When A Woman Wants.. - Episode 18

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Perhaps, it was because the windows were tinted was the reason why the duo did not notice the frenzy outside caused by the press people that were waiting expectantly for the son of Billionaire Nicholas. 

Just as they stopped in front of the diner and Francis opened his door, they all rushed him, each trying to ask him questions and trying to get a statement from him. You cannot blame them, right now the Nicholas were the people making waves right now.

Francis was really surprised as they all bombarded him with questions, he had barely stepped out of his car, however, she had been in such haste that she had stepped out sooner than he did and was now caught amongst the frenzy.

“Was that your mother’s tomb?”

“How much did you spend on the land?”

“When did she die?”

“Did she marry frank Nicholas secretly?”

“Were you born out of wedlock?”

“Who is the young lady beside you?”

“She must be special to have taken her to such a special place?”

“Is she your girlfriend?”

“How long have you two been together?”

“Are you thinking of marrying?”

“If she is your fiancée why is she dressed like that?”

“Where is her ring?”

"When are you getting married?”

“Is she your cook or your cleaner?”

“How long has your mother been dead?”

“Please tell us about how she died . How old were you?”

Francis couldn’t say anything

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. It was too much for her. For Rosa. She was so caught up she couldn’t even move, she was so scared and so embarrassed.

“Get back in!” Francis shouted at her and she opened the door with great difficulty but got in and soon they drove out of the place.

“I am so sorry about that” He said after a while. “I never knew they followed us right from the estate. These people are something else. They followed us right from home. My God! Guess I need to be walking about with guards”

Rosa made no response. She was still in a bit of shock. She had been really terrified.

Francis noticed this and held her hand as he drove.

“It’s okay Rosa, I’m sorry, I didn’t know”.

She nodded slightly while he concentrated on his driving. He had thought he would take her to the diner and they could eat as he tells her the story the way his father had told him and since this was ruined, he needed to calm her down.

He took another look at her and remembered one of the reporters had asked him if they were engaged and why she was dressed like that.

He had actually not taken a good look at her. Over-sized pajamas. That was just distasteful. What happened to that fine dress she wore the other day? Why didn’t he notice that in the first place? Even her hair was just. Oh crap!

What was he thinking to have dragged her out like that? Now that she would be following her up and down, she would have to be in the limelight with him. This could only work like that.  Not when he was  looking so super fly like a super star and she is looking…..just that!

“Why are you dressed like you just woke up from bed?”

She turned to face him, screwing up her face. “Oh! You just realized? You want me to take you back to how you ordered me to come with you with no clue of where we were going. You didn’t know I just woke up then?”

If there was anything Francis liked about her, it was her gut; she could say anything she wanted to say to him. She seemed to have forgotten he was the boss. Well, this was not the time for that, she was still angry about the whole frenzy with the press men and one of them had asked if she was a cook and another had asked if she was the fiancée.

“By the way, why are you bothered about my dressing? You could have told them I am your cleaner. There’s nothing wrong about that and I am not ashamed of it, that’s my work.”
Francis gave an exasperated sigh and he brought the car to a halt in the middle of the road. Then he faced her.

“For this book thing to work Rosa, you are not going to be my cleaner, I need you to be more than that. “He said sternly and continued. “You are going to be my Au Paire,think of it like someone that is writing my story and has to be all around me, you will be all up in my business, we go everywhere together, you have spent so many years with Debby and you have grown to know her. With this little time, you will get to know me, you will no longer be my cleaner, you are my professional plus one and you are going to be in the limelight with me.

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. But first, there are some things we need to change about you”

He scoffed and turned on the ignition key.

Rosa wondered what he just meant by everything he said right now but she had no clue and she didn’t want to stress herself about it. 

“Call the number on the card”

“What number and what card?” she asked

“The lady that stopped us earlier”

Rosa recalled Tracey Cocoa and she took out the card from her purse and dialed the number on Francis’ phone which he handed to her. She was still confused.

The phone rang twice and the lady‘s voice sounded.

“Oh my God! Francis is that you? So soon! You want me like I want you right now?”

Rosa snorted but Francis replied in a sing-song voice. 

“Tracey, No, I only need to take a long at your clothing’s, I would need to buy some. I take it that you sell both Ladies and men clothing’s right?”

There was an hesitation from the lady but then she replied, excitement seemed to have gone out of her voice. 

“Yes. I do sell clothing for both genders, designers are everything but I do have the best boxers for you Francis”

Francis chuckled. “Oh spicy, I bet you do. I will call you soon once I’m close to your place.”

“Alright Boo.” Tracey replied and Rosa ended the call.

“Check Angela’s number for me and dial it also please.”

Rosa did so.

“EH you kangaroo! It’s about time you called. Just cos you live in the rich men’s world you forgotten about your poor folks right?” said the lady that received the call.

“Come on babe, even if I forget Romeo you know I can never forget you” Francis replied.

“I would have killed you before you forget me Francis”

“Where you at babe?”

“I’m at my crib whassup?”

“Remember the stuff we talked about it?”

“hmm hmm” she replied.

“Meet me at Dolce Vita’s shop in the next twenty minutes”

The lady screamed. “yeaah! You need to spend that money! My hair is on you though”

“Just come and I will buy you all the hair you need”

The lady laughed” Stupid. alright, will be there.”

The call ended.

“Rosa, are you ready?”

She looked at him. “For what?”

“Your life is about to change.”

She frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Just wait and see.”

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