Sister's Love - Episode 14

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Sam walked inside the room with a warm smile holding breakfast in his muscular arms. Seeing him like this took all my worries away knowing he didn't hear a word on our conversation.  How are you doing he asked with that smile that sends butterflies in the bottom of my stomach.  And how is our dearest patient doing he said now holding Lucy's hand after giving me what he had brought. 

I looked at Lucy deep in my heart thinking she will jerk her hand away but she remained still and I could see a smile on her face. I was so happy deep inside me I knew she had changed her mind . After all his the guy that saved her life.

Sam later left because he had to go to work. Mr. Collins and his family came by to visit Lucy . Mrs Collins had prepared some porridge for her. They warned us to be cautious that the monster guy is on the hunt. 

I was told not to leave the hospital premises and to always keep an eye on Lucy. We were even transferred into a private room.  Lucy was not to leave the hospital until after giving birth. According to the doctor she hadn't recieved any form of antinental care ever since she became pregnant and this might affect her and her baby .

I cleared my throat and sat on the small chair facing her. Lucy I hope you changed your mind about Sam because you know what he means to me and.....SHUT THE HELL UP MAGGIE

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.  THERE'S NO WAY AM LETTING YOU DATE SAM. She shouted even before I completed what I had to say.

But why Lucy ? Why can't i love the only person who loves me that much? I love him Lucy and I know he loves me. If its about what happened to you in the past just know he was forced into it. He even risked his precious life and saved you just to make me happy. His not like his brothers.  His a different man and I love him. I love him so very much Lucy why can't you see my feelings ? Why are you so selfish? Why Lucy? Why?

All the while Lucy was silent and seem to have lost in her own thoughts.

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.  I was crying and I don't know why she can't seem how genuine my love for Sam is. 

how can I let Maggie date the love of my life? I had had a crush on that guy for way too long I think its been seven years now. All through my hardships he had been there to help me out. I remember how I first met him when our parents just died and rubbed my back in consolation . He always stood up against his rude brothers for me and I remember how hurt he felt y he day I was molested by his brothers. How now on earth can I let him go? I can't erase the memory on how he saved my life and his soothing words still sound in my heart. I love you Maggie but I can't let the only man I have loved for almost eternity leave my side . I love Sam . Yes I see which type of person I have become but I did it all for you Maggie.  Then how can I let you have the only string of hope am holding onto.


Ok my dear readers what do you think? Oh and I hope I can upload this episode . I have been trying updating but it seems like there's a problem. I have so far lost two episodes and its frustration but your love keeps me moving.
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