she replied
I sighed and watched the guys again...
"I think you need to convince yourself that there's nothing going on" she said and turned away focusing on  her phone... I sighed.

The night wore on with  people getting drunk, I saw Christian staring at me  from across the pool, and I wanted to go talk to him but my boyfriend was waiting for that to happen...

I walked into the house and saw Tunde with two of our female classmates, they were all over him..
"Hey Missus, want a beer?" he was obviously drunk lest he wouldn't offer me beer..
"We need to talk" I said pulling him up and away from them towards his room
"Is this the night when you let me have it, you know as a birthday gift "he suggested with a  wink as I shut the door behind us and looked at him
"Why did you invite Christian here, to intimidate him?"
"What are you talking about?"
"What did you hope to achieve, is this how you really are?" I asked exasperated with his attitude arms crossed
"So what?" he drawled" why you yelling,  he had to see for himself who he's competing with"..he said, was he serious?
I stared  at him "You know what, I think we should break up" if not for anything I had seen some traits in him that my father had and didn't want to make the same mistake my mother made...
He looked surprised as his face flushed "what"
"We always just fight and do nothing else, I don't know why we are dating" I said
"Are you breaking up with me because of him?, that nit-wit"
"I'm leaving you because you're arrogant and think everyone is beneath you because your rich" I spat then made to open the door
"Where do you think your going?" He asked
"Home, I need to rest my head from all these, you need to too....Happy birthday" 
I opened the door and walked out, calling my driver to come pick me up, he said he was on his way and as I waited, I saw Tunde come down the stairs and walk towards the pool area where Christian was, and immediately he got to him, I was surprised at what he did, he punched him right in the face
"I told you to stay away from her"he said
Before I hurried there with my heels, Christian had punched him back and they began to fight, people gathered around till they were pulled apart ...
"Leave " he told Christian" the party is over" he said to others and marched back inside. Christian turned to look at me but I turned away, 
Rosemary walked over to me "What did you do?" she asked
"I don't know" I said "I just want to go home", thankfully my driver  arrived then and I got in the car.

It was two weeks since Tunde and I broke up, everyone in school had heard though no one had found a reason why, to them we had been the perfect couple but I knew better.

I focused on my mock exams which we wrote and moved  to the next class, being finals.
 This was the deal breaker and I decided to forget boys for now and be focused on my studies. 
Christian had done very well in the mock exams and came 5th position in class to the shock of me and the entire school, I had barely managed to maintain my 10th position, and I didn't know he was going to do so well in a very competitive class and I was very proud of his achievement.
 I bought his gift as promised even though I had avoided him and my ex during the exam period. Tunde had sent me several texts and had tried to talk to me about how he was drunk that night  and couldn't remember much, but I knew in my heart that it was over between us.

I texted Christian to meet me in front of the garage so I could give him his gift, I was thinking about the problems I got at home when he walked towards me, I stood up from the stone I had been sitting on, ps4 in hand
"This is for you" I said stretching it out to him,
He stared at it "you didn't have to get me anything, whatever I did, I did it for myself" he said
"Still,  I made a promise" I paused "and I'm very proud of you"
He smiled and took it from me "Thanks, thank you so much" he said
"I'd get you something better if you take first this term" I said arms crossed, he chuckled
"You want me to beat the best guy in class"
"I know you can, you just need more focus" I said, we started to walk out to the road as he said
"Thank you for being such an inspiration to me Jas, but you didn't have to break up with your boyfriend for me" he said
I paused" I didn't break up with him for you..I saw traits in him I couldn't deal with, I have enough on my plate already"
He was silent then asked "How so?"
I glanced at him "you think I'm a rich girl with no problems" I said
"Well yeah, what do you have to worry about?" he wondered
"Divorce, my father has a son outside, my mother found out and threatens to leave him, I hear them fight everyday.." I licked my lips "I block them out but they get to me"
He was silent "I'm so sorry Sade, I've not been a good friend"..he said 
"Its not your fault, you didn't know"
We were silent for the rest of the way home.

I dropped my bag on the Cushion and walked  to take up the TV remote, I loved to watch Spongebob by 4pm and it was already started...
"Hey Dad, I'm home" I said noticing my father sitting on the dinning table with his laptop on, he stared at me
"Why are you usually not at home when I return from work?" he asked
"I have to study with Christian" I said
"Who's Christian?" he asked skeptical
"He's my study partner, we read together for the school SAT"
"You have a lesson teacher" 
I hated that man, he was too serious
"And sometimes he comes and doesn't find you at home, I pay good money to him" my father continued
I rolled my eyes "Dad I'm trying to concentrate" I huffed
"Don't get carried away and distracted with boys Jas, you going abroad to study"
"Dad.." I turned to look at him, maybe it was time to tell him
"I don't want to go abroad to study, I want to study law here in Nigeria" I said
"Who cares  about what you want, that is not a topic for discussion" he said sternly, seeing  that there was no point arguing, I decided to concentrate on my cartoon....
Christian wasn't in school the next day and I noticed the empty chair at the back, was this how he wanted to take first position...I wondered.? I called him after school and he said his mother had been admitted in the hospital that morning, when I got there, she was receiving blood and was also on oxygen, she looked very critical....
I sat with him as we stared at her sleep
"She's really bad now, I fear it might take her" he said
"Don't talk like that, she ll be fine" I said
"The doctor told me so, to prepare for anything" he said mournfully,
I feltl sad as I took his hand "where's Rachel?" I asked
"She had to stay home, I didn't want her to see her like this" he said, I felt real bad for him as he bowed his head in tears..
"You think its easy, my life is not easy at all, I can't date a girl I like because of my social status, my mother is dying.. I..I have to grow up so fast when I'm just 18."
Did he just say he liked me??
 I took him in my arms and hugged him tight
"Your not alone Christian, I'm here with you" I said.
 We went back to his house and I didn't go home that night, I slept in his house, in his arms.

My father of course gave me an earful when I arrived the next morning,  I lied that I had been with Rose, and he looked at me with skepticism but I just couldn't leave Christian when they told him his mother had passed.
My mother stared at me in the kitchen as I washed the plates
"Who's he, because I called Rose and you weren't there" she said hand on her waist
I was silent then thought my mother might understand
"His name is Christian" I paused "and I like him a lot, though father would not approve"
"Why's that?"
"Father is kind of a snob, and he's not from a rich family"
She smiled "That doesn't matter" she turned back to the food on the gas" I should meet him sometime" serious "thought you were with Tunde" she said 
"We broke up" I said 
She turned "When?"
"About month ago"
"Oh dear, I have not been a good mother to you have I, I don't even know what is going on in your life" she said
"I understand Mom, you going through a lot too" I left the plates  and went to  hug her....then thought to  ask "Are you going to leave father?".
She rubbed my she knew I must have heard them fighting
"I can't.... even after all he's done, because I made this mistake and have to live with it, I don't want to break up my family" She said
I smiled at her "well what about the boy?" I wanted to know
"Your father is not going to marry her, he just wanted a son and since I couldn't have more children..." she was silent after that
"Father had no right to hurt you like that...I'm so sorry Mom"
She shrugged "Men are like that, when you find a good man, hold on to him   Jas, they are very rare to find" she said and concentrated on the food. 
Two months later....
Mrs Adewale had been buried and Christian had returned to school, our exams were closer and we spent a lot of time reading together
"So what's going to happen now that your moms gone?" I asked him as we studied in the library
"I don't know, we have to move out of the house, stay with my mother's brother, till I'm done with school, he has his own family but we ll cope"
"Oh, does it mean you have to leave school?". I couldn't survive if he had to leave Lagos
"No, my uncle stays in Oshodin and I have exams" he paused "he says I should focus on my SAT and not worry about anything, I wonder where he was when my mother was alive" he paused, and I was silent
"Do you wana come with me to a party tonight?".he asked suddenly and I was surprised
"what ".
"my friend is having a party, I'm supposed to bring a girl" he said
"I'm sure there are countless girls you can pick from" I said, he looked around the library then looked back at me
"There's no other girl around"
"Guess I'm the only one here"I sighed
"I can't think of any other girl to go with" he said 
"I want to go to the party with you" he said and paused "is that bad? "
I looked at him and sighed, I didn't know if I should or if my father would let me...I didn't know if I could go with him to a party which I knew would involve a lot of smoking and drugs....and him
"Its okay if you say no" he said looking down
"I just...want to know why" I said meeting his eyes, I didn't want to get in more than I could cope with even though I feared I was already in, hook, line and sinker...
"Because I can think of nothing else than to be with you.." he looked at me
"I like you a lot.." he said  and I almost choked on my pen "come on it must have been pretty obvious.. " he said to my reaction, no it wasn't
 "I was just, scared, of everything" he continued,
I still stared at him
He looked down" your not gonna make it easy for me are you? "
"No, why should I?"
"Because I'm  sorry Sade, I just had a lot of issues going on...but my mother is dead and I want to live my life and be selfish for once with what I want ....and I want you Sade, I'm ready to fight the world for you". he said as he touched and trailed from my cheek to my neck, while I stared at him, lips dried, was this real or was I dreaming??
"Please say something" he said
"what do you want me to say" I barely whispered
"Yes, that you'll be my girlfriend...that you ll be with me all through my life" he said, and waited, I licked my dried up lips.
 I had waited for this for almost a year and now I was overwhelmed with emotions to even make a decision, I looked back down and made to go when he 
pulled me down to him and kissed me in the library and  I knew I could never say no to him.

*Next episodes would reveal more of his world to us, watch out for the challenges they would go through together...

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  • Blessing Opeyemi picture
    Blessing Opeyemi
    Wow.. He finally decide to fight for what he love, ride on Christian. Love conquer all. Waiting for next episode babe.
  • Maame Konadu Fredua picture
    Maame Konadu Fredua
    Alright dear..nice one tho
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Mrs Adewale shouldn't av died, at least not nw.. she should av stayed to see hw great her soon wud become..... Christian is ready to fight for his love (Yay!!!!!!)
  • Ronke picture
    Am sorry funmi I will not read this story cos there are other books u left half way that I was following like In my dreams and other pending ones that's why I won't follow this book.That's just how I felt thanks.
  • Funmi Anita Adesina picture
    Funmi Anita Adesina
    Lol @Ronke, apart from in my dreams there are no other pending ones
  • Josephine Borngreat picture
    Josephine Borngreat
    Funmi pls shame me cos I also have same doubt as Ronke
  • Ronke Adetula picture
    Ronke Adetula
    Funmi, we are expecting an update on the story. I believe you will finish this story. please, be consistent with your update.
  • Funmi Anita Adesina picture
    Funmi Anita Adesina
    Sorry all iv sent the update, been busy with work, waiting for him to paste it, tnx for understanding,@Ronke I wd finish the story
  • Namugosa Rhoda picture
    Namugosa Rhoda
    This story is doing things to me, uh-ohhh...! Love! Ride on Anita.
  • Zainab Mohammed picture
    Zainab Mohammed
    Eehyah!! An orphan at an early age??? OMG!!
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