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The Stylish parlour

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The Stylish parlour wasn't just waking up at 6am,eight workers were present attending to 2 be early customers .The Stylish parlour is a name of a saloon where any beautification can take place including ,make ups ,hair do,pedicure ,manicure,tattoos ,lashes and all.

  There are just 10 effective workers , including a P.A and the Boss lady "STEPHANIE JESSY".....and she just cat-walked in ,looking  s*xy and mysterious and so not smiling which isn't different from all other days. Her pink suit hugs her already hour Glass shape and she looks beautiful but the smile was lacking.

"Good morning Ma! The workers chorus,she nods ,looking directly at the door of her office,one would think she won't notice a thing but she does and stops, then examines the faces of the people present and finds the missing staff

     " Where's Juliet?

The hall becomes silent ,happens every one knew about the missing Juliet  but had hoped their boss won't notice the absentee .(too bad).        "Did she called in sick?                                               " ,she did!Emilia ,the P.A replied in a shaky voice,the boss turned and gave her an undivided attention.                                                         "Did she call in sick?

"Yes Madam!

Stephanie nodded before saying "I'm giving her two days,if she doesn't resume ,you replace her....and Jude why is that comb case up there?

"I'm sorry ma ,I'll bring it down right now".Jude said in an apologetic tone while getting the case . She walked into her office ,a stylish room,the walls were covered with grey oil paint and tiles shone from the cleaners work ,Emilia followed her in.

 Stephanie is the face behind the Stylish parlour,she earns the respect from her workers , infact it is a respect me or get out of my saloon affair.

She settles behind her MacBook Emilia placed on her mahogany desk

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. " We have 52 engagements today,7 geles ,4 tattoos,2 workouts ,12 make-ups ,2 hairdos,3 massages and 2 meetings ,one with the newspaper and the other with Mrs Abigail Daniel ,your sister".

She seems pleased because she told Emilia that she could go. Examining the list again , Stephanie hummed her best tune ,it was one of those days she loved,and felt really encouraged that her work wasn't in vain.

Abigail and Stephanie are the only children of pastor and Mrs David Jesse,two bull headed devoted christians ,who sold their inheritance to build a church ,the ones that decided all their children must be married to pastors.

Brought up that way,Stephanie had thought that way ,that life was all about living in church and all ,she did Everything right,the choir wasn't singing well if she wasn't the soloist ,the church wasn't lively if she wasn't dancing ,but something had happened and the joyous, joyful Stephanie became a dreadful joykiller,she opted out of choir , automatically became a pagan ,she became so grumpy that no one wanted to stay around her ,she said that there were worst sinners in church than her.

Hi !

She looked up at her senior sister and feign a smile

"Still up with your grumpy face ! Abigail took her seat examining her sister, Stephanie muttered something under her breath before saying aloud "How are pastor and Mrs Jesse?

"Our parents are fine! Abigail heaved a sigh as she replied,though Stephanie pretended she didn't hear her  and typed more on her key board. Abigail has always been the beloved daughter,the one that got married to a pastor and didn't break away from the gospel,the one that wasn't "THREATENED".

How's business?

Stephanie raised up her eyebrows...."last I recall ,you Abigail wasn't a fan of this saloon....

"Cant you forgive? Abigail asked in a worried tone,and watch Stephanie glare at her

"To forgive is to love ,and I ditch love a long time ago, forgiveness is a luxury I can't afford dear senior sister.......


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