Attitude meets Arrogance - Episode 73

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Author's POV
Ciara was struggling to keep her balance but couldn't.  It was Jordan's responsibility to get her to the room...

"Legs move...." She tried to command  them to walk but they didn't....

"Guys, me and wife will go to our room now..Bye.. " Jordan smiled and waved at the rest but everyone was in their own world.

They both swayed left and right holding each other as they walked from the garden to the house..If only Jordan had the strength to carry her up the stairs but he didn't...

They clumsily walked up the stairs speaking slurred and senseless words upto their room..

"Jordan, why is our room spinning????" Ciara begun crying...
"Ciara the room is okay. You are the one spinning not our room..."

Ciara began to stagger towards the bed but Jordan held her hand,pulled her to him and pinned her to the wall...He had this burning desire to make love to her and couldn't control it...

"Do you really need this dress????" He asked, caressing her arms...
"If you want to see me naked, all you have to do is ask..." She spoke raspier than usual....

He peeled the dress from her body and within seconds the dress was pooled around her feet...
She stood there infront of him shyly with tiny lacy panties and the ankle strap heels...

"You know you are beautiful right????" He leaned down and begun trailing kisses down her collarbone.He tried so hard to pull back but he couldn't.. All he wanted was to make love to her tonight.

Ciara worked on the buttons of his shirt and soon she could feel the warmth and rippling muscles...All that goodness on her fingertips. She had dreamed for this night for months and finally it was here .

Her hands touched his chest and begun to fall in excruciating slow designs...
He cupped the back of her head and slanted his mouth over hers...He kissed her so deep and passionately and when he tore from her, their breaths ragged. Ciara wanted more, she felt like she died the moment he pulled back...

His hand settled on her waist and looked into her eyes. They were filled with desire...
"Kiss me again!!!!" She ordered, his skin burning and felt good under her fingertips...
Their lips crushed again, her fingers digging into his skin...

She then pulled back and placed her hands on his chest, "Take off your shorts..." She said in a deep demanding voice. He tried to unzip his shorts but Ciara pushed his hands away...

She instantly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his shorts and smiled as it dropped on the floor..Jordan then got out of his shoes, threw his pants aside and there he was looking like a god..

Ciara begun sinking on her knees taking his boxers down with her but he lifted her up to his waist...
"No so fast my love..Not so fast..."

The only thing that he wanted was touching her, kissing her mouth, stomach and breasts...Before she could recover from the kisses and c*resses, he carried her to the bed and tossed her gently...

"You drive me crazy..." He whispered, taking off his boxers...Ciara only looked at him with desire in her eyes..

"Are you ready we do this???" He asked, his hands claiming her body once more and she almost exploded...He filled his palms with her breasts and he sucked them like there was no tomorrow...

"You don't know for how long I have been waiting for this...."He confessed, peeling the lacy panties off..He grabbed her legs and hooked them around his hips...

He plunged inside her, deep into that maddening clutch, that heat. She m*aned, her hands locked onto his shoulders...Her breath against his face, her voice on his ear urging him on...

He gasped as she put her lips against his ear whispering his name over and over again like a chant. Her fingers tightened around his hair. 

It was a night full of ecstasy and passion but one thing was for sure there was going to be awkwardness when they wake up...

Jordan's POV
I felt like my head would crack open..I raised my eyelids halfway only for them to fall shut...

I lazily turned my head to the side and saw Ciara peacefully lying on my chest and my arms were wrapped around her...I moved my hands around her body and she was naked...

I forced my eyes open and peeped inside the duvet, I was also naked...
What have I done??? She will never forgive me..I took advantage of her while we were drunk...

I slowly slid from her and placed a pillow on her head. I tried standing up and the room swirled before becoming stationary again..

We must have drunk heavily last night. I staggered out of bed only to step on a her lacy panties...When I looked at it, I wanted to cry as guilt filled my belly.

She would never forgive me. Its like I r*ped her...I was very scared that everything would change after today. She would probably have me and ask for the divorce right away...

The guilt not only sat on my chest but inside my brain too...I slowly collected our clothes from the floor and threw them on the sofa..

I couldn't even bring myself to look at her...I wore my boxer , dragged myself to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face..

When I looked at the mirror, I didn't like the person I was seeing. He was a coward who had s*x with the love of his life while she was drunk..

Yes, yesternight was supposed to be the best night of my life but didn't feel like it...

"Good Morning, I can't even feel my head." I heard Ciara chuckle behind me..

Doesn't she remember what happened between us????

I turned around to face her and she had covered herself with a bedsheet...
"I am sorry about last night. I know I made a mistake..." I stammered unable to look into her eyes..

"Did you say a mistake??? It's not like you r*ped me. We were drunk..." She said almost in a loud voice..

"I am a coward. I took advantage of the fact that you were drunk....That was wrong of me..." I stuttered...

I felt her hands on my cheeks and she lifted my face up so as I could look at her, "Good news I am on family planning. We will just act like it never happened. It was my mistake too, I was also drunk.." She consoled me, her eyes  glimmered with watery tears..

If I say her speech made me feel better, I would be lying.. Atleast she wasn't mad at me but I was at myself...

Yes I have always waited to make love to her but not while she is drunk..I literally took advantage of the situation.

"I am so sorry I took advantage of the situation. I don't always do that, I don't know what came over me. You are right, we shouldn't talk about it and maybe I will stop feeling bad about myself..."

I walked past her when she held my hand,"It's not like we aren't married. It's not a sin Jordan so stop making it sound like one. Don't worry I will never talk about yesternight..I will pretend it never happened.." She whispered in a hoarse voice..

"Thank you..."
I wore a pair of sweatpants,  a regular white T-shirt and left the room. I needed time off that room to forget about what happened. How could I be so stupid???

I headed downstairs and everyone apart from Ariana was lying on the carpet in the living room surrounded with empty baby bottles, empty wine and whisky bottles..

"You are up early...." Ariana said behind me.
"Yeah, so when did you guys end the little party???" I asked..

"It got cold outside so we came back in. I went to sleep and it seemed they continued drinking till God knows when."Ariana narrated.

"How is Ciara??? She was so drunk last night.." She asked..
"She is asleep, I will go make some coffee..." I walked out of the living room since I didn't want to see anything  that reminded me of last night or talk to anyone about last night.

Thanks heavens Granny and mother had travelled to go visit our Aunt who lives in Italy or else we would have been doomed...

I walked in the kitchen and made some breakfast: bacon, sausages and coffee...
I served some for Ciara, placed them on a tray and gave it to Caro to take it in our room...

I wish very soon I would get over this guilt and shame that's killing me.. 

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    Suvia Styles
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    Suvia Styles
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