Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine - Episode 17

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I wish I could tell him that he didn't have to bother, that I already knew his likes and dislikes.

That I know he hates sea food but prefers red meat, he doesn't count his calories but works out a lot.

Prefers to swim laps than to run them but he still does them either way, he prefers the Lakers Basketball team to any other basketball team.

That he prefers to stay indoors than go out for a celebratory dinner.

That his favorite color is red even though he prefers the color blue on weekends because he believes that it's a sign of goodluck.

I wish I can tell him all these and more, that I knew him well and more than most people, that I know how broken he felt when Aaron got injured or how much pain he went through when his sister died.

But I can't and it's killing me inside.

I want this man to know that he's my topmost priority, that I can't possibly live without him.

"....., So, that's all about me, even though I hate lemons and I prefer..."

"Oranges.." I say and he looks surprised.

"How did you know that?"

"Just a lucky guess"

He smiles, pulling on my toes, my legs are on his body while I rest against the couch. 

Aaron is out meeting Vanessa. 

"Tell me about you" 

"What do you want to know?" 

"How old are you?" 

"Twenty one" 

"Your favorite color?" 

"Red, but I prefer blue on weekends" His eyebrow lift but he continues. 

"Seafood or Red meat?" 

"Both, but I prefer meat, all kinds" 

"Lakers or Chicago bears?" 

"Lakers, although The CB tries sometimes" 

These are information that I have automatically programmed myself to cherish. 

I programmed myself to cherish anything he cherishes. 

"Mom or dad?" I raise startled eyes to him. 

"What?" I ask in an almost whisper. 

"Whom do you prefer?" 

He doesn't know. 

He doesn't know that I grew in a foster home and that I have no parents. 

He doesn't know. 

"Both" I say in a voice that breaks and I clear my throat. 

"That's good, I love both of my parents too" He says with a smile. 

"What's your favorite book?" He asks. This one is easy, it's not something he likes. 

"Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley, it's a romance novel so..." People tend to discriminate romance novels but I don't really care what they think, it never mattered to me.

But I care what Levi thinks, I care if he mocks my love of romance novels. 

"You should read it to me sometime" 

He says and my heart beats faster. 

This is the man I love. 

"What's your favorite song?" He continues

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. Still something that he doesn't like. 

"Glass Bridge by Savina and the Drones" i say and he nods his head. 

"Favorite artiste" 

"Lady Gaga" He laughs 

"Favorite movie" 

"Titanic" He nods slowly trying to hold his laughter, I just kick at him with my leg. 

"Favorite phrase" 

"I will be yours and you will be mine" I say automatically and he freezes, I do too. 

I made a mistake there, I should have lied again, saying something to him from our past is too close to home. 

"Yeah? Where did you hear that?" He asks nonchalantly but I know he's attentive, his muscles are tense. 

I attempt to play it off. I relax my body 

"Can't remember, maybe from a book or a movie, just know I liked the sound of it" 

He relaxes. 



"Did we ever meet before?" I freeze again. 


"But you seem so familiar" He says, pulling me up so my body slides against his. 

"I'm sure I would have remembered if we met" I say and he nods before continuing. 

"You won't lie to me will you?" 


"Good" He says.  "I'm going to kiss you now" 

He does just as he says, effectively taking my mind off the greatest lie I have ever uttered. 

I'm going to hell, I just know it. 



He kisses me again for the last time and my eyes fall close. 

He whispers against my lips. 

"It's just 4 days, I will be back before either of us know it" 

I doubt it, but I don't say so, it's hard letting him go as it is. 

This past weekend has been utter bliss, I've gotten used to Levi Carter that I can't imagine how i ever survived without him. 

He has to go to London now, he has a meeting with some higher-ups in the world of football. 

He kisses me again. 

We are standing in front of the town car that will take him to the airport. 

Aaron sighs behind us again. 

"Just four days" 

Levi says again and I nod, I feel tears pushing to come through but I hold them back. It's gonna make things harder. 

".. Are you sure you can't come with me?" He asks a question he already knows an answer to, I can't. 

I shake my head again

He  turns to Aaron. 

"I could cancel, reschedule right?" He has asked this same question before but we both know the answer, he can't. 

Aaron shakes his head and he turns to me. 

"I don't want to leave you" 

"I don't want you to leave me too" Aaron sighs again. 

"He's not going off to war, just to London and back" 

I hug him tight and he holds on, the first sob pulls through. 

He tightens his hold. 

"He is going to miss his flight" Aaron says to me but I hold on tighter, he turns to Levi. 

"You are going to miss your flight" 

Levi holds on tighter. 

"Do I have to do everything myself?" He asks no one in particular before stepping forward and pulling me from Levi's hold, wow, the man is strong. 

"Get in the car and go to the airport, now!" 

Levi turns to the car before turning back to me. 

I tear my self from Aaron's arms and I fly into Levi's. 

He kisses me again and I sob into his mouth. 

"Just four days" He says and I nod. 

He gets into the car and I watch it pull away and out the gate. 

I turn into Aaron's arms crying. 

"There, There, let it all out" He says patting my back and I sob into his chest. 

"God save me from people in love" He says and I sob harder. 



Thanks for reading and reading and reading. 

You are the best. 

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