Broken-Broken - Episode 11

Like A Dream

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“Is that me?” I asked, in a state of confusion and shock.

Franca came behind me in the mirror and smiled. “Yes, baby girl, that is so you, now you look exactly like a fairy…” She teased and I smiled.

I looked different-I looked to beautiful and not like myself at all. The dress was a tube gown, knee-length, clinging to my hips . It had a flowery pattern. There was a purse and a pair of shoes to match…they were all Dolce. The makeup transformed my face completely-it just couldn’t be me…

I could feel moisture at the corner of my eyes but I blinked them away quickly- I still could tell that this was a dream. Perhaps i wasactually dead and just imagining my life somewhere in heaven cos this beautiful thing happening to me cannot be happening…I do not deserve it…

“Will you stop feeling sorry for yourself and let’ s go enjoy the show?”Summoning courage, I nodded quickly. Careful not to trip, I held Franca’s hand and walked with her.

****** **** ***

The show was everything I have always seen on TV just that, now I am in the show and I was sitting next to one of the most powerful women I know in the fashion industry.

The show was beautiful and I saw familiar faces which I normally saw on TV…the lady that was mean to me was really good, everyone celebrated her and she was probably the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She just knew how to wow the corwd and many men in suts kept whistling at her..i got to know her name was Tanya

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. She came out in different spectacular outfits—she was indeed Nairobi’s star and I could tell that even Madame was proud of her.

Through out her walking, I realized she kept looking at a particular direction….she would smile and even wink…it was so fat that no one  wouldn’t take any attention but I did…she did it three times so while she walked away and before she came out again, I looked towards that direction and my eyes came in contact with a man….he was rich quite alright and he was white, he looked like all these American superstars. While our eyes came in contact, I quickly looked away.

Tanya came out shortly after, this time, wearing a micro mini gown, leaving all her asses out on display. There was a loud whistling from the men in the room,,,,Madame rolled her eyes and sighed.

All the turning and walking she did, got me clapping even though I never smiled at her…_i didn’t like her at all…

The excitement got to me too much so I had to excuse myself and went to the bathroom.

I was vomiting…it wasn’t cos of the food I ate but the excitement was too much for me…my body wasn’t used to such and I couldn’t handle it.

While I washed my face carefully, so as not to wipe the makeup, I was looking at myself in the mirror...unconsciously, I began to mimic the way Tanya had walked and blew kisses at the crowd…so who was that man she kept winking and throwing her butts at? Probably her admirer or her boyfriend. He must worth a mint..i thought to myself..he ws also cute….i kept thinking unable to stop but  I stopped when I heard someone sobbing in the bathroom

I first of all contemplated if to go check or not but the sobbing persisted so I went to check who it was…it was the other model that had worn the Cinderella gown.

I rushed to her…

“What happened to you?” I asked, flushing the toiler for her…..

I noticed she’s been crying for a while…

“Im pregnant..Madame would kill me…I can’t stop vomiting, the morning sickness is getting to me so fast..i don’t want to ruin tonight and I am so scared…”

“Should I call Franca?”

Before she answered, Franca and three other models came in, along with Tanya.

“Atieno it bad? Are you okay?” Franca said, rushing to her while the other two embraced her, trying to pet her. Tanya stayed behind, watching herself in the mirror.

I moved back while I created room for the rest of them. I was standing beside Tanya and feeling like probably ..i don’t know why I even had to talk to her….

“You are so beautiful and you did so well….” I said to her..its fashion, I can’t help myself

She looked at me and scoffed. “I’m a star, that’s what’s expected.Someone like you woiuldnt know that.” She said bluntly and returned to the mirror.

I kept quiet and went to the rest.

“Someone will have to take your place.” I heard Franca say while the rest nodded. “You can’t go another round like this and you still have one more round to go.

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. You need to go to the hospital. Wekesa and Kerubo… I need you both to find her a cab right away, we will get someone to do the round for her.”

The two ladies nodded ad quickly left the bathroom.

“I don’t have any more round to go, I can take her place.” Tanya said, that was the first thins she said since she got in.

Franca and Atieno exchanged glances…

“Why can’t she take my place?” Atieno asked Franca , pointing to me.

I thought she was joking so I laughed out loud.

“I’m serious. Let her do it. She looks my size Franca plus I saw her walk infront of the mirror few minutes ago, shes natural, let her do it…”

“The cab is here.” The other two ladies said they helped Atieno out of the room.

“I will call you later dear and none of you should talk to Madame before I do. Let me handle it.” Franca shouted as they left.

“You can’t be serious Franca. Why can’t I do it? “ Tanya demanded, she sounded angry.

“Atienon wants scarlett to do it and that’s final!”

“She can’t do it! She is a nobody! How can you just say that?” Tanya shouted, flaring up.

“Franca, please, I am not interested in stepping on any toes and….”

“Nobody wants you here anyways, why don’t you just leave!” Tanya shouted at me.

“Will you both just keeo quiet!” Franca shouted at us.

“Look, this is a big mistake and I will be glad once Madame Lucia fires you!” Tanya said finally, walking out.

“Franca please…” I began…

“Shut up and follow are doing this I can see the desire in  your eyes already!”

****** **** *****

Now..the next is the exquisite Meghan Taylor’s gown which will be featured on the Amazon’s movie for 2020, this is how its going to look like…..

While the MC or whoever it was kept explaining the gown I was putting on, I couldn’t help but feel jittery. You know that feeling you have when you are somewhere very very high and you are looking down below….i felt worse than that. I could even feel a pee coming.

The gown I was wearing resembled that of Katniss in the Hunger games for those that have seen the movie..the one where her clothes had wings…..yea….it was a short red gown clinging to my hips delightfully, it,  was made of the finest silk with a pair of beautiful detachable wings made from the finest cotton and adorned with diamonds....the wig I was wearing was a red bob style and my eyelashes shot out like twigs. My makeup was so heavy making me look like the devils angels. I was wearing a knee length black ankle boot…  .

 “You can’t do this. All you need to do is to breathe, count your steps and make me proud…beat Tanya….let her realize she is not the only star…anyone can be a star and you are here to be one…”

While Franca gave me the pep talk..i wasn’t listening   all I could see was walking down the runway and tripping….falling flat on my face and probably breaking one of the wings and finally being deported to Nigeria where I finally wake up.

Let’s welcome the  Red and Black Meghan Taylor 2020 for the Amazon's movie….The Devils Advocate…

The music started and the beam of light was already positioned in my direction….I was still behind the heart  was beating so fast and I was beginning to sweat….from behind the curtain I could see the eyes of a thousand and the camera lights.

“Go girl!” I heard Franca say but I couldn’t move…

“I said Go!” She shouted, pushing me out of the curtain that I almost lost my balance… that instance, I saw Tanyas..she looked as if she was ready to mock me at any time.

I adjusted my position and stood up well….

My God…there was so much crowd and too much lights…..

Trying so hard to regain my confidence, I concentrated on the music and I flashed back to the time when I was in my mothers house when I used to practice for a time like this….that was when I regained my confidence.

I walked and let the music count the beat for me….my legs moved effortlessly as if they were walking on the clouds….i stopped as I got to the end of the walkway and just as I turned I spread out my wings as if I wanted to fly…the crowd stood up and  I couldn’t believe the applause I heard….

That was when I later realized that just like in hunger games as well, the wings had their own lights….i never knew that such gesture would bring out sparks of light….

Finally I was smiling I walked back  majestically, I could see Tanya’s look of disappointment…I could see the whiteman rasing his cup of wine to me as a cheer and I could see Madame nodding her head in approval while the curtain was pulled down…the applause still continued.

Franca looked at me in awe and embraced me….”I knew you are a natural born star….”

She said as she hugged me….i was too happy and I knew it was time for me to faint…

****** ****So guys..lemme see your comments.....*****

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    Tobi Loba
    Thanks people.. @imy ,saba,Abigail
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    Thanks people.. @imy ,saba,Abigail
  • Fabian Ibeh picture
    Fabian Ibeh
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    Tobi Loba
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  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
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