Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine - Episode 15

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I watch her sleep on my bed and I feel content.

"You should probably stop ogling the poor thing, do it when she is awake to see you"

Aaron says from the bedroom doorway and I throw him a killing look. 

"What's up?" He asks and I don't respond. 

"Shouldn't you be happy right now? She is back, she came back" 

He says and I sigh, I pull him out of the room and gently close the door behind us. 

"Why do you think she came back?" I ask after we get to the balcony. 

"I don't know? Maybe she missed you?" He says. 

I press my hand to my brow, I'm glad she is back, really overjoyed, but I can't help but think that there is something I'm just not getting. 

"Don't over think it, it's best to just take things in stride" I nod just as I hear  the bedroom door open. 

I turn. 

"Good morning" She says looking nervous. 

"Good morning Addie" I say and we stand there awkwardly. 

"Well this sucks" Aaron says and rolls his eyes. 

I clear my throat before asking. 

"Why did you come back?" 

"I know... I know it seems weird and..

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. I..." 

"Calm down Addie, just tell me" 

She just stand there twisting her fingers. 

"Do your parents know that you are here?" 

She nods. 

"Did you have a fight with them? Is that why you showed up late last night?" Aaron asks and her eyes go to his before she shakes her head. 

"What happened then?" He asks finally. 

"They traveled and I wanted to be with you" She says in a small voice and I feel elated. 

"So you are going to stay here?" I ask and she nods..

I smile a wide smile and her eyes trace it before smiling back at me. 

"I think you are kind of happy that I'm back" She says, taking a step towards me. 

"There's no kind of in the equation baby, I'm happy you are back" 

She beams before pulling my hand to her head and I frown but with a smile. 

"I think I deserve an head pat for coming back" 

I smile fully now before patting her head and she smiles. 

I'm not going to question wether this is going too fast, I'm not going to question anything. 

I'm just going to get lost in this girl. 

I pull her down stairs and I hear Aaron following us. 

I set her in the kitchen counter and she willingly sits looking at me as I walk to the fridge to get her a drink. 

"I'm okay, I don't need anything" She says reading my intent correctly. 

I get myself a bottled water and turn to her. 

"Mom and dad out of the country too, would have taken you to go see my mom" 

I say and she nods,an apprehensive look on her face. 

"Don't fret, Avery mavery would have loved you" Aaron say and she nods. 

I step up to her and stand in between her legs, her startled eyes flies to mine and I smile. 

Seems like I can't stop smiling, I've taken my drug of choice. 

"You know what we are gonna do?" I ask and she shakes her head her hair falling off the bun she placed it and unto my shoulder. 

I wrap my fingers around a strand as she shakes her head no. 

"We are gonna get to know each other, I wanna know everything about you" 

"I wanna know everything about you too" She says and I gently tug on the hair strand to bring her closer. 

My eyes goes to her lips but I know she isn't ready for that, I gently kiss her head and her eyes fall close. 

I hear the footfalls and I know Aaron has left the kitchen to give us privacy. 

I pull away and she opens her eyes slowly. 

"Why won't you kiss me?" She asks in a small voice, I had to strain my ears to hear even though we were close. 

I watch as her eyes becomes hooded as she becomes shy and I know this is her giving something of her self that she hasn't before. 

"Have you ever been kissed?" She pulls away and I know I made a mistake asking. She hides her face behind her hair, slowly making me unwrap her hair from my finger. 

I immediately pull her face to mine,holding her jaw softly as I look into her eyes. 

"Hey Hey, listen baby, I want nothing more than to kiss you, i really want to" I say, wrapping her hair around my fingers again. 

"I have to know if you are okay with it"

She doesn't say anything still. 

"I'm going to kiss you now" I say before pulling her to me with her hair and taking her lips. 



You know how when you read novels and the heroines describe the hero's lips as soft and supple and sweet? 


They lied. 

Levi's lip were not soft, nether were they supple. 

They were velvety, they molded to my lips like... Wow. 

He kisses me and I swear to God my life flashes before my eyes. 

Not in a bad way. 

He tastes like mint and man.


He nibbles on my lip before kissing me again. 

I swear to the seven seas that those heroines knew nothing about what they were talking about. 

He raises his head and the heat in my cheeks will probably steam meat. 

I am so shy right now but I don't hide my face. 

I'm a grown ass woman, I'm not going to hide my face after a kiss. 

Even though I really want to. 


He watches my eyes and a light comes on in his own. 

He looks weirdly proud. 

"I'm your first kiss aren't I?" 


I nod slowly and he bites his own lip, looking like a child as he looks away. 

Okay, I seriously can get used to this. 



First of all. 

I owe you all an apology, I'm sorry I threw a fit yesterday, thanks for understanding. 

I decided to continue because I'm OCD(lol) and I have to finish what ever I start. 

Thanks for the comments, means a lot. 

Don't forget to like and comment. 

You are precious. 

And as you well know I started writing this book on an intense note. 

I cannot, cannot, cannot, stop now. 


And also, those of you who wanted to know about Adélie and of she came out to meet Levi will find out on her own book. 


. .

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  • Blessing Opeyemi picture
    Blessing Opeyemi
    Thank you for coming back. More ink to your pen.
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Nice one dearie, thanks for your time.
  • Hellen Opeyemi picture
    Hellen Opeyemi
    Thanks for coming back
  • Maame Konadu Fredua picture
    Maame Konadu Fredua
    Love in the air..very romantic
  • Gracious picture
    It happens. I can relate but don't get frustrated ehnnn. Good book, nice episode. Oya nexxxt!
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Thanks for not leaving us dear Bebe... Adeline is lying too much, the truth will b out and Levi is gonna feel hurt. She av to make him understand dat she is not d one he thinks she is oo
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    Thanks for d continuation of d story. Bebe u are super dope
  • Ngozi Awagu picture
    Ngozi Awagu
    Thanks for continuing babe, I can guess where this relationship is heading to and I love it
  • Imoh Sunday picture
    Imoh Sunday
    My cheeks r red on your behalf
  • Young Royalty picture
    Young Royalty
    Hmmmm I Think That She Groule Explain The Real Reason Of Her Coming Back And Who She Is.To Avoid Problem.pls Countinue
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Great story dear, it's been a while but am back, pls you know we love you so kindly give us all the hottie in this story. Love and kisses dear
  • Mary Alfred picture
    Mary Alfred
    Bebe, I love you and I want to beg you to upload more episodes of Howl (last upload was 5days ago; to long a time) and Copper Fire (is like you even abandoned this one altogether). Is because I love you thats why am begging woo.... Please don't let me provoke and swear sweet swear for you. More strength dear.
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    Thanks blessing,
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    Thanks favour, long time
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    Thanks everyone, you all are awesome and the best
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    @mary,I didn't abandon them dear, I swear, I have drafts on them but I'm just being so lazy in clicking publish, I have to proof read them, I promise to upload soon, muah
  • Opeyemi Oluwabukola picture
    Opeyemi Oluwabukola
    I love ur stories...upload more episodes please
  • Mbitjita Kamukuendjandje picture
    Mbitjita Kamukuendjandje
    I'm feeling all kinds of joy with each episode!
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    Thanks B!
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