Broken-Broken - Episode 9


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Dedicated to all my beautiful Kenyans out there…..

“Oh my God! Dad Mom!”

The noise woke me up and as I opened my eyes, I shut them immediately as the ray of light my eyes….

I managed to open my eyes and made effort raise my head but it seemed so difficult for having been at one position for far too long…

I wondered what time it was but I soon snapped out of it when I realized everyone was looking at me.

I was still in the boot and about four people were looking down at me…

The ray of light was still blinding me in my position so I finally raised my head a little..i could see them properly.

The couple and two kids, one in my age and the other one a bit younger. They were looking at me as if they are looking at a ghost.

“Keep her there . I am calling the police.” The father ordered as he started dialing number on his phone…

“You poor girl..what were you doing there?” The mother said, looking at me in shock.

The one of my age looked at me , her eyes filled with disgust and that was when I remembered the rain had beat me terribly and I must probably be stinking with my messed up dried cloth.

“Go check our bags Shantel, check if my Ipad is still intact” She told the other girl.

I jumped down from the booth and they moved back. The man was still on the phone, I eyed the food in the girl’s hand…it looked like sausage roll or something made from flour…

I was so hungry.

“You are not going anywhere, this is where the police will get you…” She said to me and while she took a look at her father, I quickly grabbed the sausage from her and I ran as I always do.

I ran as my weak legs could carry me, eating at the same time….I could hear her shout and screams….until I could hear it no longer

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. That was when I realized I was in a very big hall that looked like it was made of a glass-I was at an airport.

I walked towards the place that was tagged ‘exit’ and I passed through it, finally out of the place…I saw many fliers on the floor and I picked one of them….it was an advert of some home appliances, I checked the address..i saw what I dreaded-Nairobi….

Oh God! How did I sleep? I must have probably fainted throughout the journey, or else how did I survive throughout the journey?

This was a nightmare….one that u would never wake up from-

I was on a high way and there were so many cars speeding across…people looked at me and laughed as they saw me…I knew I must really look messed up..i couldn’t even look at my feet..instead..i kept walking, maybe I would finally get to somewhere..or maybe I could finally die.

****** **** ***** ****

Even though I was weak and have walked for hours, I couldn’t but gasp at the splendor of Nairobi,  haven’t been to so many places in Nigeria but this place is so beautiful. The sky scrapers, the street design and the beautiful building were just….

I stopped as I saw one of those electric adverts that display messages on something like a glass.

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. It was a very tall building and several lights were showing…”FASHION BALL TONIGHT BY EIGHT.”

I could only understand one thing”fashion.”

I scurried towards the building and rubbed my eyes as much as I could, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

It was like all those tall building in American movies and there was nothing that stated the name of the building or company or whatever it was…instead, I wanted to go in but I stooped as I sighted security men in suits in their black glasses and black tuxedos. At the other side, many people were waiting. They dressed professionally so I wondered what they were waiting for.

Maybe they were waiting for 8’o clock, I thought and I joined them.It was like they were waiting for someone to show up.

I was already getting tired of the waiting when I heard the noise,” She’s here, she’s here!”

Immediately, everyone started talking at the same time, camera lights kept blinking and I could micro-phones being handed out..

Just then I saw a very long car..that type they call Limousine..I saw it for the first time in my life…it was white and really beautiful! It just drove in and packed by the street, close to us.

Everyone rushed towards it, I waited and looked, finally I saw security men that were standing in front of the building earlier, they were moving towards the car. One of them opened and I couldn’t see who it was that stepped out but I knew someone stepped out…everyone wanted a reply from her and I realized I was in the midst of press man.

“Madame Lucia, please will Granda Laham be coming tonight as you had announced today?”

“Madame Lucia, any surprise coming up tonight?”

“Madame. do you feel coming for Nairob’s Fashion Fall all the way from Paris.?”

From what I could see, the woman was busy talking on the phone and didn’t even give one reply, all I could see  from where I stood was a  beautiful blonde wig, walking in between two guards.

While everyone’s attention was on Madame Lucia, I used the distraction to sneak past the guards into the building.

When I finally got inside, the metal doors shut behind me and I realized I was in an elevator.

I have never been inside one before but I’ve seen them on TV several times and I knew I was to press a button but which do I press without getting to a floor where they demand for my head.

While I wentthrough the buttons, the elevator chimed and the metal doors opened…. Standing infront of me was a woman, all dressed in white her hand was a very cute white puppy..she was wearing a black sunglasses –no, I need to make this right-she was wearing a pair of black and yellow Gucci Aviator Sunglasses, which seemed to cover every part of her face.. On her head was a white wig..the type that Nicky Minaj always wears in her Illuminatic videos…full fringe, reaching below her waist…her shoes were…..OH MY GOD-Gucci- leather mid-heel pump! Those were just featured on TV two nights ago and I was even showing Lawrence…and she has them already!

Madame Lucia walked into the elevator without a single body guard. I held my breath as the doors closed and she pressed some buttons. I felt a sudden rush in my belly when the elevator shifted..we were moving.

I couldn’t breathe…Madame Lucia was…the Madame Lucia of my Fashion Opera.  I have seen her so many times …she is a legend..she owned the biggest fashion companies in all Africa and she is French…she hails from Paris and has fashion magazine companies in Kenya, in South America, in Paris…and she is here..beside me…..right out of the TV…right out of my imagination…right out of my…..

“Girl…are you having a stroke?”

I held my breathe as I heard her voice….it was like Angles singing…i couldn’t even turn to see her…it was like seeing God for the first time in a woman’s body. If she is here…that means…OH MY GOD! Fashions Fall is taking place tonight in Nairobi…in this building….I knew I was going to faint but I didn’t want to faint because..i might never wake up again or I might wake up and find myself back in Nigeria!

The elevator chimed again and the doors opened, she strolled out, I was still in a state of shock that I forgot to step out, it was until the elevator chimed again and started moving that I knew, I had been so stupid.

I rushed to the buttons and pressed some buttons to make it stop moving, when it finally did, I wasn’t on the same floor.


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