Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine - Episode 14

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"So, why did you leave?"

Pamela asks me and I shake my head.

"Didn't you just hear what I told you? He thought I was someone else"

I explained everything to Pam's when we got home, we had snuck past the guy at the gate.

Pamela had created a good distraction.

I explained everything to her, about how I met Levi and everything that happened in between, she seems to think I made a big mistake after getting past her disbelief. 

"Well, he seemed to be cool with thinking that you were what he wanted, you were safe there, it would have been better if you stayed and made him keep believing" 

"But... For how long? How long was I going to decieve him for? He is gonna marry this girl, he is literally going to marry her" 

I say ending in a whisper and she tilts her head to the side. 

"Adeline, think clearly, he can provide everything you need at the moment, protection and stability, what is so wrong in clinging to that?" 

"What if he finds out? What if he hates me after he finds out" 

"We will cross that bridge when we get there" 

"But I don't ever want to get to that bridge, don't you get it? Levi has been my only lifeline for more than 10 years, deceiving him will kill me" 

"Why do you always think in the negative? What is stopping him from falling madly in love with you and taking you as his?" She asks my deepest wish and I get angry. 

"Don't do that Pam, it's nob right to build expectations were there are none" 

"Fine.. . Don't go, don't make him like you, stay here and prepare to get killed by James and his cronies" 

I blink. 

"Why are you being like this? Why?"

She sighs before speaking.

"All our lives I've watched you suffer, being selfless and acting strong, what's wrong if you take a little something for your self this time? You deserve it" 

"But this thing, this person I'm taking is not mine" 

"Just be selfish, uh? For once in your life why don't you think about yourself?" 

"But what happens when he finds out?" 

"Like I said, we will cross the bridge when we get there" 

I don't get to respond because a knock sounds at the door. 

We both freeze. 

"Who is it?" Pamela asks in a low voice 

" Pamela it's James, open the door" 

Our eyes flies to one another and she places a finger over her lips. 

"James? Can't you tell it's late, what do you want?" 

"Just open the damn door woman" I stand hastily and I look around not knowing what to do. 

Pamela points to the fire escape and I nod, picking my phone and walking to the window, waving her bye. 

She nods and I slide it open placing my foot on the iron grate. 

I crouch and I hear Pamela open the door before she asks. 

"James, what do by you want?, you're being a nuisance coming here as frequently as you recently do" 

I don't hear his reply because I carefully and try to silently move down the stairs. 

I hear him slide open the window and I freeze, crouching lower, praying to all the gods in heaven for him not to see me. 

He looks a while before sliding the window back closed. 

I climb the rest of the way down and run down the alley. 

That was close, I'm so tired. 

I'm so scared. 

I flag down a taxi and it stops and I get in. 

"Where to ma'am?" The taxi man asks and i laugh hollowly. 

I really do not have anywhere to go, it's that simple and depressing. 

"Ma'am?" He asks again. 

"Just drive around, please" 

He nods and pulls off the curb. 

I look out the window as the beginning of a rain starts. 

I feel tears trying to push through and I swallow them. 

I don't cry, I'm strong, I never cry. 

I give him the address to Levi's house and as he drives I rest my head on the window. 

It's a risky thing I'm doing, going to Levi's house, he might already know, he might have found out about my lie. 

But I don't care, I really don't. 

It seems like I will have to fight for my life, like I will have to fight for everything I have, everything I will have. 

That's all good then, I will be selfish this once, I must have that one thing that I don't have to fight for. 

After about an hour the car pulls over at the gate and I step out, the heavy rain immediately drenching me. 

I pay the cab fare and the driver throws me a look, probably wondering what I'm doing in a remote place at this time of the night

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. He pulls away and I turn to the gate.

It's open a little and I step through, making the long walk to the front door. 

I knock and pray that they hear me in the heavy rain. 

I shiver and I knock again, the door opens and Aaron stands there holding a baseball bat in one hand and a ketchup bottle in the other. 

"You choosed a pretty dang time to show up Addie, I was about to eat the best sandwich there is" 

I don't say a word, not because I can't, but because my teethis chattering so much that if I say a word I might bite off my tongue. 

He pulls me in after dropping the bat and closes the door behind me. 

I look around and he's there, standing in only a towel. 

"I came back Levi" 

He tilts his head to the side. 

"Come here" He says and I don't waste time in rushing into his arms. 

"You are cold Addie" 

"I'm with you, I'm as warm as I can ever be" 

He kisses my hair and I snuggle deeper into his bare chest. 

"Well that looks nice, I'm going back to my sandwich" 

Aaron says and I turn to him before looking back at Levi. 

"I'm glad you are back Addie" He says and I smile wide. 




I think I'm gonna drop this book. 

Hold on, don't panic yet. 

Yup, I'm gonna drop it. 

Now you can panic. 


Just.. The response I'm getting is not encouraging at all, I am seeing the views, barely. 

But I'm not getting the comments and you know how much I thrive on comments. 

I might continue on wattpad when the fancy hits, and I might even decide to continue here, just depends. 

But I just wanted to let you all know. Thanks for the never ending support. 

And thanks for always reading my books. 


. .

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    Ajayi Remilekun
    Haaa please bebe don't stop oooooo
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    Okorie Glory
    Pls Don't Stop.That Aside What About The Other Sister.I Can't Help But Worry About Her
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    Phavo Asinobi
    Bebe, noooo if you stop, I'll tell your village pipu to pay you a visit, how can you wicked us like that haha, abeg I'm enjoying it o, sometimes typing on phone at work is really tiring after much work
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    Favour Abhatue
    Pls don't stop it Bebe, am really enjoying it. Kudos
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    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    Haba Bebe why stopping if u don't want me to visit u in ur dearm plsss continue am really enjoying it o... Much loves mua
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    Ahhh, Bebe don't stop pls,biko,Jo beg I dey beg oo,,we re enjoying it
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    Adeoti Akindele
    Bebe we take God beg u pls dont stop o, wwe are really enjoying d story na. Its better Addie open up and tell Levi everything about their past together, I believe he will love still.
  • Maame Konadu Fredua picture
    Maame Konadu Fredua
    What makes you think we not reading your stories..don't worry about silent readers ,we all have a reason for being who we are .ride on girl
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    Nana Esaaba
    Plsssss oooo dnt stp. Really enjoying the story
  • Nana Esaaba picture
    Nana Esaaba
    Plsssss oooo dnt stp. Really enjoying the story
  • Imy Jackson picture
    Imy Jackson
    Don't Ooo,am enjoying every bit of it but make Addie come clean with Levi,he loved her way back and will love her the more when he realize who she is
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    Young Royalty
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    Kaziko Jimmy
    Pls continue
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    Ruth Onyemauwa
    Plss dont am enjoying it
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    Mbitjita Kamukuendjandje
    Home is where the heart is!
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    Nooooo its to interesting, plz don't drop it,it will be such a waste as the story is so captivating #Stolen identity
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    Ride on
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