Star-crossed - Episode 18

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"Wakey wakey." The soft whisper in my ear has me groaning quietly and rolling over to lay on my stomach as my eyes blink open. Pearly whites greet me as the first thing my brain registers is Raymond's smiling face.
"Hey." My voice sounds hoarse from sleep as I try to sit up on the bed. The sun peeking through the closer curtains tells me that it's already morning . How did I get to bed last night?
"You dosed off on my shoulder last night while the party was still on. I had to carry you back." Raymond says like he can read my mind.
"It was your birthday and I slept off on you." My mind quickly flashes back to being carried to the room and being persuaded to change into Raymond's t-shirt and cut off Jeans I groan more to myself as I clutch my head and shake it. Raymond's hands cover mine against my head as he chuckles.
"We had a busy day so I totally understood. Plus, the party scene was obviously not your thing." He tells me and I cringe. I don't want him thinking I'm not fun enough.
"Was it that obvious?" I groan again.
"Come on, you totally made me happy by enduring all those loud music and loud chatter for me. Plus, your falling asleep gave me the opportunity to sneak out of the party and I had a great time watching you snore like a tiger generator."
"What?! I did not!" I scoff and slap his shoulder lightly.
"Oh babe, trust me you did

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. I was beginning to think that you must have swallowed a tiger generator when you were younger. I almost stuffed something in your mouth to get you to stop!"
"Raymond!" I exclaim and pull both of my hands over my face in embarassment while the miscreant laughs so hard beside me.
"Let me see that mouth of yours sef." He starts to peel my hands off my face.
"I hate you!" I pout like a little kid as I push him away from me and throw a pillow at him.
"Ouch!" The man just catches the pillow and continues laughing. I shake my head at him as I place my hands on my waist. Looking at the carefree look on his face quite frankly, makes me less annoyed with him but I make sure not to let it show. I'll give him a taste of his medicine this morning.
"I'm leaving." I declare and get off the bed. Without looking back, I start to storm out of the room. The lack of laughter behind me tells me he's not finding this funny anymore. I giggle inwardly but don't stop my march out of the room. The oversized jeans on my waist feel like they're going to fall down my hips any minute but I don't pay attention to it.
"Hey!" Strong arms catch around my waist before I can make it out the door and I'm pulled into a warm body.
"Let me go." I mutter in defiance as I weakly fight him. I'm quite comfy where I am so I'm not making any real effort to free myself.
"Settle down Missy." Raymond growls in my ear and I huff loudly.
"Would you rather tiger?" The jerk still has the guts to joke.
"Jerk!" I slam my elbow into his side and we both grunt out. Ouch. My elbow is going to be sore after this. Thankfully the hit is enough to get him to release his hold on me and I fly out the door. Well barely. His hand closes around my wrist and I'm spun around like I'm in some cheesy romance novel.
"Woah!" I'm brought face to face with his smug smile as he brings his nose to nuzzle my cheek. I try to bat him off but he just diverts to my ear which he gives a tiny nibble which has me clamping up.
"I love you, tiger." He whispers next in same ear before he releases me.
 I'm left bereft for a few seconds before I get my balance.
"Oh yeah! there's someone you have to meet." Raymond is taking my hand again and pulling me out of the room.
"I'm just wearing your T-shirt and jeans!" I manage to get out as I try to keep up with his long strides while he takes me through the house so quickly.
"You look just fine."
"I look swallowed up." I grumble but know I have no choice when I catch the back of a smallish man as we enter a huge sitting room.
 I have no time to take the room in as the man turns around at our entrance and I try to pull Raymond's oversized jeans up my hips so I'll look less drowned in his clothes. It's no use. I just use my free hand to hold one side of the jeans up seeing as Raymond doesn't make any move to let my other hand go.
"Hey Raymond. Been a while." The man's voice sounds really big for his small body as he comes to shake Raymond's free hand.
"Thanks for coming over, man." Raymond tells him coolly as they shake hands firmly.
"It's not a problem. This the girl?" Both eyes comes to land on me at this and I frown a little. What girl? I want to ask but the man is already stretching his hand to me for an handshake. I try to get my hand out of Raymond's so I can shake his hand without letting go of my trousers but Raymond doesn't bulge. I raise my brow at him surreptitiously but he just grins.
"I'm sorry but you'll have to shake hands with Raymond again. I think he'll prefer to receive your handshake again seeing as he won't let go of my hand. He must like the way your hand feels on his." I mutter the last part quietly but both men must have heard me because Raymond starts to cough loudly while the stranger bursts into boisterous laughter.
"Nice to meet you." I finally get my hand out of Raymond's, so I shake the stranger briefly with a smile. His twinkling eyes appraise me just before Raymond takes my hand again.
"The papers." Raymond says while rubbing circles on the inside of my wrist.
"Oh yeah. One jupeb form coming right up." The man says as he pulls his bag off his shoulder and my brain registers his words.
"Jupeb?!" My eyes light up as they jump to Raymond's face. His grin says it all.
"You got me jupeb form?!" I squeal.
"There is no spot in the law program at the school and I didn't want anything other than law for you.

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. Hope you don't mind doing the jupeb program so next year you can get admitted through it to study law."
"Mind?! Of course I don't! You're the best! You're the best! You're the best!" I squeal as I jump on him excitedly. He catches me with a chuckle. My heart feels just about to burst from joy.
 I don't have to stay home for another year doing nothing. Enrolling for the jupeb program is just the best idea ever!
"You just have to write the exam and you're in." I've completely forgotten about the man in the room till he says this. I disentangle myself from Raymond and straighten my jeans. He hands me a couple of papers and goes on about the documents I needed to provide before the exam date which is in three weeks. Enough time for me to refresh my memory.
 It takes some time to fill the form and get all the information I need for the exam. About thirty minutes later, the man takes his leave and I'm alone with Raymond again.
"What did I ever do to deserve you?" I say with teary eyes. Tears of gratitude and love.
"Come here." He pulls me into a hug and rub my back soothingly.
"Thank you so much." I tell him for the hundredth time since I heard the news.
"This is as much for me as it is for you y'know. Christmas break is over and I have to move back here. It'll be so much better having you here in the city wouldn't it?" He winks at me suggestively.
 "You're too much." I pinch his side softly but deep inside my belly, the butterflies go crazy, stumping their teeny little feet all over my stomach.

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