Sister's Love

The story is about a girl who endured everything to support her younger sister. She gets money doing all sorts of things in order for her sister to have a better life. Her young sister learns about what she goes through and decides to avenge anyone who ever hurts her sister . But will she be successful? 

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    • Sister's Love - Episode 1

    • Dedicated to all older siblings who take care of their young ones. You are truly loved. **************** My name is Margaret and this is my story.  ...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 2

    • I went to the market place later when I woke up to buy somethings I may need in the house. I bought some vegetables and as I was about to leave a heard a voice calling me and on lo...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 3

    • This episode is dedicated to Abigail Mande, Steve okoro and Daragoldy thanks for the comments you motivate me. ***************************** Where is my money? ...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 4

    • To all the beauttiful people out there reading my story thanks a lot. And to those who spare some time to comment your my motivators. This episode is dedicated to daragoldy16 your ...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 5

    • Do everything quickly Maggie the visitors will be here soon, Lucy said. It was a Saturday in the afternoon when a car pulled over in our compound. Two men came out and Lucy welcome...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 6

    • Four men were standing at the door and as I wanted to close it behind them they forced there way inside and among I could see the ugly arrogant guy Mark. Lucy I hope you have bid f...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 7

    • To all my dear readers am so sorry for the late update on this novel. I had some technical problems copped with work stress but I promise to always try my best for you. Am so sorry...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 8

    • I grabbed my sister and I screamed just then I heard a wet cloth on my head. I Opened my eyes and saw my friends all gathered around me. I was sweating so much and my heart was bea...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 9

    • I woke up and I realised I was in the hospital.  Why am I here I asked as my eyes landed on the head teacher . Oh my daughter you're awake she exclaimed. What is happening...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 10

    • Maggie sat down quietly deep in her own thoughts wandering whether her only sister is still alive. What should i do if she had died long time back and how she will live with the fa...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 11

    • Meanwhile at Mr Collins place Maggie is seriously disturbed.  She hasn't eaten anything since morning.  Mrs Collins is trying her best to comfort but only God knows w...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 12

    • Sam quickened his pace after hearing the gunshot . He had informed Mr Collins about Lucy's condition but now it's worsening.  His phone rang and he immediately picked ...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 13

    • Whoah its been like forever since my last update but I sincerely apologise. To all those who kept checking on the page to see if I uploaded and to all those who silently felt being...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 14

    • Sam walked inside the room with a warm smile holding breakfast in his muscular arms. Seeing him like this took all my worries away knowing he didn't hear a word on our conversa...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 15

    • Sam's pov I walked into the ward after eavesdropping on their conversation.  I put on one of my best smiles though deep inside me I was honestly dying. I had ant...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 16

    • I walked towards and Lucy immediately jerked her hand from Sam and I swore I saw her frown and turned her back on us. Sam looked at me and I realised she also noticed the change . ...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 17

    • Sam's pov I had noticed that whenever Lucy sees me with Maggie she becomes very angry. At first I believed it was the pregnancy but it still it continued even after d...
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    • Sister's Love - Episode 18

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