When A Woman Wants.. - Episode 12

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She had no idea how she was able get back to her room in once piece without being carried. She had literarily walked like a blinded zombie. It was a miracle how she hadn’t tripped.

She slammed the door behind her, collapsing on the bed as her chest was rising and falling rapidly.
This couldnot be happening! No, no, this was a terrible nightmare. One she needed to wake up from. 
OH God! Could it be true! Did she just see Francis or were her eyes deceiving her?
The same Francis whom she had promised to wait for instead, she had lost his ring that very day he travelled . Stupid Ring! She had even changed her number so that he wouldn’t be able to reach her. Had he come back here to torment her?
Had he died in Haiti and had turned into a ghost or shape shifter who was now in the house?
Did everyone see what she saw or was the whole thing just her hallucination? Could Francis really be…him? 
She really wished she hadn’t gone behind John to call the Press. She knew half of the country must have seen her expression on the screen!
She bit her lips in regret. What if her mother had seen that? Or Vera? 
She could imagine the triumphant look on her mother’s face.
“God! Damn It!” She cried.
She gave an exasperated sigh as she managed to sit up. Just then a knock sounded on the door

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. She looked towards the door expectantly.
“Who is it?”
“It’s Ella Ma’am. Are you okay?” Said the voice behind the door.
Debby hissed angrily. “Go away and get me Rosa immediately?”
There was a silence  before the door swung open and Rosa rushed  towards her .
She had never felt so thankful and relieved to see Rosa, she sobbed while she held her tightly.
“What happened?” Rosa asked, gently pulling away from her. “I saw the whole thing on TV, I couldn’t even believe it.”
Debby sighed yet again. “I am doomed Rosa!”
“What do you want to do? They will soon call you to join at the table. I saw that the welcome party is started already?”
“Did he see you?”
“No. I didn’t see him either”
“I cannot leave this place. Not with the effort I’ve put in this. I had to leave my mother; would I go back empty handed? That will be a total shame and disgrace. I’d rather die”
“Did he see you?”
Debby shook her head slightly.
“I’m not sure, the press men were too much and the guards while he was avoiding the camera, he couldn’t have seen me”
A gentle knock sounded on the door.
“Who is it?” Debby asked loudly.
“Sir Frank said to bring you Miss Debby.”
It was one of the guards, Steve.
“Everyone is waiting for you Debby.” Rosa stated
Debby sighed more loudly, she managed to stand up.
“What will you do?” Rosa asked, dabbing at Debby’s face with a handkerchief. “Your face is pretty messed up”
“I will wait for his reaction first. Meanwhile, you should start getting our things ready” She replied sadly, before walking out of the room.

The hall was filled with guests from different parts of the country. Most of them whom Debby could recognize were big politicians of the country as well as popular philanthropists. 
The place was beautifully adorned with colorful balloons, ribbons and several ornamentals. There was a big display of “WELCOME HOME SON” coming from the cluster of little diamond lights which was hanging close to the chandelier. It seemed to bedazzle the whole dance floor.
This was one of those days where she could have walked proudly with her neck high as she passed the table of women who were  gorgeously dressed and  busy gossiping about their husbands, the politicians, some of whom were standing around Frannicky, holding a glass of drink each on their hands.
Debby’s throat got tightened as she realized Frank was standing with Francis. Holding his hand proudly as they joked with the rest of the big men. They hadn’t spotted her. She was slowly walking behind Steve.
As she walked closer, it seemed the air around was beginning to choke her, she could hardly breathe. This was her day of reckoning. 
As they were few inches apart, Frank spotted her and said something to the group of men, just then, they all turned so they could take proper look at her. Then he turned too and spotted her...
The music that was playing seemed to fade slowly as he looked at her. Her chest was beating so fast she was afraid everyone in the room could hear it. She had never seen him look so relaxed and dapper in his fine tailored Armani suit. Why was he looking so handsome than he actually used to be? Was this part of more torture?  She would really appreciate if she could faint right now. Or have a stroke or a seizure! 
The look he gave her wasn’t that of surprise. He was smiling. He was amused.
She looked down instantly as Frank held her hand, drawing her closer to him, she faked a smile.
“Everyone, meet Debby, my beautiful baby who has been taking care of me since I got into this country”. Frank introduced her proudly as the men raised their glasses to her. Somehow, she caught the sight of the women at the other corner, gawking at her, sending daggers of hatred and envy towards her with their looks.
“She is really beautiful” One of the men said. “You made a good choice Frank. Young blood is good for an old body”
The rest laughed. Francis didn’t. He turned to the passing waiter to ask for a refill.
“Before I introduce the two of you, I would need to do something.” Frank started, facing the both of them.
“This beautiful lady has helped me in getting over the fear of the media and the camera and so many other things I loathed then. I never was a man that loved publicity. She just came and turned the whole thing around. She is the face of the FRANNICKY’S INVESTMENTS and she is my wife. Thanks to her I feel so young and vibrant”
There was a loud cheer from the room once more.

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. Francis grinned widely. He was obviously enjoying this. He steeped closer to her.
“Debby, meet Francis, my son, Francis, this is Debby my wife”
Debby almost wished the floor could swallow her. This was too embarrassing for her. 
“It is a great pleasure to meet you Madam. I hope we will get to know each other more. ”
She could hardly reply before he embraced her warmly but he could hear him chuckle under his breath. “Nice to meet you step-mother.”  He said quickly with a grin before pulling away from her.
It took all Debby’s power not to break down and cry. The shame was too much for her.
“Why don’t we all go take a seat and eat our first lunch together, as a family? By the way, Debby, please assign someone to take care of my son. To attend to him I mean. Shall we?”
They all nodded as they advanced towards their seat. Debby could only wish for an appetite to come.

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