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Tiger By The Tail

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I swear I have never been this clueless since I ve started writing…ive been blank for few days and I just had to force this out..

It’s been weeks after I got the gift from Anderson. I had hoped somehow, I would see him and give him back, I didn’t want any trouble, unfortunately, ever since we ended the show that day, he hadn’t been around. Once in a while, I caught Tanya snapping at someone on the phone, asking when he would be back from England, I couldn’t tell if he was the one or not since she had many admirers . I later got to know that his father was the CEO of the Anderson Industries.

The last fashion ball had actually paved way for me, now everyone in the fashion industry wanted to have me in their magazine. Tanya kept seeing me as a threat and each time, I always did my best to avoid her.

One time we had to shoot for a musical company with the popular artiste Akon, Franca had travelled to Dubai. I didn’t know how but that day, I had the address. Later I realized Tanya had manipulated someone into giving me the wrong address and the wrong timing…by the time I got there, it was already too late…

When Franca got back, she was so angry but there was nothing to be done.

I was fast becoming popular and if I were to be Tanya, I would hate me too. Anyways, as Franca had said, the decision was  mine and I wasn’t ready to back down

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. Atieno, Wekky(Wekesa) and Kerry(Kerusa) soon became my closest friends. Atieno was still pregnant so she was totally out of the model line but we kept intouch with her and often times, the three of them would come visit at Francas, she was our oldest sister.

It was already a month after the whole shoe stuff. I had just seen my friends off and was walking back home when a car parked by my side.

I ignored totally and kept walking, Franca’s house was just two buildings down, besides, I ‘ve been getting several attentions  from different men these days and I had thought, it was just one of them.

I kept on walking.

“Girl on Fire!”

That stopped me in my tracks, only one person had used that line for me.

The car drove further to where I stood. It was a Ferrari..that was all I knew, I was getting used to all these luxurious life already.

The window at the back was rolled down and it was whom I had expected it to be.`

Mark was alone at the passenger’s seat. His hair was golden curled, a diamond necklace shone at the center of his chest, sparkling each time he moved. He looked so attractive.

“Come in.”

Do not go in…do not go in….i kept saying to myself but without heeding to my own warning, I entered as the door opened and shut behind him.

“I was wondering when you would show up.” I said.

He seemed surprised. “Really?”

“Yea, such a huge gesture sends a huge message which was difficult for me to understand.” I said, referring to the gift.

“Well, I have not seen you wear the shoes in any of your shows so I wanted to come check maybe it wasn’t your size.”

I smiled. “It was but I didn’t know you and I didn’t want to start any trouble with anyone.”

His smile deepened. “ I like you girl on fire…why don’t you come have dinner with me?”

“You can’t be serious. I don’t even know you. Besides, it’s late, Franca will be expecting me plus, I have no dress to wear to a dinner right now.”

He smiled more..making me to wonder why I felt at ease with this young man….

He brought out his phone and started dialing…

“Hello Franca, this is Mark Anderson of the Anderson Industries….yea…I quickly wanna take Our girl on fire on a quick dinner, I hope that’s okay. Alright thank you.”

I was surprised…and almost immediately, my iPhone chimed, it was Franca. “Have a mad fun and do not even for a second let Tanya spoil your fun. Love ya!”

“I don’t understand. Did you just call Franca?”

Mark said nothing, he just smiled and nodded to his driver who ignited the engine and we were away.

******** ***** *****

I was grateful that atleast, he took me to a clothing store where he selected the cloth he wanted me to wear. It was a Tshirt  which wasn’t covering my tommy, a skinny jean and a pair of shoes. If he hadn’t done that, I would have probably been caught off-guard with the whole Paparazzi that met us at the front of the restaurant.

My picture would have been taken wearing a big T-shirt and a pair of bumpshorts…


“Why are you interested in me Mark?”

I finally asked as we ate.

“I find you alluring, you are charming and you have somehow managed to impress me and I just want to be close to you…”

I smiled. I wonder why his modesty and his whole manly charm was not having any effect on me…

“Was that the same thing you told Tanya when the both of you started….?” I asked intentionally. Instead, he further smiled.

“I never used any line for Tanya. She did all those by herself…”

Okay I just found out that Tanya asked the sexy stud out. Wonderful!

“But you both are still together ain’t you?”

He scoffed. “ I broke up with her”

“Ugh?” I was surprised. No one didn’t know that.

“Are you sure we are talking about the same Tanya…Nairobi’s first girl?”

He smiled and nodded.

“She likes me and it was just a one night stand and I do not want her , yet she’s all on my social media, making everyone think she is my girl, she is delusional. Lucia and I have been partners for many years before Tanya even became a star, she is just tripping, that’s all. Look, she means nothing to me, I do not know what her problem is, now, my family is even thinking we are getting married soon.

I scoffed. “That’s the most stupid thing ive ever heard, does she have anything on you?”

He sighed.

Read " Finding Solace " by the same author ( Tobi Loba )

. “I don’t know. I just think you are in the best position to help me get rid of her. Look…” He continued, shifting forward, help me take her off my back and I will make your biggest dreams come true.”

 I leaned back. “I don’t quite follow Mark.”

“I mean, be my girlfriend for a month, I just want her to stop faking this stupid relationship. she is a star and shes affecting my social life, every girl I have tried to date are scared of her and she already sees you as a threat, if we can make her think we are a couple, maybe she will lay low and stop fronting”

I inhaled a deep breath and blew out slowly. I began to recall all the times Tanya had made my life a living hell,,,was I really interested in doing this to her?

****** **** ****

Two days later, I was still pondering on Mark’s proposal. I was busy arranging the closest when I got a call from Atieno.

“Get on Fashion TV right now.” She shouted at me and hung up. I rushed to the living room and switched to the chanel. That was when I saw Tanya being interviewed, at the background was a picture of myself and Anderson, the night we had gone to the restaurant….”

“So, Tanya, what do you think of this lady who is keeping all the Kenyan men on their toes, including your boo, Mark Anderson.  Both of them were caught live on camera eating lunch ….is she going to be a threat to your emotional life as well?”

Tanya smiled…I could see it was fake.

“I don’t need to worry about some Nigerian, gutter girl. I’ve got Mark wrapped up in between my fingers than for some cheap homeless girl to steal ….”

“Wow, you don’t mean that Scarlett is homeless do you?”

Tanya smiled. “Well, what does this mean to you, you tell me?”

Immediately, I found myself in the background picture, where I hopped out from the boot and snatched the sausage roll from the lady …it later shifted to when I had mixed with the crowd while I had seen the invitation to the fall…I looked horrible…the cloth I wore was brown and so dirty…that was when I realized that I hadn’t worn any sandals out of that boot…I switched off the TV immediately…

My heart began to beat so fast…what was I to do? My reputation was at stake…how could Tanya do this to me…..

My phone began to ring again…it was Kerubo…

I ignored…

I could be deported at anytime…I was just building my career….

Another call came in, it was Wekky, I still ignored…I took my phone finally and began to dial a number…..

Mark, picked on the first ring…

“It’s me…im interested…tell me what I need to do”

******* **** ****

Well, thank God for that! By the way Yvonne won! Lol, sorry to all Rita Dominicans....i personally love Yvonee! I didnt do ojoro oo....
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