Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 74

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Jordan's POV
I was pacing to and fro in the kitchen, the dilemma inside my head draining my energy away...

Why did the the best night of my life suddenly feel like the worst mistake ever committed??? Right now, I should be beside her. Cuddling like our lives depends on it and kissing her like there is no tomorrow but here I am acting like a jerkass...

I really needed to talk to someone or else my head would explode... I walked to the living room and shook Sebastian vigorously...

"Wake up Seb, I need to talk to you..."
"Can't it wait???? I feel like a heavy rock has been dropped on top of my head..." He groaned...

I angrily walked to the dining table, took the jug full of water and returned to where he was sleeping...

"Sorry bro.." I murmured to myself before splashing the water on his face..
"What the f*ck Jordan, do you wanna kill me????" He screamed as he struggled to get up, "This better be important or else you are a dead man..."

I took his hand and dragged him along to my office..
"Seb, I need your advice..." I stated the moment I shut the door..
"What did you do to Ciara this time???" He raised his eyebrows suspiciously..

How did he know??? Was I that predictable???
I bit my lips unsure if I should tell him about the s*x part or not . But how should I get his help if I don't tell him everything???

"Jordan, I am still waiting...And I hope that water you splashed for me is worth the...."
"We had s*x with Ciara and when we woke up I told her it was a mistake and right now am not sure I did the right thing..." I blurted out in a supersonic speed as if I was under a truth spell...

His hand came hard and fast, slapping me across my face that I stumbled back...
I didn't see that coming but I bet I deserve it...

"You are a disgrace to men in the whole universe including even the aliens..Who does that Jordan??? How do you expect she feels???" He began scolding me...

"I think she is okay.

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. She seemed cool with the fact we had s*x unlike me. Guilt is killing me..." I explained...

"I need you to go to your room, hug her, give her the most passionate kiss she will ever have, look her deep into her eyes and tell her that was the best night of your life..." Sebastian ordered almost in a loud voice shaking me by the shoulders...

"Of course it was the best night of my life but I took advantage of her while she was drunk...I am a coward..."

"Did Ciara say you took advantage of her???" He asked and I shook my head in disapproval...
"Did she look like she regretted anything???"
"I am not sure..."

"Did she looked offended???"
"She seemed happy to me but probably because she can't remember anything...She was more drunk than me..."

"Don't ever tell a girl, it was a mistake...Go fix your mess.."He ordered..
"But how???"
"You know best..." He pushed me out of the office and locked the door...

I stood there confused, hands on my waist as I bite the side of my lip wondering on how to face her...

Ciara's POV
I sat on the floor and pulled my knees to my chest...I bit my tongue as the tears rolled down my cheeks... I kept for something to happen between us and now that it did it's a mistake...

It hurt so much that I can't breathe ...
I wish he did something worse than telling me it was a mistake...
I was not okay, I don't think I will ever be okay...
I needed him to hug him, kiss me on the forehead, brush his lips against my ear and whisper to me that that was the best night of his life..But no it had to be a mistake...

If only I could leave and never see him again...But that's is impossible since I have fallen for him..I have seen his joys and sorrows and I know I wanna beside him forever...

I wanted to be strong act like all was fine but I couldn't stop the tears from falling...I had the best night of my life and it made feel disappointed about my past experiences...

Like seriously what was I doing back then...
I was lost in thoughts thinking about him when I felt familiar hands cupping my face and wiping my tears away...

I slowly opened my eyes and saw Jordan kneeling infront of me....Before I could say anything, he pulled me so close to him and wrapped his arms around me,"I am sorry about earlier..."He whispered....

Just the words I wanted to hear....

Jordan's POV
I walked into the bedroom and saw the food on the tray still untouched...
I tiptoed into the bathroom and found her crying with her eyes closed...
I felt my heart cracking like glasses,spreading its pieces throughout my body when I saw the tears in her eyes...

I am sorry my love, I promised to never bring tears in your eyes but here you are crying because of me...

The moment I wrapped my arms around her, the storm inside me calmed down...I could see her exposed flawless back which threatened to arise  the monster inside me...

Just looking at her back, gave me these weird thoughts...I wanted to rip the bedsheet off her body and make love to her on the bathroom floor...

She slowly pulled back and took my hands into hers...A forced smile crept up on her face as she stared down at our hands....

"Never feel guilty about what happened between us..." She spoke in a soft voice as she blinked so hard not to cry...

I brought her hands on my lips and kissed them...
"I know it was mean of me to say that and I am sorry...We were just two drunk people having fun and it happens...Forgive me for the mean words I said...."

She nodded, stood up from the floor  holding tight onto the bedsheet like her life depended on it...
I also stood up from the floor and was surprised when she put her hands around my neck and brought her lips closer to mine..

"I forgive you and I promise never to talk about yesterday again..."

For once since I have meet her, I could see a glow in her eyes as she spoke to me . What did that mean????Was she falling for me????

I brushed that silly idea off my mind since it was impossible...In a few months we will be divorcing and for the sake of my fragile heart I shouldn't raise my hopes up...

"Since we divorcing soon, it's better we don't make things even harder. Do you imagine us having a baby and then we keep arguing till he is eighteen when to visit him, who he will stay with???It's is creepy..." I faked a laugh but deep down I didn't care about all that.. Having a baby with Ciara would be a dream come true...But I am sure she wouldn't want that. 

"Don't worry, your wish is my command..." She kissed me on the left cheek and begun walking to the door when I held her hand,"Yesterday was the best night of my life...I really loved it..."

I don't know what happened but I couldn't keep it to myself anymore...She turned around  and I felt her lips against my lips.....I froze as her mouth expertly explored mine...

She ripped the bedsheet from her body and my heart begun beating roughly in my chest at her action...I wrapped my hands around her waist and lifted her to my waist...

She wrapped her legs around my waist as I struggled to walk us out of the bathroom while still kissing her...I slowly placed her on the bed and  we made love once again...

This time we are both sober and I loved it...

A/N Hey lovely readers, I know you wanna kill me and o deserve sorry I was held up in some fieldwork research but am back .

Please forgive me, you know I love you so much....

. .

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