The fill-in wife - Episode 2

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"You are late, bitch!" Those are the first words I hear once I enter into the sitting room. If it could be called a sitting room. If I stretch both my hands out, I'll touch both walls and I ain't exaggerating. I bite down on my lips to stop myself from saying something. This is how you deal with Angy. Silence . She'll just rant and then walk on to trouble someone else. She's twenty to my twenty two and so tiny, I can break her with my hands but she has a bigger backing. If there's anything Tom loves as much as liquor, it's his daughter and I dare not try rubbish.
"Where have you been? My clothes are still unwashed and I specifically told you I needed them for the party tomorrow." No, she didn't tell me and she wasn't even invited to the party at the mansion. I don't say this outloud though.
"I'll wash them right away and spread them out under the fan to dry." I say instead and start to walk out to do just that when I hear the sound of ripping clothes. Cool air touch my thigh and I realize Angy just ripped my dress. I look down to see the weak material lying on the dirty floor. Anger flare inside me as my eyes go up to Angy's face but I bite it down.
"You think my designer dresses are trashy like yours for you to wash them haphazardly and put them under the fan?!" What's her problem with me this evening? Ignore Maya. Don't stoop to her level

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. I lower my eyes and mutter a short apology through my teeth for peace sake and start walking away when my hair is yanked from behind. Oww! That really hurts but I just grind my teeth. I won't give her the satisfaction of crying out in pain.
"How dare you walk out on me after looking at me with such attitude! Have you forgotten your place in this house, trashcan girl?!" She yells and push me against the wall. Luckily, I am fast enough to place my hands out to block the impact.
"You hear me? You are trash! Even your own mother left you!" She yells, my hair a tangled mess in her grip. This is why I avoid Angy's tempers. She always hit target with her words. I can already feel the tears stinging the back of my eyes. I don't even remember my mother. I was just few months old! Shouldn't mothers love their children? Why does everyone despise me.
"Let her go Angy!" Grandma Lola's feeble but stern voice interrupts Angy's ranting.
"But Grandma Lola she__"
"Shut up and let go of her right now!" Grandma doesn't let her finish.
"Whatever! I am telling my dad when he comes home from work!" She barks as she takes the back door out of the house.
I take in calming breaths before patting my torn dress down. And I was thinking of wearing it again tomorrow. Beatrice actually gave it to me to wear to the mansion. It was a pretty dress and now it's ruined. A few tricks with my needle might save it.
"Are you okay, my child?" Grandma's voice interrupts my thoughts and I look up to see the worried look on her face. I quickly plaster a big smile on my face.
"Of course. Grandma Lola. You know your granddaughter is tough right?" I wink at her and she shakes her head at me.
"It's okay to cry you silly girl." She says and I have to bite my teeth to avoid showing my pain to her.
"Come on grandma. You should be resting. I won't have you walking around in your present state." I grab a hold of her shaky hand and help her towards the room she shares with Angy.
"I am totally fine! You always boss me around like I am five just because of my stroke" She complains but I can tell she's already tired when she doesn't argue with me further but lets me tuck her into bed. I fluff her pillow and help her lie comfortably before kissing her wrinkled cheeks.
"Thanks for standing up for me like always." I whisper.
"I am sorry for not training my only son aright. He's a drunk just like his mother once was." I hear her say just before I leave the room.

Even the rose in it's beauty bears thorns- Juliet


"Beautiful flowers selection." The florist of the flower shop just few blocks away from Rose's family house says with a big smile but not as big as mine. My face might break anytime soon from how wide I'm smiling.
"A special favourite of my wife to be." I tell her and she smiles warmly.
"Give her my congratulations." She says.
"I will once she says yes. I'm proposing today." My excitement is evident in my voice. Other customers in the shop start staring my way and I can't help it. I scream outloud for all of them to hear.
"You heard me! I am proposing today! I am going to be able to show the world the woman I love!" Some customers start clapping while some stare at me like I have lost my mind. Maybe I have but I'll gladly lose more for my beautiful Rose. I hand my card to the florist who hands it back after swiping.
She also hands the bouquet over to me and in the process, my finger gets scratched by a thorn. I watch with an unsettling feeling in the pit of my tummy as drops of my blood hit the tiled floor.
"Oh my God! Are you okay sir? Tessa! Get me the first aid box. I am so sorry Sir." The florist fawn over me. A teenage girl comes running in with a first aid box and a bandaid is placed on the small cut.
"I am so sorry Sir. I should have been more careful." The florist apologizes yet again and I give her a weak smile.
"It's not a big deal. Thanks for the bandaid" I say and walk out of the shop. The sky is perfectly clear with the sun reminding me that I am now in Nigeria and that I have a proposal to get on with.
It's Saturday morning so Rose should be home. I don't bother calling a cab, I just walk the remaining distance to her house. My excitement turning into nervousness all of a sudden.
I get to her gate in few minutes and wonder if I should at least give her a call. I pull my iPhone out of my pocket and dial her number. It rings until I get connected to voicemail. I call two more times with same results so I decide to man up and ring her doorbell.
Maybe she's asleep and I get to give her a proposal in bed.
I am about to press down on the doorbell when Rose's family's househelp, Fiona comes out the front gate. She's carrying a trash can and doesn't notice me standing beside the gate until I call out to her. She startles and drop the trashcan in shock as she turns around to see me grinning from ear to ear. When she doesn't move, I close the distance between us and engulf her in a hug.
"Hey Fiona! You look so much bigger now." I say before releasing her. She's still staring at me like she's seen a ghost.
"Hey! Are you okay?" I snap my fingers in her face and she blinks furiously.
"You shouldn't be here." I hear her mutter. She looks panicked.
"Yea. I'm here to surprise Rose. Where's she anyways. Don't tell me she's still sleeping. I can't let my woman lazy around on such a fine day." I ramble as I excitingly push pass the gate and into the house.
"Rose!" I yell as I enter the sitting room. Still looks the same. Red and yellow curtains. Yellow couch with beautiful throw pillows. I remember stealing kisses years ago on this very couch. Sweet memories greet me every step of the way. I start heading up the stairs when Fiona rushes in and block my way.
"Wait! Umm sir.

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. You can't be in here." She states. What's her problem this morning?
"Why can't I? What's going on? Is Rose still mad at me?" I ramble and she just scratch her head.
"Don't worry I'll handle her." I tell Fiona and push pass her up the stairs.
"Rose! Baby, come on. I am here now." I push her bedroom door open only to find the place empty.
"I was going to tell you she isn't home." Fiona says from the door.
"You should have said so sooner. You made me climb all those stairs for nothing. I'll be down in a moment" I say dismissively and she begrudgingly leave. I flop unto Rose's bed in exhaustion. What a waste. I should have called her. Something underneath  me pokes my back and I sit up to find the annoying object.
It's a wedding invitation card. I pick it off the bed. Is one of Rose's friend getting married? I remove the fancy covering only to read the most shocking words of my life.

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