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"Happy New year!!!!!" It's like the whole town screams it at the same time because the screams around me are so loud.
"It's the new year, man!" Stanley slaps my back good-naturedly before pulling me into a one sided hug.
"Happy New year." I chuckle softly to him.
"Stanley!!!!" The unmistaken voice of Joyce rings out in the night air and Stanley pulls out of our hug to face his woman. I chuckle again at the full speed she uses to crash into his arms
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. I unconsciously look behind her to check for her friend. Comfort isn't in sight and I internally berate myself for caring. We'd come to town before nine pm and she'd taken off from my car without a word.
"Happy New year baby." Joyce says to me as she circle her hands around Stanley's waist.
"Same to you Joyce."
"So, I brought my friend." Joyce gives me a big smile and that's when I notice a similar looking girl coming towards us. Her blond weavon shines underneath the moon and I note that her clothes are definitely not what someone from this town would wear. The kimono jacket on her fashionable dress matched perfectly with her high heels which looks like it costs a lot of money

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. She looks so much like how my sisters look when they're going out. Exactly the type of girl I usually go for if not for my sudden fascination with a certain quiet woman.
"Megan, meet Raymond. Raymond, Megan." Joyce says and the fine lady stretches her hand out for an handshake. I take her slim hand in mine and subtly expect the spark I felt with Comfort, just to proof that there's nothing special about the quiet woman but when I don't feel anything I almost feel disappointed.
"Happy new year, Megan." I say as I let go of her hand.
"You too, Ray. I can call you Ray right?" The suggestive raise of her brows shows that she's flirting with me. I bite down on my bottom lip and nod.
"Megan is from the city like you. Actually she is just here with her family for the holiday." Stanley says with a suggestive wink that I choose to ignore. I wonder what's wrong with me tonight. This is the sort of thing I enjoy. Usually anyways.
Fireworks are fired into the air at that moment and my eyes leave our group to stare up at the sky. All sorts of colors brighten the sky.
"That's so beautiful." I murmur as my eyes comes down to settle on a certain beautiful set of eyes. Comfort's just standing alone afar of and her eyes are on me. Is that why I looked down? Did I actually feel her looking at me? I make a step towards her but when I see the subtle shake of her head, I stop.
"Man, let's cheers to the new year." I bring my eyes back to my cousin who pushes a can of beer into my hand.
"To a new year!" He yells and the crowd around us all cheers. I click my can against his then Megan but my eyes shift from hers to the spot Comfort was just standing. I don't find her there. She's gone.
"Hey man! Where are you going?!" I hear Stanley call after me when my legs starts to carry me away from them.
"I'll be back!" I don't stop as I push through the crowd to get to the spot I last saw Comfort. It's the only empty spot in this crowded place. When I get there, I see no sign of her and I wonder if I had imagined her.
"What am I doing?" I mutter as I kick an empty can of beer into the air. I'm mad at myself for letting a woman get into my head.
"Why take your anger on the can?"
"Comfort." I turn back half expecting to not find her behind me but when my eyes settle on her I release a slow breath. She's resting against a wall and I notice that she's wearing a flower dress that brushes just above her knee. It's long sleeved and flared but for some reason I like how it looks on her.
"Who says I'm angry?" I ask as I take my eyes to her face.
"Well you left the company of the beautiful woman Joyce introduced to you then came out here to kick a can of beer." She points out.
"How do you know that I was introduced to Megan?" I narrow my eyes at her but she shrugs.
"Joyce said she was going to. Not my business anyways." For some reason, I get annoyed with her nonchalance to me.
"I call bullsh*t." I tell her as I take a step towards her. I notice her eyes looking around us in slight fear so I take another step.
"What do you mean by that?" She asks as she wraps her arms around herself just under her br*asts. My eyes follow her hand but just briefly. I like looking at her eyes. I take another step closer to her till I've trapped her against the wall and put my hands on the two sides of her.
"I think you like me. That's why you squirm under my gaze." I say with a smug smile.
"That's ridiculous." I watch her chest rise and fall with uncontrolled breaths and I try not to gloat at how I'm obviously affecting her.
"Well prove it."
"I'm not the one who left a gorgeous woman who seems to like me to follow someone else." Her voice wavers a little. This time I smile at her. I'm beginning to like this game. Now that she's bantering back.
"Ah. And you're right. You see I think we both like each other. For some reason I can't get you out of my mind, Comfort."



My eyes nearly drop out of their sockets at his declaration.
"I__you're___ you--" I stutter. Gosh, I can't think with this smug man cramping all my space and smiling down at me.
"You like me too? I know." He grins cheekily.
"You're crazy!" I finally find my voice and push on his chest. He probably doesn't expect this because he staggers back a bit and I take the chance to get away from him.

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. I start to run but my dress gets grabbed from behind.
"Let go!" I scream and pull on my dress to get it free from his grip.
"What are you so scared of, Comfort?" He's still smiling that unnerving smile.
"Let me go!" I pull the dress too hard this time and freeze when I hear the sound of the material ripping.
"Christ!" I gasp at the big chunk of my dress that's torn. The material is still in his hand and I feel the intense urge to hit him. I try so hard to take calming breaths but it's been so long since someone has gotten to me this much. I'm usually passive to whatever happens to me but not this time.
"I'm so sorry. I'll fix it." His warm hands graze my thigh as he tries to put the material back and I let my hand fly. The sound is hard as my palm comes across his face.
"What the hell!" He screams and I try not to cower under his flaming eyes. I take a step back from him.
"Stay away from me. I'm not interested in your games okay? Go play it with someone who's actually attracted to your spoilt rich kid person." I say coldly and I can see I've hit a nerve because his eyes harden some more.
"I got it." He says. With that he turns away from me and walks away. I watch him walk away from me and instead of the feeling of content I'm suppose to be feeling, there's this empty feeling in my gut that I don't understand as I say against the nearest wall.
Raymond reaches his friends while I watch and I notice his arms wrap around Megan's waist when she hands him a drink. It's like he can tell I'm watching because his head turns and our eyes click but just for a second because he turns away just as quickly.
What are you so afraid of, Comfort?
"I'm afraid of getting attached to anyone and having them inevitably taken away from me."

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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