Broken-Broken - Episode 16

The Wedding Prep

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Hi Sweeties…well…following the resurrection of Lawrence’s father, maybe we should give him the name, Lazarus, lol, just kidding…anyways, since we are all confused about the story line, im willing to create Lawrence’s POV so we can understand better..remember Scarlet had a feeling that he is from a rich family….alright. Also, for most men that are reading this that are getting confused by the Fashion world lol, like…I won’t mention names…..this new angle will soften things and create some balance, alright! LEGGO!

***     *****

Some years later…


Baby, you need to stop watching that channel why do you like it so much”

I adjusted as Dafina took the remote and changed the channel.

I said nothing as I knew I had already sealed my fate by agreeing to marry her some years ago.

“Baby, seriously, I still do not understand why you are still sitting down there, doing nothing, you are not helping me with the wedding arrangement and you are not even going to work…”

I shut my eyes as she kept on nagging, sincerely, I knew I was doomed for life…

I said nothing, I just stood up and held her close to me, kissing her a means of saying “SHUT THE HELL UP!” in a romantic way.

“Im sorry D…” I finally replied, that long Kenyan name was too long for me to pronounce . “Just that, I know you can handle this right?”

“I know but it is fine if you can atleast do one or two things for me

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. We ‘ve been planning this wedding for a long time and it still remains like some months to go, we are not postponing it again. Plus i still do not know which designer to give my wedding gown ...”

I nodded. “Yes honey, we are not postponing.”

Just then, my butler came in….

“Hello sir, your father just drove in.”

“Okay thanks Akin.” I replied, pulling away from my ‘fiance’.

“Let me go see what father wants….”

She nodded, took her tab and sat on the coutch.

***** *** **

“Look, if you are going to be the CEO of that company after im retired, you need to start being responsible. All your step sisters are already showing what they are capable of doing..instead, you are sitting down with your fiancé…”

I gave an exasperated sigh….it was like all my life was filled with nagging people.

“Father, I do not know what you want me to do! The wife you asked me to marry because of yoru selfish interest in acquiring all the Africa wealth is giving me hell, want me to help with the wedding, now you are complaining about the company!”

“Look son, you need to be a man! She is the woman, so start acting like one, I am not surprised anyways, that was why you ran away from home those years ago to live a wretched life. I could have let you die out there, if not because of the love I had for your mother!”

My fists were already brandished as I kept listening to the nonsense he was saying…but I didn’t want to wound an old man so I inhaled a quick breath and blew out slowly.

“What do you want from me father?”

His brows went up and he leaned forward, holding his staff closely…

“I asked you to marry Dafina because we need it...the truth is, your step sisters want to ruin my company with their mother, and I need my son! I am old and there is little I can do! The only way to return the glory of my company is to build a good relationship with a wealthy family.

Dafina’s father and I have been business partners for many years….the family has the biggest jewelry industries in Kenya…once the marriage is sealed, we can easily merge  and maybe you can finally start a company at Kenya. “

I was quiet….he’s got all this figured out already.

“I know I wronged you and I am so sorry for everything son,please have pity and forgive me…I do not want this family to be bankrupted.”

“Can’t you just send them away?” I blurted. “Why do I have to fix it and all these years, isn’t that what ive been doing, you should send them away father!”

He sighed. “I will send them away son, but they still have their shares and look…its just something that I cannot do right now, this is why I need you to stick to your wife and do everything to make her happy, we need an anchor right now and that is your marriage to her….Please”

I leaned back and shut my eyes.

“No problem dad, I’ve heard you.” I said finally.

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. “ I will come to the company tomorrow. Just that I do not like those girls,.”

“I know son. Your marriage is the solution to everything.”

“Okay father. No problem.”

***** **** **** *****

When  I got back to my living room, Dafi was already asleep, with the tab in her hand….

I took the remote control and switched back to the Fashion Channel. I don’t know why I just kept hoping I would hear or see her again but I haven’t. Eversince she got married, it was like she just disappeared. I should have given up this search but I couldn’t..i just couldn’t.

Dafina turned slightly…

I kept looking at her. she was going to be my bride in the next few months and I still couldn’t feel anything for her….maybe because I never wanted her anyways.

I remembered lying to Scarlet about my father….i just had to…I made everyone believe my father was me he was better off dead…why would he  take the side of my step-sisters when I was accused of a rape. He said he had to….because he wanted peace and he loved his wife…I was so angry it still made me furious many years later… even though I had forgiven him.

I hissed angrily and stood up, going to my room

****-----***** -----

Just as he left for his room, there was a new flash…and Dafina stirred…

“Hello beautiful people, do we all remember our Kenyan_Nigerian Girl on Fire..Scarlet—who is now in a Hollywood style married to the popular business American Mogul, Mark Anderson, well, she is back in Kenya after spending years at England in a long years of Honeymoon. The good news is, she has started her own clothing line..yea…let’s hear from her directly…”

Dafina stood up and took the remote to increase the volume….

“Hello my beautiful Africans, it’s your girl Scarlet-the girl on fire!and yes, I am starting my own fashion line, it’s already in process actually, one here in Kenya and another in my country….”

The reporter came back on screen…”We have had so many questions regarding the ‘girl on fire’ and we are happy to announce that she is even more successful and more richer than ever…report says..stay tuned for more stories….”

The next advert that came on the screen was an advert….

“ Baby, where are you? Wow! I just got the perfect designer for my wedding gown”

**** **** ***

Alright, so our characters are now grown have such an undying love for Geneview and Ramson Noah..that man has been my crush since like i was 7, lol. Okay so things just got a bit more interesting....comments!

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