Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 70

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Ciara's POV
When I got out of the bathroom, I saw a paper placed up side down on my table lamp.

Did Jordan leave a love note for me????I took the paper in my hands excitedly...
I turned it around and I was more excited. A five million cheque...

Jordan!!!! Jordan!!! What would I do without you my prince charming??? Everyday you surprise me. I wish I had met you earlier before David or Jaxon . I am sure we would have had a different love story.

But ours is pretty interesting. We have something funny to narrate to our kids..
Did I say kids???Yes I want to be the mother to your children if not then I rather be single...

I don't think I can ever love again...

I peeped through the window and saw him talking with Jaxon..I quickly wore a pair of sweatpants and a crop top and ran downstairs..

Atleast I caught up in him. When I hugged him, I was tempted to kiss him on the lips but I was afraid I wouldn't stop. I would get lost in the moment and nothing around us would matter...

He was a diamond, a rare diamond. Where were my eyes all along??? Where was he when I believed in love and hoped a prince charming would come and sweep me off my feet???

The wedding preparations were going on and Sophie, Ariana and I were not in the mood to take part in it. So we lied that we were taking Ariana to the hospital so as we would have a chance to go to Jane's place..

"Ciara, who do you keep texting????" Jane asked disrupting my little moment with Jordan..
"No one..." I stammered and hid my phone behind me...

"I know you young girl...The glow in your eyes show its someone important..." Jane stated

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. Was it that obvious???

"I don't know what you are talking about???" I continued to deny but the smile on my face sold me out..

Ariana and Sophie were busy eating chips filling the room with crunchy sounds as they watched the little drama between bestfriend..

"Hand me  your phone???" Jane ordered and I shook my head in disapproval..
"Then I will take it by force..." She tried taking it from me but my grip was strong...

"I think my water broke!!!" Ariana cried out making me panic that I dropped my phone..
"Are you okay??? Lets call Jaxon..." I stuttered only for them to start laughing..

"I am only two months pregnant dummy face. I just wanted you to drop your phone..." She chuckled and I almost punched her on the face..

By the time I was back in my senses, Jane had already seen what she needed to see..

"Are you chatting with Jordan???" Jane looked like she had seen a ghost and Sophie dropped the crisps she was about to put in her mouth..

"Bring my phone..." I snatched it from her and pretended nothing had happened...

"We need the juicy details..." Jane lifted my chin towards her...

"I am falling for Jordan, happy????" I replied boldly and got back to the phone only for Ariana to hug me so tight that I almost choked...

"Finally you moved on, Jaxon is all mine..." She said excitedly as she pulled back..
"Like seriously???" I asked confusingly..
"No offence, but you were sort of a threat but now I can relax. There is no chance you two will run away during our wedding..." She begun dancing...

So to her, I was always a threat and there she was always  smiling at me from ear to ear. Are we really friends or frenemies??? I shook the thought away and got back to replying to Jordan..

"Who would have thought you will fall for Jordan???" Sophie was still shocked, "Have you told him????"

I almost blurted out about us having a divorce after seven months...

"No, I don't think I am ready yet. But I wish I had met him sooner. He is everything I wished in a man..." I beamed...

"Girl how sure are you it's not a fling because you are still mad Jaxon got Ariana pregnant???" Jane raised her eyebrows at me...

I was sure it was not a spark or a fling. What I feel will never flicker or extinguish..

"Trust me the last thing on my mind is Jaxon and Ariana's saga. All I want is Jordan by my side. If only we met under different circumstances.."

"I am glad that you two are finally getting along. I hope very soon you two have a proper wedding, get kids and boom happy ever after. Unlike me I don't know who bewitched my love life???" I could sense sadness in Sophie's voice..

Jane took one of her hand and I took the other.
"Sophie, look at me I have had two messy relationships. The dudes literally got other girls pregnant on my face  but now I have Jordan. It doesn't matter if Victor chose Clara with a C we will always be here..." I consoled her and tears dripped from her eyes...

It is good to cry since it always gets better...
We both hugged her and after a while she tried to put a smile on..

We talked all about everything, I told them some crazy moments with Jordan, how we met, Ariana also gave us some tiny details about her and Jaxon and before we knew it, it was 6pm time to go home before Mama and granny chewed us alive...

Jordan's POV
I literally postponed my meeting with the Chinese investors so as I could text with Ciara. I have never been a texting fan but with her I can do anything..

It felt like I could just sit there and text with her all day...I don't know how she is always messing with my head so easily..

My love for her was like a consuming inferno...

I was twirling around, waiting for her reply when someone snatched my phone.

"What the heck????" I turned around in rage only to see Sebastian going through my texts..
"Seb, privacy please!!!!" I tried snatching it back but all in vain..

"So you and Ciara??? Spill it!!!" He raised his eyebrows and threw my phone at me..

"Can't I chat with her??? People text all the time..." I groaned and got back to my seat.

"You need to tell her how you feel Jordan???" He requested calmly...

"I have told her like two times but it didn't seem like she cares. I know right now things are different but I can't risk it until she tells me she loves me..."

"Are you going to wait for the seven months and tell her after you two divorce???" He spoke almost in a loud voice...

"I know we won't divorce. She will fall in love with me before the seven months and if not then it want meant to be. I have faith in the love I feel for her..." I replied in confidence..

"Okay...." He lifted his hands up in surrender...

I believe in the love I have for Ciara...I know she will fall for me, she will soon realise that I am the man fit to be by her side. But if after the seven months she still doesn't love me, I will let her go..

Ciara's POV
When we got home, I looked for Jordan around the living room but couldn't see him. I didn't feel like eating before seeing him...I hadn't seen him all day, I missed him..

So I headed upstairs excitedly and bumped into Jaxon before I got into our room.

"Ciara, wait a minute???" He said calmly. What is with him and bad timing???

"I saw the suits and as usual you didnt disappoint.

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. I wanted to know if we are cool???" He asked..

"Yeah I wish you all the best with Ariana. She is a good girl. I don't have any grudges and I pray your marriage to be filled with happiness..." I hugged him only for him to say the words I needed to hear.

"Jordan loves you so much..I hope one day you two can work things out..."

I could feel something like a smile creep on my lips..My Jordan, if you tell me right now that you love me I will be the happiest girl...I know you have told me in the past but I didn't take you seriously....

Now I am ready to receive the love in open arms..
"Okay..." I pulled back and entered our room..

Luckily and unluckily I found Jordan standing by the bed shirtless, his hair wet..Instantly the wild me was awaken...

I walked to where he was, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him like there was no tomorrow. At first he was surprised because he didn't kiss me back immediately..

I pulled back and didn't wait for him to say something...
"You look so hot shirtless..." I winked and run into the bathroom. I was so weak, I don't think I could function anymore...He brings this warmth that's new to me..Nothing was fancier than a smile, hug and kisses from me...

Jordan POV
What just happened???
I came back from work, looked for Ciara everywhere but she wasn't home yet. I decided to take a shower and be ready to tease her when she comes.

It had been long since I walked shirtless around my room. Since I got married some things changed...

I was busy admiring my abs when I felt lips on me. At first I almost got a heart attack as my emotions skidded...

But with time, I was ragged with desire and didn't want to stop kissing her...Was this a sign??? Has she fallen for me??? Today I was ready to risk it all and make love to her but she ran to the bathroom..

My love I don't care for how long I have to wait, I will be here always...

A/N Hey amazing readers. Sorry for the delay.... I am held up at work and I haven't had time to go through your comments...Bear with me, I will reply them as soon as I get you... Spoiler alert The book is nearing the end, it will be done soon....

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  • Binta Zakari picture
    Binta Zakari
    Lovely couples, sometimes love is full of up& down. Their love story will last till end of time. Thump up Fideh.
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