The Fall Of The Giant, Anukili The Great - Episode 6

The Fall Of The Giant, Anukili The Great

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Some mothers prepared their sons, calling them great names saying that in the next three market days their sons will become the king of Aguleri and people will address them as “Nneeze” (king’s mother). Lots of other preparations were made: Mothers moved round Aguleri from one elder's house to another seeking their support and making promises that if their sons were crowned king, the title of Onowo of Aguleri and other great titles will be given to them. The elders pretended that they were with them, unknown to the villagers that the elders had a different intention from what the villagers think.

After two market days, Anukili had not declared his interest in the kingship . Elders became sad, worried and muttered to one another, “we are now left with one market day and Anukili has not said anything concerning the kingship, hope Erenmuo’s ideas will not fail us this time”. They gathered at a place in Igboezune presently called Ama-ubom. The eldest man there in Igboezune questioned the elders of the three quarters. He asked them if anyone of them exposed their secret to Anukili or any other person. The Elders stared at each other and they all responded “No”.
Then the man told them that a true son of the land must not betray his brothers because he who betrays his brothers has betrayed himself, and he who betrays himself has also betrayed the land and that he believes every one of them knows the consequence of such a betrayal? After seconds of silence, he sent for Erenmuo. Erenmuo came and told them not to worry

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. He told them that he strongly believed that Anukili would be interested in the kingship and would soon declare his interest. He also suggested they should assemble all the men interested in the kingship and ask them to state their plans for the community if any of them is opportuned to be crowned the Eze Aguleri, and that by so doing Anukili will appear and state his.

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